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  1. Italy is amazing! Went to a straight party last summer during my holiday and they played Medellin and Soltera ❤ then to a gay one where they played God Control (which I missed because I was just entering) and Faz Gostoso.
  2. Official French Radio Edit: Also: where are the remixes??? We know they are ready sitting on a computer somewhere.
  3. I guess this is what we are getting: https://www.mymusic.net.tw/ux/m/album/show/2009532 Meh, it basically misses DJ Paolo, Kidd Lowe (2 of my faves), Craig C and Ryan Skyy. Or they are coming as part 2, but at this point I believe they remain promo only. EDIT: It's out on Spotify.
  4. Just in time i'm happy anyway. The IDSIF remixes are amazing!
  5. Happy 1st anniversary, Madame X! On April 1 2019, the mysterious red X appeared on M's Instagram ❤
  6. Listen to Madonna - I Don't Search I Find (Kidd Leow Remix) by KiddLeow on #SoundCloud Another good IDSIF remix! Seriously this song has the best remixes so far. I hope GC will follow the trend.
  7. Listen to Madonna - God Control (Twisted Dee & Diego Fernandez Remix) by DJ Twisted Dee Martello on #SoundCloud Why always the same remixers though? i need at least one high profile remix for GC. I would love a Purple Disco Machine remix. Their style fits GC so much.
  8. Thanks! They are greeaaat! Like a proper 12" remix from the 90s.
  9. Your best remix better than the official ones! Good job!
  10. It has all the lyrics like the radio edit, but the bridge is a bit different and there is also an instrumental part before it. The live version also has an intro and outro just like the full mix.
  11. The radio edit is superior to the full mix, but the best version is the live one. It has the best structure imo.
  12. I don't know why but this song just grew on me so much in the past 2 weeks. Now i'm hooked.
  13. Decent remix, but proves me that the overall instrumental of God Control is as essential as the ABBA sample in Hung Up. You cannot really make a good remix without using it.
  14. It is a fucking masterpiece! I can't stop having goosebumps. She really delivered the message! ❤
  15. She posted the preview in the last 2 days at 9pm CET, so I am sure it's coming at that time. 73 minutes left.
  16. It's a mistery. I was just reflecting on a previous comment.
  17. All my friends think it is the best song from the album and they are below 30 so...
  18. You know Anitta can always hop in front of a green screen and record her part just like Minaj did with BIM. The only difference that she has more parts in this song, but I also wouldn't mind a video without her or just random cuts of her singing.
  19. Ahaha! You're right. Sorry Rebel Hearts, I'm still listening to Devil Pray ❤
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