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  1. +1 Strange times we live in. Where this girl has become a some public hate figure, and people vote for complete arseholes like Trump and Johnson. I don't understand how this is happening
  2. I’d love this so much! The only bit I’d keep is “sparkle” - love that bit for some reason.
  3. I don’t get it. This is exactly the same mix?? That can’t just be a coincidence?
  4. I don’t get the point of commissioning thousands of cheap ass remixes when they could just throw the entire budget at 2 of 3 decent acts that would actually appeal to people who like Madonna’s music.
  5. Wow! Finally I've waited so long for someone to post them, didn't want to listen to any leaks to find out for myself.
  6. But what does that demo prove? Did he compose the music and melody? Isn’t this an instrumental demo Mirwais sent him to work on and then he’s laid down a vocal with his changes over the top?? He should post what Mirwais sent him. I’d understand his frustration if this clip was the original demo and entirely his piece work - but it isn’t.
  7. I think that's more her obsession, she's got filters on every non-mirwais produced track too.
  8. Absolutely not. She shouldn’t give him the spotlight he so desperately craves.......it’s really annoying that he’s doing this, as I quiet like him artist. We all know the music industry is in a bit of mess, but this just seems really uncalled for, as he’s been paid for his work.
  9. Well it certainly seems like it's all for attention. If he needs to be annoyed at someone, that person is surely Mirwais not Madonna. But obviously nobody would give a rats-ass if he started trolling Mirwais on insta. 12k for an afternoons work doing some translations seems like a pretty fair deal to me IMO (I speak knowing nothing about copyright laws etc ).
  10. I’m still confused by this entire event. So he “ameicanized”/translated some lyrics, lawyers said he didn’t contribute enough for a writers credit so took 12k, and he’s angry about what?!??
  11. I’m still trying to figure out this strategy of commissioning remixes, teasing them, then hanging on to them for months, letting them leak, then randomly picking a date to upload them to stream
  12. Even though Pitchfolk have just written a glowing review for FKA Twigs stunning new album, I still think they’re a bunch of clueless stuckup arsewipes. Their Madame X review is atrocious. Embarrassing.
  13. https://www.drownedmadonna.com/2019/11/04/crave-moved-to-2-remixes-pt-2-coming-soon/ Another insightful “revealing” exclusive from drowning Madonna. Why do they bother?
  14. Maybe next week, maybe next month, maybe next year, maybe never. This is Madonna’s management team so it’s anyone’s guess.
  15. .........I don't know. Her team don't seem particularly keen of using beautiful images for singles etc. Imagine how amazing that would look on a RSD 12" single!! Sadly never gonna happen.
  16. Ah ha. Found it! Why wasn't this image used on anything???? It's fucking gorgeous!! Anyone got it HD?
  17. No its not. She's dressed as Madam X with an patch......actually she might be holding an accordion.
  18. Can anyone help? I'm looking for an image, it was taken by Mert & Marcus for Apple, it's M dressed as Madame X with a guitar - I can't find it anywhere!!
  19. I’d at least like to get my paws on this remix. Sounds more like a alternative Diplo mix.
  20. Tracey Young and Banassi mixes are pretty good. The rest......the usual shite. I can’t imagine what’s install for Pt.II hopefully we’ll get a least one good mix of God Control.
  21. That would be awesome sadly variety never seems to interest whoever commissions these mixes.
  22. Yeah it’s certainly not much of a Greatest Hits Tour (thank god, I hate the idea) if that’s what its was supposed to be. I guess it’s her only show that opens with an oldie.
  23. Same. Wouldn't touch any of these with a barge pole.
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