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  1. Ok, do take a break and come back when you have something of value to add to the discussion.
  2. Of course it's creepy and unacceptable, we are normal functioning adults who can discern right from wrong, and are not filled with delusions. The difference is did he sleep in bed with children with the intention of sexually molesting them, or did he live in his la la world where he genuinely thought it was ok and innocent what he did, and never had any creepy sexual intention towards the children?
  3. So a documentary made by 2 people who have been exposed as liars will reveal more than the fbi investigations did?
  4. Andra

    The Weeknd

    You can listen to the track here http://dopefile.pk/tpoci41md9ee
  5. Andra

    Kanye West

    Lmao wtf!! Kim getting involved as well. Drake apparently threatened him Guess he'll drop a new album soon?
  6. Andra

    ABBA thread

    Abba is the best pop band of all time. Sometimes I sit and I'm amazed at how incredibly ahead of their time they were.
  7. I can't believe they'll be stuck in there at least a few more months cause there's pretty much no way to get them out. How big is that space? Where do they even poop/piss?
  8. He's such an entertainer, his energy is amazing. I always wished he would do a collaboration with Madonna. A little duet on stage like this one would be so cute.
  9. I love Robbie ....Angels is such a beautiful song
  10. Andra

    Backstreet's back alright

    Me 2 I had such a crush on him
  11. Andra

    Backstreet's back alright

    The song is not bad...why does Nick Carter still sounds like a 16 year old? lol
  12. I can't believe this happened at an Ariana concert of all, where there's young children and parents. Heartbreaking.
  13. Just hearing it for the first time....I like it. What a nice change from the shit that's on the radio right now.
  14. Andra

    George Michael thread

    I loved George Michael....he was up there with my other fav like MJ...so sad.
  15. Andra

    George Michael thread

    I've listened to his songs so much these past few days..I can't believe it.
  16. Hillary is live right now
  17. I truly thought I was being pranked when I got a call this morning with the news.. This is absolutely sickening. America has voted for hate, violence, fear, idiocy, setting back your country a good 100 years on science and civil rights and with that the decline of the rest of the world. Donald Trump is now the U.S president...it's unreal and beyond frightening. How the fuck did this happen!?!?!?
  18. Andra

    The Weeknd

    It's just great from start to finish, not one boring part
  19. Andra

    The Weeknd

    This is so fucking good I can't stop listening to it.
  20. Andra

    2016 MTV VMAs

    Oh well anyways, may their ratings continue to DROP.