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  1. God Control Crave I search I Don't Find Dark Ballet Future
  2. I would have liked him to pursue the question and for her to answer truthfully at end of day it was a bad performance but we all have bad days in the office , it's just a shame there are too many yes people around her who don't have the balls to be honest with her and give constructive criticism
  3. American Life was brilliant because of the performance it made me revisit the album last night. I hope we get it on the tour
  4. I’m not being negative I just wish she used a bit more backing track to make her vocals richer, I’ve never had an issue with her using backing track or miming (express yourself -BAT) other than that she looked amazing and the performances were amazing/
  5. I wonder if this is the Vogue performance for the tour? I loved it
  6. I forwarded one of his Madonna hating tweets to TMZ whilst passing comment on their news report but I have noticed he's deleted his tweet now
  7. #7 Trending on the UK I'm so proud to be a fan and the positive response so far
  8. The video is on over 800k views why isn’t it trending in the UK on YouTube?
  9. Wow that was powerful I’m so proud to be a fan, I just hope your Piers Morgan’s etc don’t use the Gang Bang performance against her to shit on her message you know how the GP can be influenced by the press.
  10. Excuse me that's a presumption I'm in my 30s and listen to Radio 2 and I know i'm not the only one
  11. It's dropping like a pile of hot shit and how is that damn Greatest Showman still charting so high
  12. She needs to feat with someone but instead of her name being on the track have it feat as mystery guest or no feat mentioned at all and see how it charts then. I wonder if there is a way of Doing this on a track ? I would be curious to see how radio play pans out as well.
  13. This was the interview we needed in the UK she was so relaxed
  14. I think the album was fucked after Eurovision she kind of killed the album herself, I just don’t get her decisions sometimes she has too many yes people.
  15. I kind of give up I’ve been streaming the album constant on Apple Music since Saturday and even over night and she’s still dropping on Apple Music
  16. So buying the many different formats was pointless god if we didn’t have Them she would have charted lower
  17. I’ve just finally watched it and don’t see what the issue was she was fun and very chatty with other guests, I can’t believe the negative comments started because she wasn’t clapping when they said he turned 80 fucking ridiculous,p.
  18. She’s being ripped apart on Twitter as per usual
  19. It would have been amazing and definitely would have had the crowd going Hopefully it's performed at Pride I'm so looking forward to the video
  20. I wonder if this was the song she was going to perform at Eurovision but couldnt?
  21. It’s being filmed anyway so we’ll see it soon on tv
  22. OMG God Control is flipping amazing I have my CD blasting so glad to be able to hear the album in full and in high quality WAKE UP
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