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  1. So had this still not been officially announced?!! It’s amazing, why isn’t it everywhere?
  2. Thank you! ....I can’t understand how some people don’t seem to get that.
  3. I’m avoiding clips now. Just want the full thing.
  4. It was when Medellín was released. Later it just switched to the deluxe.
  5. Don’t send these to M - she’ll use them
  6. At the moment I can’t say there’s anything I’d change on this album. I might go to play a certain song, but then I end up just playing the whole thing again - it’s wonderful. First album since Hard Candy where I’ve not felt the need to create my own version.
  7. I don’t mind her missing the No.1 spot to Bruce compared to last time when she’s missed it to Sam Smith
  8. Fantastic. Finally someone asked her about the actual music......why doesn’t this happen more often
  9. Yes i'd love to know what this Apple Lab thing is? I click the link and it just says this event isn't happening in your area?? But what event? What is it?? Originally I thought it was something where you could download the Crave stems and play them on you phone using the garage band app?? But there's no info about?
  10. I glad I’m not a regular on Twitter, must make you seriously unhappy.
  11. Gosh who knew anyone in liked Bruce Springsteen?.....surely he’s getting on a bit these days, shouldn’t he have retired by now too?? Why isn’t anyone screaming for him to end it all??
  12. These Instagram picture are insane! Can she just keep this guy!?
  13. I love Future so much. And and I’m still desperate to hear that remix she posted on Instagram, hopefully it’s got something to do with this Pride performance. ......also want to hear the version that plays at the end of Tour Announcement video.
  14. I’m so confused......what the hell is this all about??? Since when did M do an “appropriate” setlist? She never has and never will......you get what you’re given.....it’s Madonna.
  15. Mmmeeehhhhhh...........is what it is.......but I’m evil. I don’t know......but could there not be something a little more original/interesting to do with this footage?
  16. I don’t get the whole Amazon/Tidal exclusives for remixes, it’s like paying to make sure as few people hear them as possible.
  17. Yes......it’s not even worth the energy of typing with your fingers. It’s on Dirrtyremixes
  18. Another strange thing is that he references The Rain Tapes........surely only superfans would know what he’s on about, he’s clearly written it to upset forum fans like ourselves best not to click on it anymore.
  19. That bit made me say WTF out loud......like hell M’s trying to recreate some long forgotten hit by Mariah
  20. Wow!! She’s given a lot away in that clip. Hope it’s out in few days
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