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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    The bottom line is that she is on the sunset boulevard...why are we still here? are we waiting for a miracle? we should look up to other stars. we should choose another idol..end of the story..lol I am totally ironic..I want to be clear lol :)
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    lol she's definitely eager for.. love :D
  3. Also in a monarchy (?) people can hope for the better...lol
  4. You don't ask M, M gives us what she wants ...lol it's not a democracy
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Yes, she looks great for her age and yes, she uses filter like everybody does on socials :)
  6. I agree with you both but we must consider that the media express their opinions, which is ultimately the ones of the authors of an article or of a report ( hi friedman ), then there is what the audience remembers, what amazed the public that night..and in this case we all know that there is nothing that can deny her stage presence and her skills as an entertainer.
  7. Poor Madonna, at least she has you if she wants to do a brand new career..I think it could be not easy to forget all the things she has done in her life till you made this post, but maybe she is smart enough to call and follow you advices..ah let's hope she doesn't shut her mouth when she will approach you ..lol
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    not her but her music at giammetti's birthday party :)
  9. M's touch can elevate everything..lol
  10. I saw the instagram of billboardmatt and I read a post about some jazz musicians that he deemed as partner..ate the giammetti's bithday party M was wiht that saxophonist... if we connect the dots, can we expect an album wiht a jazz mood? :)
  11. Madonna Instagram Thread

    A new reference to " loved".. are we sure this music is not only for the movie soundtrack? however for me it's ok ;)
  12. Random Madonna Discussions Thread

    What a wonderful relationship :) I love it
  13. she wants to share her moves with us, I don't find it "dangerous"..we must remember that the leak of rebel heart was made by a hacker who was controlling her smartphone ( if I am correct), so it's a different story