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  1. It was only sold in one store. Its sold out (few copies... 10-20). Im from Chile and I hope there will be no leak ... but as everyone is talking about here: it’s karma. Madonna did the worst show ever in history few years ago with MDNA tour... she even was sued and lost. It’s karma.
  2. The Fado-hits Collection, includes la isla bonita (cape verde mix), Candy shop (Joan of Arc mix) & Vogue (feat. Maluma).
  3. I think it’s great, fresh and current
  4. I’m starting to think that the album it’s not commercial at all... and this songs are the most commercial material that they have. maybe the work with Mirwais is really experimental... and all the Lisbon vibe it’s in those tracks.
  5. The Hung Up performance at the Grammys wasn’t a hologram, it was a LED display, the best at that time. “The next challenge for the 2006 Grammys show was to re-use the same animation technique, but with a performance from Madonna filmed and burnt into the animation so that the star appeared to be performing with the cartoon band. In a great piece of theatre, after the filmed piece had played out, Madonna then emerged from a sister stage in the same costume convincing everyone she’d been onstage with the Gorillaz ‘live’. The complex staging situation meant we had to bury the projector
  6. If you listen carefully, you can hear a really entertaining discussion about Madonna and the show...
  7. If you doesn't know, The Estadio Nacional is the national stadium of Chile, and is located in the Ñuñoa district of Santiago. It is the largest stadium in Chile with an official capacity of 47,000 (this is interesting, because Madonna performed two sold-out dates with S&S, but in that time the capacity was for 66,000 people).
  8. ahahahahahaha... Absolut did all the dirty job... of course your intuition and fashion sense did the rest...
  9. Me too!!! i'm going with my friend felipe1979, yesterday we celebrate all night in honor of her Majesty... all night
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