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  1. I must admit after all my complaining about the release I caved and just preordered the Bluray because I loved the tee shirt
  2. Maybe also it's an insecurity of hers about getting older I don't know but she is doing great job ruining her amazing artistry her back catalog just isn't looked after like it should be, iTunes is appalling u can't get any of her past singles and YouTube and he videos are a total mess in this day and age make your online stuff apppealing to this generation attract new and old fans.
  3. I'm confused by the region on the Bluray will this be compatible for the UK I don't have a region free Bluray player
  4. Will wait for this to be reduced I got the show on my hard drive to tide me over.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/embed/gUevf1wBnKw Whitney Enjoying Madonna
  6. A free DVD if you purchase her Clay mask and MDNA Face gift pack at only a few hundred dollars
  7. He's such a parasite when times get hard lets trash my famous sister to pay my bills.
  8. Coldplay are very good act well done to them I'm sure Madonna will snatch it back on next tour
  9. We love a Jancell
  10. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Its nice hearing Open Your Heart as close to the original it's not been like that since BAT
  11. It is time for another EP.

    I want new music I miss her
  12. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    Well I'm shocked someone has been spending too long in the all you can eat in Vegas
  13. Mariah Carey/KFC thread

    OMG is she really that big?? WOW
  14. Exactly we are just making it acceptable for them to continue to release sub standard releases because they know we will buy anything