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  1. Y'all know that for YEARS I have been pro Hillary to the point thus even many of you poked fun. Now where did that get you ? GO HILLARY!
  2. Sentiment echoed. A vote for Jill stein is a vote for whoever the underdog in this election will be. (IMO trump)
  3. God I would fuck every single one of them and leave a load behind inside each ones ass or belly
  4. It's fake?! I wanted to see it! A bro so willing to fuck his sister - HOT. HEAUX
  5. I saw the look on Kimberly McBroom's (the anchor) face wen it happened. And the tears they've all had - especially Chris Hurst. Not staged. A friend of mine went to high school with the reporter who was killed. He feels bad because he always called her Casper because she was very pale. These are real people. Not a staged event
  6. I believe in conspiracies sometimes too but not on this one. I live in the area this happened. WDBJ7 is a small close knit station with long ties to the area. It's been a staple in this area for 50+ years. I grew up watching wdbj7 Mornin' for school closings every morning in the winter. This was not staged. The reason it got so much attention is because it happened live on the air. People were executed on live television at point blank range. In the USA. Not a war torn country. She was reporting on a community event. It's shocking. The media Took hold because they 1. Love a good story and 2. It was a colleague of theirs and could happen to any of them.
  7. I was watching it live this morning. I knew something was up and that it wasn't just a car backfiring like some people thought! I had hoped they could get away though
  8. Much like my beard my hands have no poopy on them. Teehee
  9. I for one love my beard. I take such fabulous care of it. I tend to it more than the hair in the tip of my head. It gets conditioned, balmed, oiled, combed, trimmed regularly. I love to rub my hands through it at night. I can't imagine going back to no facial hair at all. Although I might not keep it this thick forever
  10. I want the whole group to pin me down and have their way with me
  11. The republicans #StopHillary video is freakin hilarious. It's laughable. It's not about the ISSUES at all. They WILL NOT win simply by attacking Hillary...... You have to campaign on the issues. Not the candidate. And besides. The woman they have playing Hillary walking out on the stage..... Has an hour glass figure almost. NOT Hillary lmao
  12. It's official!!!! And she had a gay couple holding hands talkin about their upcoming wedding and some lesbians in her video
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