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  1. Where are the remixes??? Get them out officially!!!
  2. Just release them already on to Spotify, they are done, completed and ready to go. I have no idea what the strategy for this entire era has been. No one apart from stans are going to listen to them anyway. This waiting months on end and huge breaks between single releases and remix bundle is absolute nonsense!
  3. And he can take Tracy Young with him. She's the worst remixer of all time.
  4. I think that I Rise is also the official third single as the remixes have been separately for sale as well as streaming and that's the case for IDSIF, so that's why I was thinking it maybe the fourth official single. Dark Ballet and Future were promo singles as they are now only available to buy through the album. The promo singles for American Life were never commercially available to the public. As the IDSIF single bundle is available to buy its an actual single, not a promo.
  5. So is this the official fourth single? It seems that even on Wiki it's not even got its own page nor is mentioned as a single or even a promo?
  6. Love it! These remixes compliment the song and give a different edge. Well done Honey! It actually feels like the old school maxi singles of the 90s
  7. They may get a release later. MDNA Nightlife Edition was exclusive to Smirnoff's Facebook page and this is now on Spotify and like others have said, the Rebel Heart bonus tracks exclusive to the Super Deluxe edition are now online as Rebel Heart EP in the singles section. We can but wait as it may take a while as the releases for this era have been bizarre... Medellin - Apr 17, remixes arrived May 9 which didn't help with her chart positions Crave - May 10, MNEK remix August 2, Remixes Part 1 on Oct 25 then Part 2 on Nov 15 I Rise - May 3, Tracy Young remixes on July 19 then Remixes on August 16
  8. I love him His dad is a genius and makes everything from scratch. Amazing and adorable!
  9. I'm hoping we get God Control remixes sometime in December
  10. She should just release a Madame X EP with other remixes and the 3 songs from the Super Deluxe CD, she did this with Rebel Heart. It's silly the additional songs are not on streaming or download. MNEK remix is ok but nothing great.
  11. The only one Ive liked is the LA95 Dancefloor Legend remix of Medellín because it reminded me of the Murk Boys remixes of Fever
  12. The problem with Tracy is that she has not concept how to structure a remix to actually enhance a song. All her mixes sound so similar and don't do anything for the song. Madonna has rejected her remixes before so I have no idea why this one was approved.
  13. Tracy Young is the worst remixer of all time. I have never like anything she has done for M and these are bloody awful. I have no idea about this era and their release strategy, these should have been released alongside the single. We waited two months on the Medellín remixes, now these have taken nearly three. No sense whatsoever. Maybe we will get Future remixes in the new year
  14. She should release the one with Anitra, it's already racked up 9m streams on Spotify alone. It wouldn't be my choice but would make logical sense. I still don't understand why God Control was not an official single. Crave being the last one and nothing for the album release. Makes no sense.
  15. I think if she wants a radio hit she needs to release Crazy, that would cater for the older audience and may even reach the younger ones too.
  16. Doors anyone know of it's getting a single cover? All the other singles have been pulled from streaming and now just included on the album as a track.
  17. Does anyone know if this is an official single or is it a promo one? I've noticed all the singles have been removed from Amazon and Spotify for Madame X apart from the Medellín Remix EPs. I wonder if God Control is getting a cover then???
  18. It's amazing, stunningly shot, thought provoking, controversial and has an important message.
  19. I know I saw it as well. She got screwed by Mother's Day last time in 2015, now Father's Day. Her team needs to do some research before and should have convinced her to release the album a month earlier. I think the long wait from Medellín didn't help, also not releasing all the remixes for two months and nothing else for the other songs. The following music videos haven't really had great viewing figures on YouTube compared to Medellín. She also needed to do more performances and God Control should be out now. Her team still thinks it's 30 years ago, a week is now like a month.
  20. This is why she should have been doing other live performances to show that was just a misstep. She should have performed on Graham Norton and done other shows over the world. Alas she still believes the BBMAs and Eurovision are enough to sell an album, one only seen in America and one critically panned. She's performing at Pride but how many of the general public are going to see it, even on YouTube if it's put on there. All these factors are why she needs new management, there is no proper strategy. Why release Medellín remixes on the same day as the album and 2 months after the single is released? It's nonsense...
  21. This. Kylie promoted her album, optimizing exposure and showcasing the music, she was everywhere and was promoted the correct way by BMG Rights Management. The UK public only got Eurovision with an awful version of LAP and a lacklustre non-single from this album. No one is going to be rushing to buy the album... Lots of lost opportunities, she should have performed on Graham Norton and did other shows. It's so sad she has terrible management.
  22. Could be true, she suffered the same fate with Rebel Heart, Sam Smith pipped her to number one because it was Mother's Day
  23. Eurovision murdered the album in the UK. A terrible performance will not get you album sales, since then the UK promo has been some interviews and no other performance of the songs. This also equals no album sales. The general public are not going to search YouTube for the music videos, it needs to be accessible on TV shows. Watch the album drop like a rock next week...
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