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  1. Y'all know that for YEARS I have been pro Hillary to the point thus even many of you poked fun. Now where did that get you ? GO HILLARY!
  2. Sentiment echoed. A vote for Jill stein is a vote for whoever the underdog in this election will be. (IMO trump)
  3. God I would fuck every single one of them and leave a load behind inside each ones ass or belly
  4. Yay! Nashville! My hometown. So excited! I had been wanting to go back to visit. Now I have my excuse!
  5. The republicans #StopHillary video is freakin hilarious. It's laughable. It's not about the ISSUES at all. They WILL NOT win simply by attacking Hillary...... You have to campaign on the issues. Not the candidate. And besides. The woman they have playing Hillary walking out on the stage..... Has an hour glass figure almost. NOT Hillary lmao
  6. It's official!!!! And she had a gay couple holding hands talkin about their upcoming wedding and some lesbians in her video
  7. Anyone remmeber.... "now where did I put universal pre k?" ?
  8. Yea, I was reading the posts about the emails and now literally it's forgotten lmao go Hillary!
  9. iTunes just notified me that it was ready and I d/l... all i can is OH MY FUCKING GOD... this album is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! like FABULOUS! It is her most unique collection of songs I think in perhaps EVER. I give it two big thumbs up
  10. I would hope they cut away thinking she may have actually been seriously injured. That could have really hurt her. Broken necks happen that way
  11. Agreed. This is the performance of her life. It's up to us to set the tone that this pwrformance will be remembered for. Not that she fell but that she got back up and KICKED ASS
  12. Just saw on some news show that it's the #1 added sing of the week on top 40 radio
  13. LOL a friend told me he thought he was wat hung Elsa Mars perform. I died laughing (it's a compliment as both Jessica Lange and Madonna are actually starting to age gracefully)
  14. I saw it posted on someones Facebook... lol i wish i could take credit
  15. Simple video, yet elegant. As far as music vids these days go its fab! Dlisted called it American Horror Story: Take a Bow lol
  16. madonna still winning, but MJ is gaining... to be fair, MJs performance was good.... except the whole standing still being "admired" like he liked to do...........
  17. I heard Living for Love TWICE on the radio today! I haven't heard a new Madonna song on my local top 40 station since Hung Up and i maybe heard it twice. My market isn't a big market - its like number 48th in the country, but still exciting! I have also heard it several times on the rhythmic pop Sirius XM station
  18. i LOVE Bitch I'm Madonna... I love Diplo's "sounds" If i had my way, the song would have had more of the techno sounds and less vocal distortion. I do love the song though. It alternates being my fav on the new album. I was blasting it tonight on my way home from work
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