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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I found it here Monica serves as Chief Communications Officer for Kabbalah Centre International and lives in New York with her husband Michael and their children David, Joshua, Miriam, and Abigail. https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/fear-is-not-an-option-lecture-signing-and-qa-with-monica-berg-tickets-37885041178
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    ah the wife of Michael Berg..so she is still in kabbalah
  3. I see a sort of plot to place her where M is . Let's face it, in the past the media always deemed someone as the new Madonna, but this time they were extremely keen..she was a true artist, with a strong voice, she gained her fame with sacrifices...bla bla bla..I understand the need of draw attention to sell magazines (if someone still buy them_) or clicks on websites, but you can destroy the legacy of an artist and tell: this is the real 1, she's better..and, after 3 albums, she begins to fade..it's a shame because media lose credibility..but we are in the age of fake news, so there is a ratio..lol
  4. In the past if you wanted to take the place of another king or of a queen, you had to depose him/her. Sometimes the successor could litterally erase him/her, it was called " damnatio memoriae"..lol
  5. She said the song was inspired by EY and that she contacted M's camp to get a kind of placet. M's camp denied to have received anything. After that, she said Witney Houston was the inspiration for the song . If I was not accurate, someone can correct me.
  6. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I like she's interested in Leonardo..I read a bio about him too and he was such an innovator and a visionary man with some human weaknesses..Italy used to rule the world..lol
  7. I like you..you're a real maverick ;)
  8. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    I like the live version of "Let it be" for the advert..when COAD was released I loved everything except LIB..after the tour version it clicked on me ..lol
  9. Kids react to Madonna

    " she has definitely evolved"..you're right :)
  10. I think she doesn't like the witch hunt that seems to happen right now against Weinstein. And why should she make a statement if she has had no problems with him? I understand the victims, but the others? I mean, if you hear a rumour about someone, you can advice, alarm somebody you know, but now? After the Pandora's box is open,is it really necessary to tweet, post, etc?
  11. Madonna Instagram Thread

    ahaahah now I understand the reason of your nickname...lol