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  1. What about the guys who produced Queen for RH? Was it De Dahl and Michael Diamonds? I liked the sound of it, and also Devil Pray.
  2. Kelly Minging

    Is this meant for a Disney movie soundtrack?
  3. Damn, way to kill all the excitement! At least I hope only a track or two come out of this recording session and not most of the album.
  4. So Perry's over yet Lady Basique, whose career has been on life support since 2012, isn't? What's wrong with the media these days!
  5. I remember listening to those horns in 4 minutes' intro for the first time and being completely blown over! Then fking justina's voice was also there. Nonetheless great song. Not fond of the album as a whole, but i did play it quite a bit back then. I heard Miles away on the radio last week, it was bliss, such a nice song, and love her voice in it.
  6. This, 100%! This is my problem with BiM, her voice and the lyrics. Diplo's beats are insane, just as Pharrell's were for Spanish Lesson for example. But both songs suffer from the same, cringey lyrics and singing. BIM is Madonna's ode to the cult of celebrity and the Kardashian generation, and kids know there is no bigger celebrity than M, although it is likely they hardly know, or care, what she's famous for.
  7. Stop trying to make BIM happen ... ok, rant over, continue...
  8. Superstar Terror Bride

    Exactly, too much thought on the visuals for one of the most mediocre jingles in an album already full of ad jingles. But as said, maybe the terror bride outfit did end up being the one used for the tour intro.
  9. Random Tweets about Madonna

    ^that was amazing!
  10. She's doing Vegas! So what do you think is next? QVC? Toothpaste advertisements? Christmas specials? Hosting the EMAs/VMAs?...
  11. Madonna Instagram Thread

    ^ I thought the same. There is a picture of a pop or some other church authority behind, and the 1970-esque style reminded me of my own grandmother's kitchen when I was growing up.
  12. A statement single that needed a big payola push? Riiight! Go Taylor!
  13. Me too Santa baby is awful and cringe-worthy. All christmas songs for that matter, I fear going into malls, restaurants and shops this time of year because I know I would be treated to the torture of little drummer boys, winter wonderlands and jingle bells in all possible genres and incarnations. Ugh! Mariah's bread and butter (a.k.a. AIWFCIY) probably gets chart points because it is repeated ad nauseaum in Macy's/Walmart/JCPenneys...? Or probably people get too sick of it by January, that they erase it from their libraries only to download it again by December. A sick, perverse christmas cycle...
  14. It wasn't my cup of tea either, but I can see how it coild have been a big anthem and a favorite at AC radio. I think Madonna was expected to be edgy then, and releasing II or Paradise was not too out of context. She was riding high with music!!
  15. Collaborations that never happened

    I am glad 90% of those projects never came to fruition. Moby though, I hope it still happens someday. She went all 90s by making music with Oakenfold not that long ago, so why not get Moby, who is still making interesting music. Oh, forgot: also Air, I would like a song or two between M and Air.
  16. I still remember coming back hom from buying the album and listening to it non-stop. I was 16 then, oh! The memories. Listening to the first seconds of Music, the song, still transport me back to that time. Great album, from beginning to end.
  17. Bedtime Stories - 23th Anniversary

    A lush album indeed. Secret is a masterpiece, and all the videos of this era are true pieces of art.
  18. Thalía thread

    This bitch and Salma hayek married the (rich) client, lol! Had to be added. I really liked the song she did with Erik Rubín a couple of years ago:
  19. An amazing producer and yes, my favorite as well.
  20. I cannot possibly choose! These two still can bring a tear to my eye, such sublime pieces of work, and luckily I saw both performed live at the CT.
  21. Beyoncé Thread

    Tidal still exists?
  22. I honestly don't know, the pop world is weird. Look at Madonna, people discounted her back in the 80s and rooted for Lauper and others. I think Pink clicked with broader audiences, and that has certainly helped her. She's constant, to the point of being repetitive, but her output is still well crafted IMO, and lingers on AC radio which keeps people aware of her. Off the three you mention she seems the most complete: her tour seems like a good enough show (i.e. you get what you pay for), her songs are catchy and once in a while interesting, and is involved in writing her music. Christina is obnoxious af, it pours through her pores. She has a great voice, but in a time when everyone out of a reality show has a good voice, that is just not enough. Britney... well, I am still surprised how they kept her career on life support for so long, kudos to her team!
  23. So is she over already? I haven't heard any of hers on radio, neither in Mexico nor in the US.