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  1. Fantastic she never disappoints
  2. systemvalues

    Madonna on the TODAY SHOW and ELLEN (US)

    She looks normal and like everybody can see she is not under botox as all the haters say
  3. She is so smart..I like the way she thinks and the way she translates it in words..that's one of best interviews
  4. He was very intimidated by her.. his usual guests are Always their friends..easy to deal with
  5. The flowers he gave her ( mimosa) are the symbol of women emancipation here in Italy
  6. Because of her status and the way she delivers her show
  7. we have to wait 10 minutes..sorry
  8. More ads because of M..they expect a big share
  9. I hope it will take 10-15 minutes
  10. after Claudio Bisio...sorry guys