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  1. He'll be fine, the piece of shit. He gets access to all the tests and treatments he could possibly need, unlike others.
  2. @Gaudet *big hugs* I hope you stay safe and healthy Gaudet. Avoiding the news and the media, or at least taking a break from it for a while does help, you are right. I should try this more.
  3. Yes it makes sense, and I think that when this is over a lot of us will need psychological help
  4. @XXL, I adore u!! I know that you are totally right, It's just hard for me to be rational these days...lmao, I'm totally the type of person who worries in advance and thinks up the worst case scenarios to the point that I mentally exhaust myself. But yes, we will survive!
  5. Take care @ULIZOS! I hope you will feel better very soon! hugs!!!! I've been somatizing and having panic attacks every night tbh, the thought that hospitals over here are full and if for some reason you might need help you have to go to the hospital and risk getting infected is been sending me into full freak out mode.
  6. So Conte just made a speech and they've decided to shut everything down here including factories and all non esential productive activities, except supermarkets, farmacies ,banks and transport.
  7. Big hugs Crux! We will get through this.
  8. God please make this stop.
  9. Maybe he got tested because he knew he was in contact with someone who had it? If he didn't get tested, now he'd be walking around infecting many others, so it's not a wasted kit! These celebrities are always traveling and getting in contact with a ton of people, they are actually bound to be the first to get it.
  10. It's not about everyone being wiped out because of the virus, it's about trying to control the steadiness at which people get sick , so that the health system doesn't get overwhelmed and collapses. If that happens we're pretty much all on our own, and it's natural selection from then on.
  11. What's happening in the UK is pure evil. They don't care about the people at all.
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