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  1. I've TRIED to recover My CENTER of gravity oh mio dio...
  2. Madame X really is THAT bitch. What an incredible album, I still love it SO MUCH!
  3. Reading the comments to this performance right now on YouTube is the most entertaining thing
  4. Started listening to the album every day again...so in love!!!!!!!!
  5. 1. Ay ay ay 2. Beautiful Game 3. Gun Control 4. Sparkle 5. 'Cause it's a 6. Eh eh eh 7. Dangerous 8. Louca 9. Come alive 10. Life is a circle 11. Vai, vai 12. Mrs Crazy 13. PLATINUM GOLD 14. Looking for 15. I rise
  6. I go to the supermarket almost daily and for some reason lately i happen to hear Crave every time i'm there
  7. These stupid billboard polls never show up for me no matter which browser I use, wtf!
  8. I've restarted listening to the album daily and it's glorious!
  9. 1.Extreme Occident 2.Batuka 3.I don't search I find 4 Killers who are partying 5.God control 6.Looking for mercy 7.Medellin 8.Faz Gostoso 9.Crave 10.Come alive 11.Future 12.Crazy 13.I rise 14.Ciao Bella 15.Bitch im loca 16.Dark Ballet 17.Back that up to the beat 18 Funana
  10. Err.. Maybe it's just not album you enjoy and you have to admit it to yourself. I don't know what this talk is about having to be in a mood to enjoy Madame X. I for one don't have to be in any mood to listen to it, whenever I feel like it I will blast IDSIF or Batuka or whatever tracks I feel like listening right then. I don't need to listen to the album in full to enjoy it, but then again I don't do that in general.
  11. I can't really see this track as part of MX, every time i listen to it i get.. New York City 1998-2000 Sex and the City vibes.
  12. It kinda looks like soon enough we'll have threads where everyone will "open up" and say that MX is their least favorite album etc. 10 years from now tho we'll look back on it and understand it's a masterpiece.
  13. I agree with this. We naturally get even more excited if there's BUZZ surrounding things that we like and we know that other people aren't indifferent and possibly feel very positive about those things too. It's like an approval...we get joy from it. And we were used to this with most of M's releases.
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