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  1. All Japan releases are super good quality we need Madonna Japanese Vinyls
  2. hawes-king

    2016 MTV VMAs

    Glad to see Britney is back to her old performing self she looked good we all know Britney has never sang live so its expected nothing shocking there at least she can dance again.
  3. hawes-king

    CLASSIC MTV channel coming August 1.

    This has already happened in the UK
  4. Omg this thread has made me laugh today after a shit monday please keep them coming
  5. oh god this will make getting tickets even harder if every tom dick and harry get access to presales, especially if she's playing arena's
  6. hawes-king

    Rebel Heart Promo Tour

    Are we definitely having a promo tour as in full shows?? or is the promo tour going to be the Grammys, Brits, The voice france?
  7. hawes-king

    DEMO Discussions (Spoilers Ahead)

    I'll never let you go is beautiful and so catchy
  8. hawes-king

    Devil Pray Appreciation Thread

    Devil Prays is my most played out of the 6, the final version is better than the demo It feels so fresh and has a sexy vibe to it, love the auto-tuned male vocals and the heavy breathing.
  9. I vote Living For Love According to Shazzam UB feats Nicki Minaj has this been confirmed?
  10. Who is the producer for Living For Love? is it disclosure or Diplo?
  11. From what I've heard I think it's awful, Rebel Heart was amazing and it seems thats the only best song from this album Maybe this album has leaked on purpose.
  12. hawes-king

    Title Madonna's New Album

    Is no one discussing the new song she posted on Instagram? Messiah.
  13. I really hope its her I'm going to be so disappointment if its not, my collection is in dire need of replenishing