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  1. People only get upset if they lose their belongings in this country. They passed freedom and have arrived at detachment when it comes to people.
  2. I have always loved words and thoughts and knowing. I get very nervous when that is held back in any way by anyone. There is nothing hateful in those words. The resentment I feel is towards the people who want to advertise those words and I don't like when people who do wrong are given the power to destroy what can be good. I know didly squat about the Church of England but is it possible that people resent them and therefore resent anything they attach themselves to? I am on the fence on this really. I will have to think about it more. I don't think Human Centipede 4 (is that really a movie?) was their intended audience so I don't think you have anything to worry about
  3. Your blaming a religion for the criminal actions of individuals including the people that covered it up? I was sexually abused and it wasn't by a priest. No one wanted to believe me either and none of them ran the Catholic Church. If you want to look at the statistics of occupations and (who the hell does?) you will see they come in all shapes and sizes.
  4. ^Commercials can be used for promotion. It doesn't always have to be for profit. It's media. That's why I prefer bookstores. It's there if I want it.
  5. I understand that people associate anything religious especially the Christian religion with trying to convert. Leaders of religion have done so much damage to the original meanings of so many beliefs that people now associate religion with all that is negative no matter what the intention. I do understand that they are afraid of putting people off but it's treading on dangerous ground when you start banning. Personally I am not a big fan of commercials at all but I can usually tell the intelligence level of or mindset of what I am watching by the commercials that appear during the show.This makes them somewhat useful. There is also usually some connection with commercials and the show. The person watching based on the show might be interested in what they are advertising. People are going to see Star Wars which ironically takes the best and the original meanings of several religions including Christianity. It would be in place to advertise a religious poem as it were or prayer before showing this particular film. I like information but I usually prefer to seek it out but I do like having it available for me to be able to seek it out. I also like to decide for myself how I feel about something I read or see. Commercials in of themselves are annoying but if there are others I have to endure than they all should be allowed. There are some things that are offensive to some and there are things that are universally offensive I would hope. The Lord's Prayer might offend some but does it really offend most? Do the words offend or does the religious organization that is attached to it offend? That is an important question and maybe the people who want to push this commercial need to ask themselves why anyone would consider it offensive. Overall though I do not like someone deciding for me if I am going to be offended or not. The only thing that truly would offend me is an advertisement of people or living things getting hurt in any way: physical, mental, emotional or discrimination. Reading a text I can analyze for myself it's meaning. The only thing that might affect how I feel is if it comes from someone or something I don't trust for various reasons. What's the intention behind presenting me with this information?
  6. Sending love to France. I wish I could take away their pain and keep them safe.
  7. http://www.weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/hurricane-patricia-mexico-coast Just read this report. Thank goodness winds are dying down rapidly. I read it quickly as I am about to start work. Don't know about the amount of rainfall.
  8. I hope all were able to evacuate. They can not be there. I am hoping and wishing for the best. Poor people and yes the poor animals.
  9. I am anti gun. I too agree that they were made for one reason and for people to say well this, this and this can hurt you is missing the point and also missing the intention behind owning one. Once any person owns a gun, the intention is there and that alone is negative. The media doesn't report the truth. They want to create hits on their pages and ratings. They are creating an atmosphere of fear and the ignorant are eating it up. The gun culture is completely around the bend where a lot of Americans are seeing owning a gun as more synonymous with their freedom than any other of the Bill of Rights. Everything is so controlled now by big businesses armed with lots of money and threats all the while playing on people's fears about their freedoms while they are just out for the almighty dollar. People who have allowed fear to rule their lives have forgotten what it is to have a conscience. Do they really want to own something that can destroy another being? Listen, if I had my way guns would be a horrid thing of the past. In my mind the Intention Is there when anyone wants to own a gun and that raises questions In my mind of one's own health. I was willing to fight for What others think Is common sense gun control in the form of extensive background checks but money and fear won over common sense. I wanted to point out what I believe about what Madonna said because even though it bothered me hearing that and I do not know her personally I feel I know enough about her to know where she is coming from. I think she always wants to address what is going on inside a person. The NRA and gun manufacturers most likely don't give a damn about the struggle inside a human being. They want to protect their guns when they make that statement. Madonna hasn't had an in depth conversation about gun control but voted for a president that believes in it. She always leans towards taking responsibility. I think she values something being real rather than forced. You can force a bunch of people to do the right thing but isn't changing minds better? This is why she is so courageous and questions not only others but herself in her work. With things in the state that they are in the United States and the great influence if the media I get worried when they want to protect guns and bring up the mentally ill or "crazies" as they call them. The mentally ill are already stigmatized and looked down upon and I do not want to see people being judged and thrown out of society like they used to be because people might start fearing people that suffer from disorders and depression. Most of the guns that go off everyday are from people not classified as having a mental illness. I am not saying that these mass shootings were not done by someone that who is mentally ill In some way but I worry for the majority of people already suffering quite a bit who would never harm another human being. I think the heart is the first place to examine when wanting to know someone's capability of harming another being. Look into people's hearts and ask why?
  10. Madonna wasn't supporting guns. With Madonna you always have to go to the place where we have reached the pot of gold if you will. That is why she is frequently misunderstood. Yes the reality is a gun can do nothing on it's own. The anger and the lack of compassion comes from a person's heart. It's not guns, it's not money, it's not religion...those are things with no power good or bad until a person gives them power. I believe that in Madonna's mind everything is as It should be regardless of the state that we are in. I feel that way too but I am not nearly as strong as she is and I would take every gun and ban them from society if I had the power. I want to force the situation and Madonna wants people to choose on their own. Believe me her reason for saying that differs wildly from the reasons and agendas others have.
  11. I agree, We are in sad need of some wisdom but the irony of your last paragraph! The origins of the Christian religion and the love people have for guns could not be more opposite from eachother. People who are driven by fear and hate are not representative of whatever religion they wittingly or unwittingly try to bring down. The problem in this country is an increasing unawareness. People are cocooning themselves and don't want to be Involved and want no one to be involved with them. They want nothing outside of their nice house, cars, whatever family they have created and trips to Disney Land. "People in the cities shoot each other and crazies shoot groups of people that end up on the news." President Obama was right. Americans are becoming numb. The American dream has run it's course. It's not about the pursuit of happiness anymore. It's become about greed, looks, status. Everything falls apart when things become unbalanced. There are a ton of people who do not want to move on and embrace change and a ton of people that don't want to care about anything anymore. I don't know where some people un this country get their notions but I promise you, it's not from a good place no matter what they claim. This whole thing continues to make me sick and very upset. I am rambling now because I feel as if I can't stop anything bad from happening no matter what. I marched in Washington DC after those children were killed in 2012 and I thought Congress would listen. People are killed everyday. I held up a sign with the name of a young woman who was killed in Chicago just walking to the store. I sit in front of Independence Hall and know how void of wisdom we have become. Those men were flawed but their ideas for the future were extremely intelligent and idealistic and forward thinking. People don't want to let go. They want to control everything and be less involved in what happens to someone else. I just feel that a more rounded education will make people want nothing to do with guns. Knowledge Awareness Compassion Empathy People have to think and feel more and care.
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