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  1. systemvalues

    the 2000 Brixton academy audience was awesome

    she was hot and on fire.. beautiful look, skin and attitude :)
  2. Chelle I am so happy for you..you deserve it so much.. finally I can put a voice to all the posts I read written by you.. you're so sweet love you.. ah and the moment Madonna is singing.. "rachelle loves me.." is pure heaven
  3. A resumè of an italian review .. I hope she ( the journalist) saw the show, but that seems the case...Here is the juice: she outlined the fact that M is facing ageism ( ban from radio etc)..she praised the mix of costumes, the enriched musicality that M put in the show. The critic went on writing that M chose to perfom BIM and holy water ( deemed as atroucious), using the religious theme, the nuns, the pole above the nun etc instead of the ballads of Rebel Heart..The review continued stating that M made a self-celebration singing her classics with new arrangments, sang La vie en rose ( in an uncertain way.. she used the adjectif "incerta") with ukulele à la Marilyn. The journalist ended the piece with the question " ma questa, quanto pensa di andare avanti con un ritmo simile " ? i.e. : how much time does she think she can endure with this rhytme?..praising her energy I guess but returning to the theme of ageism.. a non-sense in my opinion
  4. systemvalues

    REBEL HEART TOUR: Opening Night in FOUR DAYS

    " bulls don't have shirts".."I mean, I need to see everybody's bodies.." lol oh M
  5. systemvalues

    REBEL HEART TOUR: Opening Night in FOUR DAYS

    Just my interpretation of a clip of 6 seconds.. we are in that stage..conjecture
  6. systemvalues

    REBEL HEART TOUR: Opening Night in FOUR DAYS

    A metaphoric funeral..of her as an icon
  7. systemvalues

    REBEL HEART TOUR: Opening Night in FOUR DAYS

    It looks like a funeral..we can see someone with a little thurible.. people are wearing a blonde wig
  8. systemvalues

    REBEL HEART TOUR: Opening Night in FOUR DAYS

    Maybe she (lauramorgan999) was just suggesting she was tired because of the rehearsal..
  9. Fantastic she never disappoints
  10. systemvalues

    Madonna on the TODAY SHOW and ELLEN (US)

    She looks normal and like everybody can see she is not under botox as all the haters say
  11. She is so smart..I like the way she thinks and the way she translates it in words..that's one of best interviews
  12. He was very intimidated by her.. his usual guests are Always their friends..easy to deal with
  13. The flowers he gave her ( mimosa) are the symbol of women emancipation here in Italy