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  1. I've always heard that the MDNA "Vogue" costume was inspired by this: https://www.bleedingcool.com/2011/12/22/lady-gaga-rihanna-katy-perry-madonna-go-back-school-batman-leviathan-strikes/ This comic was released in 2011. And I've read some place that Madonna and her team found it very funny and that they like the style used for Madonna. As you can see even the hair is almost the same but, who knows???
  2. Well, first of all we have to think that when "Crazy for you" was released Madonna had her contract with Sire Records, so maybe Warner didn't had all her attention on her. On the other hand, "Crazy for you" was recorded before the "Like a virgin" album was released and I think they didn't know how important Madonna and this album was going to be. In fact, what I've always heard is that "Vision Quest" was recorded at the end of 1983 or in the beginning of 1984 so I guess the songs were recorded between "Madonna" and "Like a virgin". If you listen to the songs used in the movie they have very different versions compared to the ones released. Maybe the Sire and Geffen deal was made at that time, when the movie was filmed and not when it was released in 1985. And now some rumours (I've read them in lots of places but I don't know if it's true or not) but the story goes this way: 01. Madonna sang "Crazy for you" and "Gambler" for "Vision Quest". They filmed the scene in the bar the way we see it on the film and some takes of her singing the full songs (on the bar) because maybe they could need them to add different angles in the final montage of the film. 02. Madonna reléase "Like a virgin" and it became a worldwide sensation. 03. Geffen decided to released the "Crazy for you" single to promote the movie now that Madonna was so popular but they never thought that it would become such a great hit. "Sire" doesn't like the idea but they think that "Crazy for you" have nothing to do against "Material girl". 04. When "Crazy for you" becomes a hit Geffen decided to reléase worldwide "Gambler" but after the "Crazy for you" and "Into the Groove" success, Sire think that that's not a good idea for them so they refuse. Finally they made a deal to reléase "Gambler" in Europe but not in the USA. I don't know if it's true but it could be posible that the videos were made using images recorded while they shot the movie for the parts where she sing the songs and the rest it's just a montage. I hope I've explained right, my English is not as good as I'd wish....
  3. Thank you very much for the re-uploaded one and of course for the new ones too
  4. Thank you very much! Anyone could reupload the Interview Magazine outtake? Link doesn't work... Thanks in advance
  5. First of all I want to say thank you to everybody who has posted their outtakes. It's been months since I didn't enter de forum and when I came into this post was like "WOW! What is happening here?". I'm not very interested in her sessions after "Ray of light", but anyway I have to say thank you for sharing but, specially I have to say THANK YOU for the old ones, specially for the "Sex" outtakes. For me Herb Ritts and Steven Meisel made her best pictures ever. They were pure art, the lights, the make up... they took care of all the details. Now photographers doesn't look that... it's like "Don't worry, if the picture is horrible we'll use all the filters we have to make it look good, or we can make you up, or we can change the light". Now that everybody seems to be looking this post I'd like to ask you for help. I've being looking for some pictures for years but, they are not outtakes so people doesn't seem very interested on them. As far as I know they were used on magazines, promo ads, posters but I can't find them. Does anyone know where to find them? I've tried with collectors and things like that but seems nobody has them. Here are the pictures. Thanks in advance... I'm not asking just for people to share them, If somebody knows where or with who can I can contact I'll be very gratefull...
  6. Thanks for de info, Jimmyjimmy, but, as far as I know, there's a demo for "Wash All Over Me" known as "Demo 4" and the time is 4:17
  7. I have this one too... I can't remember where I found it, probably on facebook
  8. I understand what you say, but I think Rocco is too "old" to be just one year... If the pictures were made in the beginning of the year (2002) Lola would be 5 years and 3 months???
  9. I've asked the same in other fórum and seems that the picture was taken on 2002. The photographer was Herb Ritts (he died at the end of that year) and is a personal picture. A family portrait for Madonna personal use, not for a magazine or things like that.
  10. First of all thank you to everyone who shares those pictures. I would like to have some info about some pictures shared on the previous post of HQ pictures. There are two black and White pictures, one of them is Madonna and Guy, the other one is Madonna with Lourdes. I think the photographer was Herb Ritts. Does anyone know it for sure? And does anybody know the year they were taken? The other pictures I'd like to have some info are three. One of them is with Madonna and Jesús Luz, the second is Madonna with Steven Klein and the third one is Madonna with Klein and Luz and another guy. All of them taken at the same event... Does anyone know the year of those pictures???
  11. What do the guys sing after the "Take on me" part and before they start to sing "La Bamba"?
  12. I think that's the most interesting thing about Madonna and her music. She doesn't play lots of instruments and things like that but she has everything planned on her head. Lots of the producers talk about "She has a melody on her head" "She wants this to sound this way" and things like that. It's all instinct and she knows how to translate it into words to make people do what she has on her mind. I think this is the real difficult thing. I mean, I guess is easy when you play all kind of instruments to say "This is what I want". But to "write a song" just using your head and create so many hits just with that is simply incredible.
  13. As far as I know about the remixes of the song here's what I have: 01. Album versión (6:34) - The one included on the album and as the B-side of "Burning up" maxi-single 02. Single versión (3:57) - The one included on most of the 7'' singles and on the "You can dance" single edits promo albums. 03. Fade versión (3:22) - Released as B-side of "Borderline" on the UK. 04. Edit versión (3:31) - Included on the Philippines 7'' single. I think at that time was very easy to find these variations. On Philippines "Burning up" and "Phisical attraction" have two "exclusive" versions, the same way that "Holiday" and "Burning up" have exclusive versions for the mexican promo single...
  14. I think it's one of the best songs from "Evita" too... I think it was great to make Eva sing this song instead of Peron's lover. I've found the original videoclip here (is just the scene with different edition on the instrumental break and at the end more seconds of the starlets looking at her). Does anyone here knows how to rip it??? http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDI4MjEzNDA=.HTML Thanks in advance
  15. I think we only will see a complete compilation when Madonna dies (hope it takes too long) but, I'm not sure that all of them will be included. I'm sure that "Everybody" will be included on it, "This used to be my playground" too... But I'm sure they'll forget the live videos ("Causing a commotion", "Hanky panky", "Bye bye baby"), the montages and I'm sure that "Another suitcase in another hall" too...
  16. I love Breathless too... I think that Madonna always looks her best when she has some "connection" with the Glamour of the old Hollywood... When she's inspired by Marilyn, Marlene, Garbo... She looks just perfect and the good thing is that she has something extra to add to those characters and she doesn't look like a cheap copy... I don't know how to explain it but for me Madonna is a Hollywood star from the 50's in the 80's, 90's, 00's, 10's...
  17. Yeah, I supossed the reason of include DiMaggio was that he was husband of Marilyn Monroe, but Arthur Miller too... but, anyway, I still think that he has nothing to do with the rest of the icons cited...
  18. I've always wondered why she cited Joe DiMaggio... I know he's a legend but all are actors and suddenly a baseball player...
  19. I wouldn't mind to see a rock version of "Over and over". I think the original song has a lot of energy and a rock versión would make it even "stronger". About "Physical attraction" I can't imagine a rock versión. I think that the song is too sensual for that and something slowly would be better for that. Maybe a medley with "Love spent"... "You say that you need my love / But you're wanting my MONEY, I don't mind"
  20. I've just seen this post... Thank you very much
  21. I was making for my personal use a catalog of Madonna music, album by album (albums, singles, promos, official remixes, unreleased versions) so if you need help with the list or scans from my collection or something like that you can tell me.
  22. About Madonna and Marilyn... Well, I grew up knowing who Marilyn Monroe was and when Madonna made "Material girl" everbody knew Marilyn was the inspiration for that video. Same when she played Marlene Dietrich or many other actresses so I think there's no need to say "Hey, this video is inspired by "Gentlemen prefer blondies" and things like that. The problem for me, now, is that people doesn't have the same culture we used to have. People forgets everything fast and anyone can say "Look, I'm very original" and Young people will believe it just because they don't know that it was done before by others. I think Madonna doesn't talk about it much because there's no need to do it. Everybody knows she was inspired by Marilyn, so why does she have to say in every interview that she did? If someone asks her for "Material girl" video she would say "It was inspired by "Diamond's are a girls best friend", she doesn't have a problem to recognize it. Same with the rest of her work and inspirations. I know Young people prefer to think that she "stole" her ideas from others, but that's not the point. She watches something that she likes and she makes her "Madonna versión" but she never says that her work is original when it isn't... That's why I respect her so much, because she doesn't try to make us believe that she created things that are just a new versión of something done before.
  23. Madonna - First Like A Virgin - Second True Blue - Third Like A Prayer - Fourth Erotica - Fifth Bedtime Stories - Sixth Ray Of Light - Seventh Music - Eighth American Life - Ninth COAD - Tenth Hard Candy - Eleventh MDNA - Twelfth
  24. Yeah, I think "Erotica" is one of her best albums and deserves to be recognized. I have some friends that are not Madonna fans. They respect her because she's a myth, an icon but, when you talk to them about "Erotica" they only pay attention to the "Sex" book and they think that the álbum is one of her worst. Some months ago a friend asked me to make him a compilation with songs that were not singles and that I think were her best. I gave him a list and the songs that he liked the most were from "Erotica". When he asked me and I told him that they were included in that álbum he said "Wow, I thought it was a bad álbum. I only remember the commotion with "Sex" and the video of "Erotica". He downloaded the full álbum and he was very impress. Now he can't understand why an álbum like that was so underrated. I think if "Sex" was released at the end of the promotion people would had paid attention to the music. That's why "Erotica" is always forgotten, because people only paid attention to "Sex" and forgot what Madonna does best... Music.
  25. I grew up with the first versión but I love the second one... I think it's very 80's... and the para glider thing... that's the best part. I'd love to read an interview of the people who made the montage to know what was happening into their heads, hehehehe... very funny
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