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  1. A centrist who is predicted to be an overwhelming favourite to win vs. a right wing leader who people give little chance of winning because of their views. France and the U.S. have different voting systems, but this sounds like an awfully familiar race.
  2. You misunderstood me. I was saying that people who voted for him viewed him having business experience as being a substitute for political experience, rather than viewing him as having no experience. I agree that that government isn't an enterprise, but time and time again during the election all these voters were saying that his business qualifications made him qualified to deal with the economy, and to make deals with the politicians and other nations.
  3. I mean....Howard Stern would probably be a less risker choice than Bill Maher, considering some of the views Maher has held. I'll also say this, while Trump has no government experience, he's had a lot of experience in business and in dealing with politicians.
  4. I really like Bernie Sanders, but the Democrats won't grow their talent and bench if they keep nominating and electing senior citizens for leadership roles. If he were to win two terms he'd be 88 by the time he leaves office. I've really appreciated his defence of red state democrats because he brings a balanced perspective. I think a better idea would be if he advised and coached a much younger version of him to be candidate for President.
  5. Gillian Anderson was a big fan of the American Life album despite Madonna generally not being the type of music she listens to
  6. Tim Kaine also oversaw the massive 2010 midterm defeat when he was DNC chair at the time. Obama also had the opportunity to get rid of Debbie, but decided against it because it would be too much drama. People were so busy talking about the division in the Republican Party, that they ignored that massive electoral problems the Democrats have because they thought the electoral demographic advantage would be enough to take care of it.
  7. The fact that she said that she wouldn't call one in the past is meaningless because opportunities and situations arose that she previously did not foresee. On a more cunning level she caught the opposition off guard, but it's not her problem that the Labour Party is unfocused and not prepared to provide stable government. People can't complain about how Theresa May was unelected (despite the fact that people don't vote for the PM), and then complain when she does seek an election mandate. I've seen Prime Ministers not take advantage of similar opportunities before, and they always end up regretting it. So that's why it's smart politics.
  8. The Democratic Party needs to focus more on building talent within the party, instead of focusing on celebrities. I feel they're very reactive at the moment when they need a more proactive strategy to regain voters. The presidency is a small part and over the past 8 years the Democrats have been pretty negligible in helping elect Democrats on local and state levels.
  9. People are so concerned with Madonna producing a hit, they need to realise those days are over and have been for a good number of years. We live in time where Ed Sheeran is number one for weeks on end, so it's not like Madonna is missing out on something special.
  10. It depends, with a lot of the remain vote coming from Labour areas, probably won't make a difference. The result would probably be the Conservatives increasing majorities in the seats they currently hold, while probably picking up some traditionally working class Labour seats. Jeremy Corbyn didn't really put up an enthusiastic fight to remain, so he probably can't really use that against her to its full effectiveness.
  11. Smart decision from Theresa May to call an election now because Labour will be heavily defeated. I can't imagine Jeremy Corbyn will last after the election and that's probably not a bad thing, for Labour's future as a political party.
  12. Sheryl is completely right, before Madonna women didn't even show their ankles! But thanks to Madonna, women now wear skirts and shirts without sleeves!
  13. Oh I wasn't joking, I really do believe La Toya is the best guest judge they've had. Of course there's nothing wrong with her inspiring Ru....except for the whole " Ivvvvvvvy Winnnnnters" thing haha
  14. Who knows really, she thought high enough of RuPaul to put his image in the Nobody Knows Me interlude on the MDNA tour. Some pretty famous and legendary people have judged on it. Though the best judges are people like 3 time judge La Toya Jackson haha
  15. RuPaul has acted, modelled, presented radio, has made 11 studio albums of material that he wrote himself, and has been an all round successful business person. You said earlier before that what you meant by your original post is that LGBT people can do anything, but at the same time you called RuPaul, who has been the very example of being able to do anything, a poser. I appreciate what you've said in the post I've quoted, because Madonna and RuPaul's and career/show has done that for so many people, including myself, in the same way. RuPaul has been an inspirational public figure for millions of people, but you reduced all that to him to being a "poser" and implied that the people who he's helped to love themselves and believe that its okay to be an outsider as "unenlightened". I don't think your original post would have received half the negativity if you had not implied that. RuPaul has done a great deal of good, and you don't need to like his show to appreciate that.
  16. While there is a shade of that, I'm kind of glad that when I became a fan 7 years ago, I had this massive catalogue to explore, and all these tours and interviews to watch. In a way it's a totally different experience, but I don't think thats a necessarily bad thing.
  17. Your tone seems very pointed right now. I'm glad you feel enlightened, good thing you're not a fan of anyone who would enjoy dressing up in costumes, performing (while sometimes lip synching) while never ever being crude or using their sexuality as a means to create an entertaining peformance.
  18. Rain was actually Madonna's longest charting song in Australia until Hung Up.
  19. Obama's legacy may end up being the huge democrat wipeout under his 8 year presidency with these democrat losses under him: House of Representatives (2009) 256 Seats - (2016) 188 Seats (-68) Senate (2009) 58 Seats - (2016) 46 Seats (-12) Governships (2009) 28 Governors - (2016) 18 Governors (-10) Legislative Seats (2009) 4,086 Seats - (2016) 3,137 Seats (-949) Chambers (2009) 60 Chambers - (2016) 31 (-29)
  20. Actually, Trump did win. I really don't like the guy, but saying he "didn't win" is just allowing yourself to ignore the substantive reasons why he was elected that aren't just sexism and racism related. As the losing campaign, Hillary does need to take responsibility, but at the end of the day millions of people voted for her in the democratic primary which is why she was there in the first place. Could Bernie have beat Trump? Possibly. However, Bernie represents to a greater extent than Clinton, what people have been growing increasingly tired about with the political left. Then rise of right-wing ideology around the world shows this.
  21. I'll give her this, her songs have lead to some of Rupaul's Drag Race's most iconic lip synchs for your life: Straight Up: Raja vs. Carmen Carrera Cold Hearted: Coco Montrese vs. Alyssa Edwards Vibeology: Adore Delano vs. Trinity K. Bonet
  22. CNN poll cross tabs moved from 24% R, 28%, 48% I polled from last poll to 32% R, 28%D, 40 I. Basically, not a reflection of the general electorate. It's like in 2012 when CNN released a poll with Romney +5 and it turned out they apparently got 70% of their poll from West Virgina. So essentially, CNN has a history of them not polling correctly in order to fit a narrative.
  23. New Washington post poll has Hillary Clinton ahead in Texas.
  24. Miles Away vs Runaway Lover
  25. Secret vs Nothing Fails