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  1. Samurai section would be a cool idea for opening the tour. So excited what comes next.
  2. M is going to snatch that 300+ Million tour rather than winning these awards....
  3. Mluv

    Tour rumours/preparations

    Let's enjoy the fact that M is touring the world after all these years. It is unfair and unrealistic to compare the legend to the younger pop tarts as M is in a league of her own. Does anyone ever compared Paul McCartney to Justin Timberlake?? just saying.
  4. Going viral!!! so addicting.
  5. oh my god this video is killing it big time!
  6. Hands down, Best video since hung up.
  7. Amazing artwork! wow, that pic really captures the BIM spirit.
  8. OMG This BIM performance is ranked up there with 1990 Vogue performance!!!
  9. There were some very touching moments in the video. Well done, 10/10 score.
  10. Such negativity vibes in here. Let's agree on one thing, her tour will be number 1 by the end of the year, and all these haters will come crawling back to her feet praising the queen. It's the whole cycle of love hate that the public has for her and it is fascinating.\ Carry on here....
  11. I'll buy them all. Too much hotness!
  12. I would love her to carry this look for the tour.