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  1. One of my most memorable M moments was watching her sing it live in London. So magical. I’ve absolutely no fucking clue why it was cut. Such a wonderful rendition, plus she sounded perfect too.
  2. luluthecat

    Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)

    Great video. ..............but, my god though.....that man...is.....fucking beautiful!
  3. luluthecat

    Janelle Monae

    Exactly! I loved Lemonade too, but apart from maybe Formation I found it’s message pretty vague. Janelle comes across as truely inspired!! She such an exciting artist!!
  4. luluthecat

    Janelle Monae

    It’s Album of Year so far for me too!!
  5. .....also I think it displays how irrelevant the charts are now. Comparing hits artists had in 2000 to sales today isn’t really fair. People are consuming music on so many different platforms, at different time frames, it just can’t be compared.
  6. Meeehhh that video just seemed to be displaying how the music industry has changed. Fame and having massive hits don’t seem to go hand in hand anymore. For example what was Beyoncé latest hit single?? Has she had one recently?? Yet it seems like she’s biggest star on earth 🙄
  7. luluthecat

    Morrissey - early onset dementia?

    I’m sorry but when it comes to the NRA, they are true garbage!!! I’m more willing to stand for some crazy animal rights campaigner over fucking guns!!! I hate that shit
  8. luluthecat

    WTF...now the demise of CDs?

    I’m surprised when I see chart CDs in supermarkets still.......even my parents don’t buy them or even have CD players anymore. The last one I bought was Rebel Heart Super Deluxe - never played it, but bought it for the packaging (which was pretty underwhelming, better off with just the vinyl). Not sure I’ll buy another unless it packaged beautifully.
  9. luluthecat

    Morrissey - early onset dementia?

    Saw him earlier this year and I’m sorry to say but I thought he was pretty great. Such a showman. He’s clearly a bit of a cunt and I don’t feel I have to agree with every piece of crap he comes out with, to listen to his music. ......I mean Madonna comes out with some right old horse shit now and then.
  10. I did love their cover of SOS a couple of years back
  11. Superb album. Always a classic! Takes me back to being a kid in my dad’s car.
  12. luluthecat

    Ssion <3

    I absolutely adore him. His 2 new tracks are my favourite tracks of the year so far as are the videos. Cannot tell you how much I love this man!!! Such a talent. Talk about be underated!
  13. luluthecat

    Songs that you hate.

    +1. I despise him. I still cannot believe that James Bond theme got an Oscar, it's shockingly shite.
  14. luluthecat

    Songs that you hate.

    I think this has to be my most hated from last year. An abomination.
  15. luluthecat

    Songs that you hate.

    Have you seen their atrocious performance of it??? oh god.
  16. Scary stuff. At least she now comes on ontime in London. Trying to get home after Wembley 2008 was one of the most horrible night of my life! No tube, no bus, no taxis and full stadium of people trying to get home all at once. It’s never ok to be late for an event like that.
  17. I don't get the need for her to play the original arrangements, unless she's performing with a real band, you can just listen to the record. I find the Rebel Heart Tour album pretty dull, it's mostly just her rough vocals shouting over the top of the album versions. Material Girl, Like A Virgin, Who's That Girl, Deeper & Deeper & Living For Love are probably the most exciting parts because they don't sound like the CD. Stuart Price really knew his shit. He managed to make her back catalog sound fresh yet still familiar, or even just better!
  18. I don’t think her age has anything to do with it. She could’ve sat on a stool for the last number for all I care, just make it something special. Just casually singing Holiday over the album version instrumental track just seemed a bit lacking......I really hope that was the last of Kevin Antunes. She seriously needs to freshen up the arrangements.
  19. Well it makes for a better ending over Holiday!
  20. We must hear differently. She sounds great on Drowned World. The best most horrible live album example for me is Rebel Heart. On many songs completely off-key and and out tune, like Devil Prey is just awful....it’s really unpleasant to listen to, yet she sounds excellent of different nights. I don’t really get the need to use just one vocal take from one night. They should record every night and slice together a perfect show. It makes for a better listening experience, I don’t give a crap about it being from that particular night.
  21. Oh I just love that look!! One of my favourite Herb Ritts shoots ever!!!
  22. Blessed? Really? I think I’d prefer her not to, it’s simply no good enough for a commercial release. Unless she or her people don’t want to put the effort in, I’d rather listen to whatever’s floating around online.
  23. Love the title but I despise the Ellen hair - awful. Wish she’d kept the red hair and short fringe - perfection.
  24. I’d like her to make a live album that uses the best vocals from every night of the tour. I don’t understand the point of fucking around with the recording of just one night? Also cut the crowd loop. I don’t get it? People don’t scream through entire songs and so annoying when you’re just listening. They should make a separate audio for the live albums, like Unapologetic Bitch makes absolutely no sense being on the album, I just have to skip it (atually I just skip that entire album - it’s a mess)
  25. luluthecat

    Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    Had anyone else done such a big visual/video based tour before this one?? I was just watching clips or other big artists tours from around 2000 and they're just nothing like the DWT. It definatley set the benchmark for the rest of her tours, and everyone else. I love this tour too much. Just perfect in every way. Along with Confessions it my most played live album.