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    6 Months Later: Evaluating MDNA

    I personally love MDNA. I have to love MDNA. Do you know why? It made me fan. It's the one album that made me appreciate Madonna as a person. When it comes down to it, I think tacking on 5 bonus tracks was slightly excessive. I would rather have a shorter but more thorough album than a long album with many tracks that is not as good. I've rearranged the tracklist of my MDNA album on my iTunes.. It flows better to me.. 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Gang Bang 3. I'm Addicted 4. Some Girls 5. Turn Up the Radio 6. Superstar 7. I Don't Give A [ft. Nicki Minaj] 8. Beautiful Killer 9. I'm A Sinner 10. Love Spent 11. Masterpiece 12. Falling Free [iTunes Bonus Track] 13. Love Spent [Acoustic] [Limited Edition / Fan Pack Edition] 13. Best Friend I think this tracklist flows quite well. I also find the cover to be amazing. I love the colors in it. And if I could have changed the single choices, I definitely would have. 1. I'm Addicted [early January] 2. Girl Gone Wild [early March] 3. Gang Bang (Promo Single w/ music video to accompany in early Fall) [10 days prior to album release] 4. Turn Up the Radio [mid-June] 5. Beautiful Killer [mid-October] 6. Falling Free [not necessarily a radio single, but a video for this song as a Christmas present on December 25, 2012]
  2. SomeGirls

    6 Months Later: Evaluating MDNA

    There are a few tracks on Erotica I like... Fever, Bye Bye Baby, Where Life Begins, Thief Of Hearts, + In This Life Also, on Bedtime Stories: Don't Stop, Human Nature, Take A Bow are all I really listen to.
  3. SomeGirls

    6 Months Later: Evaluating MDNA

    Happy Birthday Girl Gone Wild!!!! I know none of you guys care, but today marks the 1 year anniversary of me being a Madonna fan. I remember when GMAYL was released, I couldn't stand it (barely can today)... But then when she released Girl Gone Wild one month later (March 2) I actually thought it was a good song. It was dancey, fun, and had a very catchy chorus. I eventually heard the MDNA leak, and fell in love with songs like Gang Bang, I'm Addicted, Turn Up the Radio, Some Girls, I'm A Sinner, Love Spent, Beautiful Killer, and Best Friend. I bought the album when it was released and LOVED IT. I was literally blaring it 24/7 for like 3 months straight. I eventually purchased Like a Prayer from Target for $5. It was so old sounding, but I LOVED Like A Prayer, Express Yourself, Cherish, Oh Father, Keep It Together, and Spanish Eyes. I was like "I could get used to her music.. I like it" Eventually, I think around June, I went ahead and ordered Hard Candy, and then Confessions On A Dancefloor a week later. I actually REALLY LOVED Hard Candy, despite what many critics and fans think. I loved the R&B feel, perfect for driving around in the car. Candy Shop, Give It 2 Me, Heartbeat, Miles Away, She's Not Me, Devil Wouldn't Recognize You stood as as my favorites. Hard Candy was (new) for $9 on Amazon! But literally less than 10 days later, my Confessions CD came in the mail. OMFG. I WAS AMAZED. Hung Up (when I first heard it, I remembered hearing it from when it was released!) and GET TOGETHER, Future Lovers, Let It Will Be, Jump, How High, Like It Or Not stood out the most. Confessions was (new) for $8 on a website somewhere.. I thought I was set for life so I kept those CDs for a while, got no new music.. Then I started researching her other albums, went ahead and purchased Celebration (single) and Revolver (single) on iTunes, and fell in love with the dance music. I love Revolver's chorus >>>> Eventually, I purchased Music. I didn't like it too much, because of the country vibe. But i found it used for $6 so I figured why not. I like it now, but I don't listen as often. Slowly, I decided to purchase Erotica (used for $4 at fye) and Bedtime Stories (used for 99 cents! at fye) (the cover is right side up, a rarity) and didn't like it much. Those two albums I could never get into... I just bought them for collections sake. I also purchased Ray of Light for $5 at Walmart. It's an ok album, but I don't listen to it often. I have to be in the "ray of light mood" to listen. Lastly, I purchased American Life for $14 (yeah.. .expensive) on Amazon or ebay. Again, it took me awhile to get used to, but honestly it is my favorite album pre-Confessions era. It's such a good album. I think I like it so much because so many people hate it! haha So that's my Madonna story. Sorry this was so long. I'm still looking for Madonna, Like A Virgin, True Blue, and Immaculate collection, preferably under $5.... I don't ever really listen to those albums, I just want to have them so I can have my full collection. In conclusion, I'm glad I'm a Madonna fan. I have all her music, I enjoy the majority of it, and hey, I've been in the GOLDEN TRIANGLE before and touched her hand! Can't beat that!
  4. SomeGirls

    6 Months Later: Evaluating MDNA

    11 Months Later: Still listen to and thoroughly enjoy it: Girl Gone Wild, Gang Bang, I'm Addicted, Turn Up the Radio, Some Girls, Love Spent, Falling Free, Beautiful Killer, Best Friend. Still listen to but will casually skip and not worry about it: Superstar, I'm A Sinner, Masterpiece, I Fucked Up Skip and don't give 2 shits: Give Me All Your Luvin', I Don't Give A, B-Day Song, GMAYL (Remix)
  5. SomeGirls

    "I'm Addicted" Appreciation Thread

    I'm Addicted is my favorite track from the album. The chorus is KILLER. And I love the ending chants. Also, the production of this song is so good. Really wish this was released as a single (preferably the 1st single..)
  6. SomeGirls

    Am I the only one who loves 'Best friend'?

    Best Friend is a GEM. This song is so awesome! I love the beat in the song. It is so amazing.
  7. SomeGirls


    Falling Free is definitely a standout track from MDNA. It's a shame this song never got to see the light of day. The simplistic production, the beautiful lyrics and vocals, and the B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L bridge instrumental makes this track PERFECT!
  8. SomeGirls


    I agree with all of you! Some Girls is actually my favorite MDNA track. I've loved it since the album was released! Lots of people say it is shit or it is generic, but in reality, I think it is one of the standout tracks on the album. The vocals are super computerized in some parts, which makes it unique than the other tracks on MDNA, and I LOVE the voice parts in the background!! And I agree that the flow of the album sounds much better with Some Girls placed elsewhere... I mean.. right in the middle of GMAYL and Superstar!? HORRIBLE CHOICE! Here's my tracklist I have in my itunes... 1. Girl Gone Wild 2. Gang Bang 3. I'm Addicted 4. Some Girls 5. Turn Up the Radio 6. Superstar 7. I'm A Sinner 8. Beautiful Killer 9. Love Spent 10. Masterpiece 11. Falling Free 12. Best Friend The others, I have unchecked from my itunes, simply because I rarely listen to them. Sometimes I will listen to I F*cked Up though..
  9. SomeGirls


    Beautiful Killer is one of my favorite tracks from MDNA! It's so fun, like totally 80s vibe i feel like.. What sucks though is that A.) It's a bonus track and B.) M only performed it live once