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  1. She's right;)
  2. Maybe something to do with the biopic they're gonna realize.. however she's right as usual ;)
  3.'s ok..I'm competitive but you know I'm also italian.. we like la Dolce vita.. and mostly.. ubi maior minor cessat
  4. ok.. you're as fast as Speedy Gonzales..;) I loved him when I was a child :D
  5. Love her the wood.. of course a lot of Art ;) p.s.: continue to anticipate me
  6. Madonna loves Puglia..Madonna loves Puglia..ahahah ( by the way Happy Easter Rebel Saviour ):)
  7. Queen of flawless skin :)
  8. it's a tought 1 but I chose " La petite jeune fille"..I love the lyrics and the sound
  9. this and her BIG determination.. as usual ;)
  10. you're sooo right :)
  11. She's such a her:)
  12. I think they rely on her name and image
  13. She's so cool ;)