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  1. I think Hillary is a bit tarnished by the state department scandals, but once she gets her PR team in there it will be like those things ne'er happened. Readyforhillary!
  2. not to be a debbie downer.... but doesn't Cher wear this get up all the time?
  3. actually it does happen. It's not the child's fault though. It's how race is created socially.
  4. I just hope he doesn't see what Michael Jackson did and try to emulate that
  5. not really. those kinds of adoptions are hard. One of the most liberal, smartest women I know who died this last year adopted a baby from Africa (she and her husband were in the peace corps and this childs mom was their nanny. she died, kid had no one) and she said that sometimes it was challenging. it wasn't until her daughter as an adult went back to Africa to her village to visit and get in touch that she actually felt 100% secure in herself
  6. I said the African thing because it brings up a good point. Do families that look so naturally different... is it harder for them? I mean, David has very prominent native African features. and he lives with a woman who has had surgery to make herself look the quintisential version of white beauty....
  7. Ok is it bad of me to point out how....... African...... He looks?
  8. Hell yes I'm for it. Bitch Queen of Life bitch slapped lady gaga right in the balls
  9. I have to fucking wait until Charlotte November 15. I've already alerted my boss . Will be telling teachers first day of class or as soon as I register in August
  10. Who is this van dyke now? It appears to me Madonna was doing what you would call underground sounding club music when he was in diapers.... She only went mainstream pop after that. And remember, ray of light was a hige breakthrough in the electronic music industry... In fact Madonna singlehandedly bought electronic music to the mainstream with that album
  11. Turn up the radio is my fav.... I also like the seeing the bitch in hell part of gang bang.... The album is a pleasant surprise to me.... Madonna has managed to sound current, yet not copying any other major artist out there.... She's done a REAL club album and not sold out
  12. I am in LUV with this album.... It's so.... NOW. But it's Madonna now, not trying to be like hard candy was. It's so futuristic bubbly club and Trance. I hope Madonna never stops making electronic club dance music
  13. omg she looks so skankish... like a club skank.
  14. well i guess she is there... although im surprised she would do somethign this ..... imprompteuou lol
  15. I really like it. It is OBVIOUSLY meant to be like her early 90s videos.... But who cares. It's still good
  16. Well I have never done the whole toe tapping under the stall cruising so I don't know lol

  17. yea - that definitely sounds like cruising lol and University libraries are notorious for that

  18. I'll be in Charlotte or DC. I think Charlotte because my neighbor is going, and my brother and cousin in Nashville will be driving to come too. They wanna do atlanta, but Charlotte is a more neutral city to drive for us all
  19. OMG There is NO WAY I could have taken a video of my live reaction to the performance. it wwould have been THE GAYEST thing ever. There were parts I had to even shield my eyes i just couldnt watch from the anticipation. and like when she almost fell i can just see my eyes
  20. i think we have a hit performance!!!
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