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  1. I've always thought of what it would be like to eat a heart. just bite into it without cooking it. they look good
  2. yea, but when they sell stuff its not by the single like this
  3. she currently has the slots from 6 to 11 in the top singles
  4. best madonna songs in years! she currently has half the top 10 songs on iTunes.... 5 out of 10
  5. Is madonna the first artist to have 5 of the top 10 songs on iTunes? cause yea, she does now
  6. so great! so is this an 'official" single release now? will it chart
  7. so glad madonna went ahead and released these so i could listen! i didnt do the leaks
  8. i learned about the leaks while at work. we were in a training and were doing stuff on the TVs and i happened to turn it to some channel with news about it. i clutched my pearls and gasped. I'm glad I did catch it while not at home, because I was able to make the choice that I am NOT going to listen to the songs. it upset madonna so much that they were leaked, and I feel like not listening will help her.
  9. I realize wanting to protect Madonna's intellectual property. I really do. The unfortunate thing is that these songs have ALREADY leaked. Might as well go on and give it as a free gift now Madonna to the fans (the ones who are here wanting the song) keep the rest of the songs for the album under tight lock and key where only Madonna and like two other people have any access at ALL to them. Start over. To stop spreading the song that is ALREADY leaked is ridiculous at this point
  10. My friend just called and told me that they heard a song on Madonna's new album is gonna sample I Will Always Love You (the original Dolly Parton version!)
  11. I have a cousin who has a friend that dates a guy whose sister in law's uncle's first cousin Sasha is a makeup artist for an off broadway company who overheard an intern in the hallway before a show talking on his cell phone with someone who it sounded like may have been in the music industry talking about Madonna discussing her track listing for the new album on a conference call with representatives from the major record labels in the country discussing track listings and distribution rights! They told me all the latest info and I have it if you wanna know, just PM me! It wouldn't be right to post it here for just anyone to see, since this is real industry insider stuff and I don't wanna hurt madonna by posting this firsthand knowledge publicly. It's just that I have this great hookup for gossip about the new album and need to share it with the die hard fans
  12. Honey, I could have any one of those boys wrapped around my fanger.... and you know Lourdes is best girlfriends with all of them... so that gets me right to the source! I'd be in Madonna's family within a month - guarantee!
  13. So, I'm madonna, the world's richest musician. Pretty much cemented as a living legend the likes the modern pop culture of the world has ever experienced before and I'm gonna make a song that is all me singing the entire time, but have it not be "my" song and let someone else put it on their album? - Makes so much sense ps. Am I the only one who agrees with Madonna? I'm so pissed and upset these songs were leaked. I think Rebel Heart would (could still be) a huge hit if it was released and no one ever heard it before
  14. Go madonna! its tragic that her older brother is destitute and homeless.... probably by his own addictions. I'm sure she's tried to help him and it never worked
  15. she would probably perform for me if I were to reach out to hire her
  16. Push has ALWAYS been my favorite from COADF
  17. Oh my god. That erotic story turned me on so much I had to rub one out!!!! And to comment on the main topic, honey, if I were madonna I wouldn't address other's by first name either. The Queen is allowed that option
  18. I would say that even in any point you could call a career low Madonna has managed to keep her ultimate respect within the industry.... and at this point I think she will ALWAYS have the whole icon status! Just my opinion. I have to say I think one definite "peak" would be the Ray of Light era leading into the hype around Music album
  19. Yea, but where is Bwhorek now? Isn't she severely overweight sucking plenty of Fire grilled fish from the bone?
  20. Such a milestone. More she be made of it really! At 35 years they should do a anniversary or something. Just think. My mother was about 4 months pregnant with me at this time. I literally grew up with madonna!
  21. Ok. Been a few days, but I took some time to research this topic. I listened to a lot of the other artists you guys mentioned and read news clips and other information from the 90s. Of which I was well into the age of being able to understand pop culture myself. So some of you young'uns tryng to tell ME who was actually alive at that time how it went down just GET OUT. but I did the research and yea, some of those artists were technically "electronic". But quite frankly their music sounded NOTHING like ROL. Nothing I fiund even came class to matching the type of electronic dance/mysticism/spiritual/and at times club sound of ROL. Sorry. ROL was a unique sound, was definitley a departure from the mainstream norm, and ushered in a brand new, more electronic, more dance oriented era of pop music. THE END. CASE CLOSED. No need for further discussion
  22. I don't think anyone said it was INSULTING to her... people just disagreed with my original statement which is fine... in my opinion though Madonna pretty much brought this genre to a mainstream beginning, especially in the USA... I'm not going by stuff I've read or anything like that, but my actual memories of the time. I remember a HUGE deal being made of the "new sound" Madonna was "experimenting" with in the buildup to ROL being released. The electronic sounds, the mysticism of it all
  23. Also, I have to say that American Life is actually one of my fav albums overall
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