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  1. Pure speculation, but I think she is referring to documenting the process of putting the show together and backstage, i.e. the dancers and musicians.
  2. What I,like of the interview is hoy she wants to bring a collective of artists together. Maybe I read her wrong, but for me M is like seed capital of some of the best talent out there: dancers, photographers, musicians... I would love to see her collaborate more in a live & organic kind of way, and if it comes in more scaled down spectacles then bring it on!!
  3. Selena Gomez thread

    I really like 'Bad Liar'... Never thought I would say I like a song of hers, but I do.
  4. What a refreshing list, filed with some o M's best efforts of the past 17 years! Spot on.
  5. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    He is the junior vice president: https://youtu.be/9STeegpxSb0 (aw! Damn cannot embed the video, is Homer Simpson though!)
  6. The Portugal Album : official thread

    Antonio Zambujo, Ana Moura. Marisa... Portuguese music is beautiful! And tbh, I'd rather listen to a fado inspired song by M than another GGW /BIM kind of tune... so long as lyrics are not like Spanish Lesson though!
  7. The Portugal Album : official thread

    She's a sponge, She will definitely pick up influences from the Portuguese scene, and own it (make it her own way).
  8. That is fucking Dawn Lombardi, mystery solved!
  9. She destroyed he? The fucker used her song without permission in the first place, WTF!!! Madonna's response to it was brilliant, she could've sued the hell out of this retard and THEN her mediocre career would be over.
  10. Avicii says what happened with Madonna

    His shtick is tired, and I don't like Avici's sound, so great RH turned out the way it did... minus 3-4 bad songs, the rest is ace.
  11. M14 producers wishlist

    Yes, simple as that. She has the right guy so close to home!!
  12. I think the Blame it on Rio shoot is her worst.
  13. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Haahahaha yes. Cheeks are back with full force, it seems.
  14. MDNA Skin U.S Launch

    I wonder if she is aware of this picture and its use in the ad campaign. Terrible.
  15. They also have a very cool article about Madonna's most defining characteristics based on her songs (how to get Madonna, is called). I loved it, honestly made me a proud fan of one of te most prolific and consistent (at evolving!) artists ever.
  16. Madonna's 12 Apostles

    1. Patrick Leonard 2. Mirwais Ahmadzaï 3. Stephen Bray 4. William Orbit 5. Stuart Price 6. Jean Baptiste Mondino 7. Steven Klein 8. Mert + Marcus 9. Jonas Ackerlund 10. Mary Lambert 11. Monte Pittman 12. Donna DeLory + Nikki Harris
  17. Madonna and her idol jeanne moreau

    Yup! She did the same in those Martha Graham pics from back in the 90s when they met. I'm guessing that is M being a loon and a fan, lol!
  18. What GH do u prefer to listen to

    Something to remember. We need a part 2!
  19. Agreed, so sad. I thought they were going places with Ghost Stories, as some of the songs had interesting sounds. This one is like Mylo Xyloto 2, but watered down.
  20. Sade

    Love Sade! Their last album was good, they have been very consistent all through the years, releasing quality stuff.
  21. All of this is awesome, and she looked sexy af! 😊
  22. Supposed Singles ?

    It already happened, it was called Gimme all your lovin' and it was horrendous.
  23. Agreed. Confessions was a beast of an album, but very much in sync with the sound of its time. It also felt very Madonna, no experimenting but well crafted music. Erotica however took her work to different sounds and topics. Erotica was the ideal beginning to a whole decade of music exploration.
  24. Patrick Leonard's Instagram

    Amazing! Such an unexpected gift. As others have pointed out, I understand how searching to differentiate LAP from TB lead to them rejecting this little gem. Still, now it is great to get a listen of tracks like Angels. Hope we get to hear it in full someday!