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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    It's all an illusion... there's too much confusion..lol :D.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    M and Fedez can't stay in the same sentence .. lol.. produced by J.Ax.. lol
  3. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I know..lol.. you were ironic. I was ironic.. the situation is not..lol
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    C'mon , you know her.. lol the hoodie is from Ferragni's line... lol
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I refuse to believe that M was inspired by miss Ferragni...lol .. but it seems so
  6. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I don't want to repeat myseilf but she needs a man..M can't be single for so long :)
  7. and a new boyfriend..she told she needs one..lol
  8. If we took a look at ourselves in the mirror, we would be better..in every respect..;)
  9. I completely agree with you.. in these weeks when I drive I listen to the Confession tour and when I hear a song I remember the tour.. the way she moved or danced etc.. so I think, as you said, she has phases she goes through.. it's up to her to decide what will be her next reinvention.. now she is sexy.. and. by the way, what about the search of a new trainer? she made a contest and.. :)
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Freud would agree with you..lol
  11. the manny is back..she's gorgeous as usual without make up ;)
  12. Your top 5 favorite Madonna movies?

    01 Evita 02 Desperately Seeking Susan 03 Dick Tracy 04 A League Of Their Own 05 Shadows and fog
  13. Oh Pedro, that's what I call poetry...lol..
  14. Masterpiece vs. Ghosttown

    I love Ghosttown..Masterpiece is great but I like the video, the look, the lyrics of G..as somebody said one of her magnificent last videos
  15. Madonna Instagram Thread

    stunning..and always in the bathroom..lol
  16. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Just no words :)
  17. I was watching tv news and, suddenly, M'S name (together with Bono) was brought in a report stating that she has money off-shore to avoid tax payments. M is not very present in italian news for her music or charity work, but now they focused on her..p.s.: at least they used videos from the RH promotion and she was glowing
  18. Does M have money off-shore?

    Because she is relevant..it's a clickbait for her fans and her detractors :) she's the real deal
  19. Omg what have I done to my child??

    To be a Madonna's fan is the obvious choice when you have good genes and a nurturing environment ;)
  20. Does M have money off-shore?

    I agree 100% also Ireland and Netherland have low % of taxes for companies. The fact is that we want cheap products all amde in China or in countries where the costs are minimal ( i.d.: low wages), but we do'nt think we are destroying our industries. We can't be only consumers without having jobs ;)
  21. Does M have money off-shore?

    I think history repeats itself, I know it sounds fatalistic, but ...
  22. Does M have money off-shore?

    and believe me, I am italian and here, if you try to escape from paying taxes, you're a hero..lol..if you pay them, you're a loser
  23. Does M have money off-shore?

    There is the illusion that more power will give you a sort fo immortality..look at the pyramids, the arc de trionphe à Paris..human beings want to live forever.. when you are rich, you want to get all the money you can to have the illusion you won't die like the others