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  1. Icykiller

    Eurovision thread

    My favorites were Portugal, Bulgaria, and Italy. Seems the ridiculousness of Israel is liked, wtf!!
  2. Icykiller

    ABBA thread

    This is amazing news! I grew up wit ABBA music thanks to my mom. She will be ecstatic about this.
  3. Saw the news today. This is so weird, I can't imagine FM without Buckingham tbh.
  4. Icykiller

    Blondie thread

    I am atill playing and loving this album. Awesome work from Blondie!
  5. I was about to post the same!
  6. Icykiller

    Quincy Jones doesnt hold back

    What about Quincy and Madonna. Did their paths ever crossed? (Don't remember that being the case, but maybe I am missing something?)
  7. Icykiller

    Quincy Jones doesnt hold back

    Such a great read, refreshing interview, thanks for sharing @Nikki !!
  8. I've never heard a Drake song in my life. I don't even know how he sings/raps/whatever he does, don't know his voice.
  9. Of course not! Would I freak out because accidentally my kid saw porn? No. I would talk to my kid.
  10. Traumatized? This world is just too sensitive now. It's just porn, whatever. And I wonder what kind of porn it was too.
  11. Icykiller


    Who the fuck is this Kendrick Lamar that the 'hip' & 'cool' US media keeps bragging about? Is his music worth it, or is it just another Pitchfork-hyped nonsense?
  12. Icykiller


    Bruno Mars, or the reductive version of Lionel Richie.
  13. Icykiller


    True, other thanks Kesha the rest was tragic and beige.
  14. Icykiller

    Sad Songs

    Daffodil Lament by The Cranberries has always been part of my sad repertoire, moreso now that Dolores is gone. Demons, by The National And dream of sheep, by Kate Bush Definitely Both sides now, by Joni Mitchell Invisible Empire, by KT Tunstall Streets of Philadelphia, by Bruce Springsteen The ground beneath her feet, by U2 Brendan's death song, by the Red Hot Chili Peppers Why, by Annie Lennox And my Madonna go-to song when I am sad is always Has to be. It is sad but comforting at the same time, like I know, at the end, I'll just see the light but it is still ok to be sad.
  15. Icykiller

    Dolores O'Riordan has died at 46

    This is goddamn awful. I feel terrible, it is like a piece of my adolescence goes with her. So sad.
  16. Icykiller

    Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

    Still breathtaking, after all these years!
  17. Icykiller

    Guess The Music Video Game!

    @Sky Fits Heaven #4: Me gustas tu, by Manu Chao
  18. Icykiller

    Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    ^Interesting @promise to try, and yes, not every Catalan supports this independentist movement, hence why many then did not vote. But as it stands now, or at least how it is seen from the outside, the violence somehow justified the independence movement. If nothing had happened, and the referendum went along as just an exercise of political expression, I wonder if perhaps Rajoy would have had more leverage for negotiation. Only time would tell what follows, but all my support to the Catalans, regardless of what they decide.
  19. Icykiller

    Spain...destroying themselves from the inside

    In US/UK/AUS media, maybe, but there is coverage of it in Mexico. Ovbviously, as the relation with Spain is still there, after 5+ centuries. The situation with Catalunya is complicated for sure, and the Spanish gov't won't back off from trying to rerain one of its little goldmines. I remember reading a couple of weeks ago a note on a journal mentioning people were indeed confused and not entirely sure about voting in the referendum. Whether it was because of a sense of fear, I don't know. The response by the Spanish gov't, I beleive (and have been told by friends living in Barcelona), will accekerate the support and desire for an independentist movement that has already kncreasingly garnered both traction and a solid structure. Anyway, these are my two cents on this.
  20. Icykiller

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    He is the junior vice president: https://youtu.be/9STeegpxSb0 (aw! Damn cannot embed the video, is Homer Simpson though!)
  21. Icykiller

    Songs that you hate.

    The reason - Hoobastank Lady - Modjo One more time - Daft Punk Le freak - Chic Roxanne - The Police
  22. Icykiller

    Songs that you hate.

    Hotel California by the Eagles, Beat it by Michael Jacson, and Another brick in the wall by Pink Floyd... I despise these songs. *edit: forgot to add We will rock you by Queen. Ugh!
  23. He is an asshole, what is he doing jn Mexico anyway, if he hates us so much? Racist imbecile!