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  1. I wish it would air in the UK we haven't had anything since Sticky
  2. It should have been higher in the chart definitely number 1
  3. Sheryl Crow? I forgot about her I thought there was only one Cheryl and that was Cole (Girls Aloud) Another person using Madonna's name to gain publicity
  4. Love this outfit I wish we had it for the DVD
  5. Madonna must like his work she's used him before and we all know it's her way at end of day I don't care who makes the cover I'm not going to lose sleep over it, it's the content of film that's more important.
  6. Maybe she thought it was better to be less sharp so it would hide any imperfections with her face wasn't this at the time of HD?
  7. I'm glad we got Candy Shop out of it
  8. Is that email even official seems like BS
  9. She never said the last time I spoke with her
  10. Is this a joke? The covers are appalling
  11. This is really hard but here is my attempt at a Greatest Hits setlist [Everybody Intro Video] 1. Living For Love 2. Express Yourself 3. Love Profusion (Guitar) 4. Into The Groove 5. Ray Of Light 6. Erotica (Video Interlude) 7. Like A Virgin 8. Open Your Heart 9. Justify My Love 10. Human Nature 11. Who's That Girl (Interlude) 12. Dress You Up 13. La Isla Bonita 14. Vogue 15. Frozen 16. Rain (Interlude) 17. You'll See 18. Acoustic Medley - Crazy For You, I'll Remember,Don't Tell Me,Live To Tell 19. Nothing Really Matters 20. Take A Bow 21. Sorry (Interlude) 22. Music 23. Hung Up 24. Like A Prayer 25. Give It 2 Me/Holiday wanted to get power of good-bye in somewhere wasn't sure what to drop this is a really hard setlist to put together.
  12. Don't want to get attacked for this but I'm surprised she hasn't commented on the terrorist attacks in London considering it's her 2nd home just seemed a bit inappropriate that whilst it was happening she was tweeting about tears of clown.