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  1. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    I don't see a stranger who claims to be Madonna. that's her face since she became dr. Paul Jarrod Frank's patient and used him to formulate the mdna skincare.. nobody thinks to get a wrinkles free face using a mask.dr Frank shows in his website all the devices he uses..a mask is just one of the tools you can try .. if it doesn't hurt it's a good start..lol
  2. you're right..at least she won't show up for a mogul
  3. The same news program affirms that M will perform the 31rst august in puglia during the wedding of a rich american couple.. so rich that Ivanka Trump will be there too..so is it possible that M will make a private show for money?..I find it not reliable
  4. Among tomatoes..she's unique :D
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Focused on her goals as usual..love her
  6. Amen (the word is not coincidental..lol) to your analysis XXL
  7. I know..I only took the opportunity to "help" you ..lol :)
  8. It's allacciati la cintura.. of course it's my great privilege to correct since you post all the instagram updates before me ..lol..kidding:)
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Ahahah Balotelli :D
  10. and all the heteros were on fire when she was doing OYH :D