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  1. How come I didn't see this and there's so few replies? This video made my night
  2. I'm not only sad because the tour is over, but because i'm expecting another 2,5 years hiatus I don't know how I'll make it.
  3. DanM

    I miss Living for Love

    The alternate version of the song that leaked together with other RH bonus tracks and which is also used in the video has a much fuller sound. I still wish the album version had the Lord, Lord lift me breakdown. Anyway, it is one of my favourite M songs ever, and I will never get tired of it
  4. How the hell did it leak? It's amazing All those clues that she gets ROTFL Thanks for posting!
  5. Please let this be true! I couldn't go to the first European leg, but I would not miss a second chance, especially if it is during the summer
  6. DanM


    I am so confused about the Messiah demos. I don't know which ones are real and which ones are not. I have one which is labelled Demo 6 and I'm pretty sure that's a mix of several demos.
  7. DanM


    The new demo's arrangement and the full orchestra is great, but the volume of her vocals is too low imo still prefer the first leaked demo.
  8. DanM


    I am in love with Demo 4 So dramatic and soundtrack-ish. I also adore Demo 3 New Vox with the heavy male backing vocals. Did demo 2 leak? I am aware of 3 different demos.
  9. DanM

    ATLANTIC CITY 10/3/15

    Ghosttown has improved a lot Now it's much closer to the album version.
  10. DanM

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD

    As the theme of the concert is love and romance, she might record it in Paris. However, I believe the show will be recorded in 2016, most likely in Australia.
  11. DanM


    It needs to be the next single with a live video and I wasn't even fond of the song before the tour.
  12. The dancers' outfits and the choreography of Deeper and Deeper looks like it was made for Don't Tell Me, but she better not switch them at my show.
  13. Sounds like album vocals to me. Maybe only the dancers are rehearsing currently.
  14. That fucking LFL remix needs to be flushed! I cannot believe she prefers it over the original, which is perfection! Otherwise everything looks spectacular!