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  1. Yes, however the same italian website says Killers who are partying has the most catchy refrain of the album and it will probably have a nice live rendition.
  2. I agree with you and I would add that a human being should support another human being who makes good things..no matter if male or female.
  3. I don't understand the comparison with M'S album..however if you don't like the rules that govern a system, you attack the ones who created them and the others who follow them.
  4. But a woman can conform to the rules of the game made by men.
  5. Are you sure M was the only nasty here?..your comment is nasty, for example.
  6. Exactly..at the time of WE, I remember 1 critic saying + or -.".she uses the camera and perspective as she wants to affirm: look at me, I'm a good director.." tell me if this is a critic about the movie or her persona..
  7. I just wanna read some indiscretions and reactions before the record comes out.. I don't care about ratings.
  8. Ah you're so right.. she's declining.. after the ESC performance and the Pride, a non full show for her is a clear sign of this.
  9. Lol..Madonna says "slow down papi and stand in line".
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