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  1. I do NOT like the version floating around on youtube... i want a POP song
  2. well i am not watching it since im not in the UK, but i dont see how her adoptions could be viewed so badly
  3. cnn has been mentioning Elvis, Madonna, and Michael as being the only people equal in pop culture fame. ps. i can't imagine madonna crying.
  4. 4 minutes was STILL madonna... Lil wayne is too much. i hope madonna knows what she be doing
  5. so, she doesn't want the girl to be adopted, yet she doesn't want to adopt her herself? people in third world countries are uber weird :vanitybonet:
  6. i dont get the deal with the grandmother though... if there is another family member wanting to raise the child (the grandmother) then situation solved... there would be no reason for an adoption.... why doesn't the grandmother raise her?
  7. I hear it on Sirius satellite radio all the time. and its #18 this week. what does satellite radio count towards in the media play numbers?
  8. I think this is a good idea... madonna is back on track to being like she was in the 90s it seems. she's whoring herself out to married men, and making albums with fresh sounding music and remaining relevant.... Not many 50 year olds can still do all this.
  9. and did this thread REALLY have to be moved??? it's not meant to be about CHARTS.... it's about the SONG and its impact.... all aspects of the song included. over organizing sucks ass
  10. i totally think that 4 min had a bigger impact than Touch My Body.... like in a few years 4m will be remembered as a reincarnation of madonna.... whereas TMB will just be another mariah carey song that was popular for a hot minute.
  11. I still hear 4 minutes on the radio. can some of the chart geeks prove to me what I already know - that 4 minutes was a bigger hit in the USA and worldwide than Touch my Body... touch my body was hot for like a minute, but then it backed off... 4 minutes was more slow and steady.
  12. well, the way I see it, Madonna's single stands to go up the most right now. She jumped way more positions than Mariah this week and her song is newer than mariah's. Madonna's is catching on really fast... my local pop radio station which is a small market (probably mid way down the markets in the US) already has her at #11 on their playlist and they haven't played her previous few songs that much at all as a matter of fact its on now! I'm listening online
  13. I'm shocked madonna got top 3 but pleasantly shocked!!!! This song HAS to go #1 now. it's written in the stars
  14. is this from perezhilton true? Here's a chance for both Madonna and Mariah fans to celebrate! When the latest Billboard Hot 100 singles chart is released on Wednesday, both pop divas will have reached new milestones. M & M are set to break two records set by Elvis Presley, making music history together on the same week! Thanks to its release as a digital single, Mimi's Touch My Body is expected to be the #1 single in America this coming week. It will be her 18th #1, and she will surpass Elvis as the artist with the most #1 hits. Meanwhile, Madge's 4 Minutes will jump into the Top 10 this week and she will beat Elvis as the artist with the most Top 10 hits in music history. It will be her 37th !!! That is INSANE!!!! So many artists wish they could have a Top 10 single, and Madonna is on her way to #37!!!!!!!! ARTISTS WITH THE MOST TOP 10 SINGLES (Before 4 Minutes) 1. Elvis Presley (36) 1. Madonna (36) 3. The Beatles (34) 4. Stevie Wonder (28) 4. Michael Jackson (28) Congrats to both Madonna and Mariah!!!!!
  15. #3 is a totally unrealistic number to hope for. by a lot.
  16. ummm this song is NOT going to debut at #3 on the hot 100. that is not how the charts work in the US. Songs don't debut at their peak... they work their way up. This song is not going to peak for WEEKS... maybe even months.
  17. what are the iTunes position for the single in US? i dont see it on my list
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