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  1. The alternate version of the song that leaked together with other RH bonus tracks and which is also used in the video has a much fuller sound. I still wish the album version had the Lord, Lord lift me breakdown. Anyway, it is one of my favourite M songs ever, and I will never get tired of it
  2. I am so confused about the Messiah demos. I don't know which ones are real and which ones are not. I have one which is labelled Demo 6 and I'm pretty sure that's a mix of several demos.
  3. The new demo's arrangement and the full orchestra is great, but the volume of her vocals is too low imo still prefer the first leaked demo.
  4. I am in love with Demo 4 So dramatic and soundtrack-ish. I also adore Demo 3 New Vox with the heavy male backing vocals. Did demo 2 leak? I am aware of 3 different demos.
  5. It needs to be the next single with a live video and I wasn't even fond of the song before the tour.
  6. Between 2 views check out Diplo's new single: Musically it's kinda similar to BIM
  7. Amazing mash up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRhWa0oV7cs
  8. Single 4 - Devil Pray in August Single 5 - Messiah in November, christmas no. 1. And I'll be happy Then we can have another Rebel track for single 6, e.g. Holy Water.
  9. It is such a fucking amazing video with all the messy editing and cameos Yeah, it could have been edited better, but the whole vibe totally fits the song. I love it!
  10. Lol at people on ATRL complaining that the cameos were filmed seperately. Who cares? I'm so tired of the constant moaning of the haters.
  11. Fedde Le Grand and Junior Sanchez are major disappointments for me…
  12. Yeah, probably they will go with the album version. Remixers used the acapella of the album version, I also noticed that the quality of the vocals seems really bad on the Kleinenberg remix.
  13. The Sander Kleinenberg remix made up for his We-R-Superstar fiasco I'm digging it
  14. The Diplo remix has its flaws, but to be honest I don't really listen to the album version anymore since the Tonight Show performance I prefer the vocals and the overall production of the remix.
  15. Armand Van Helden better deliver!
  16. And you are pretty much the last person on this forum whom we take seriously.
  17. Yeah, I start to believe she won't be there Shit, BIM could really profit from an award show performance. By the way Britney has a new single coming out with Iggy Azeaeaeiaelia (don't know how she spells her name, sorry ), so it's possible that she is going to be there and lip-synch for her life. Iggy even hinted the performance.
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