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  1. L.O.V.E. it!!! A summery breeze feeling.... so groovy.... I'm totally addicted to this song on the second listen.
  2. Love both covers. Two different covers, two separate identities... Madame X This has to be another artistic peak in her career. Very well done.
  3. wow great pic. I would love if this is actually the album cover. Very iconic.
  4. Dark hair, church, can Maluma also be dressed as a saint? the anticipation is incredible in this era.
  5. I'm all for this collab. It's fun and unexpected which is exactly i'm looking forward to in this new era.
  6. tick, tock, tick, tock... waiting and hesitating...in my fuzzy dream.
  7. What if 'Beautiful Game' is the album title and 'Magic' will be the lead single..... that would be the ultimate surprise!! You'll never know.
  8. Samurai section would be a cool idea for opening the tour. So excited what comes next.
  9. M is going to snatch that 300+ Million tour rather than winning these awards....
  10. Let's enjoy the fact that M is touring the world after all these years. It is unfair and unrealistic to compare the legend to the younger pop tarts as M is in a league of her own. Does anyone ever compared Paul McCartney to Justin Timberlake?? just saying.
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