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  1. This is great!
  2. Sad for Ariana as well, imagine the level of guilt she must be carrying. How does one move on from something like this? Devastating.
  3. I can't believe this happened at an Ariana concert of all, where there's young children and parents. Heartbreaking.
  4. I love it. Finally a good song from katy perry this era.
  5. It's been on repeat for a while now omg I love it.
  6. I like it the more I listen to it the atmosphere.
  7. It's a cute song but yeah I don't expect it to be a hit.
  8. Honestly I think it's just the bald look she's sporting, the gays are hating it
  9. She is flopping hard
  10. Her fans are worried and think she's having a mental breakdown
  11. Completely meh.
  12. The ass-kissing this woman is getting is beyond sickening now. MJ was rightfully self absorbed and deserved the worshipping because he was actually that brilliant and like strawberrrybounce said, had everything else to back it up. What the fuck did this bitch ever do besides shit music? Thanks @jazzyjan and @Mmmmm
  13. She's overtaking MJ's level of delusion at this rate