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  1. Don't want to get attacked for this but I'm surprised she hasn't commented on the terrorist attacks in London considering it's her 2nd home just seemed a bit inappropriate that whilst it was happening she was tweeting about tears of clown.
  2. Every tour since Drowned World I wish it could have been the new Candy Shop
  3. It's genuine that's JV official soundcloud page
  4. This was my birthday cake in 2015
  5. Hence the word Thinking about it, it's not set in stone
  6. Maybe there hasn't been any demand for channels to screen it outside of the States.
  7. I'm loving the Hair and the outfit she looks amazing
  8. I made a complaint to the daily mail about the comment that they allowed to be posted about the sex slavery and said if not removed I will be sending a screen shot to her management team as this is slanderous they have since removed that comment from the user :)
  9. It just feels so wrong some one as famous and big as Madonna doesn't have a descent team to control this I'm sure other artists teams would nip this in the bud like a shot
  10. The comments the DM are publishing are disgusting one person said she should be adopting adults for sex slavery not children, I wish there was a way Madonna or her manager could stop this I'm truly disgusted I know the easy option is to ignore the comments but things like that are surely slanderous?
  11. We've got more chance of her scoring a global number 1 hit with endless amounts of radio play
  12. Good point at first glance it looks weird then you notice the overlapping
  13. She does have 6 fingers on the 2nd picture was it supposed to be edited like that?
  14. Considering Kylie dumped him makes the title thread a bit pointless really