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  1. Girl Gone Wild has no place on this list! I live Dear Jessie but there are too many superior singles that could've been included.
  2. The album cover is much better!! Won't be so ashamed seeing it on my phone!
  3. Very true, his work lately has been dire!! But at least he doesn't use drop shadow and knows how to layout type properly.
  4. The type was horizontal and read from left to right. Strange that she invites Giovanni Bianco to her birthday party in Italy - yet doesn't give him the work?!
  5. I can start the bitching!!! ...I wouldn't be surprised if this one is also by Aldo Diaz...The 'Madonna' and 'Rebel Heart Tour' balance is off, one reads up and the other down. But it's a million times better than the old!
  6. :-/ can she just stop with that pose
  7. Tragic Madonna Wax Figures

    Yeah....I don't see any likeness. They're all terrible, I don't understand how these wax artist can think they're any good.
  8. One of the coolest things she's ever put her name to.
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Does anyone follow Mymadonnaluvin?? Really awful retouched images, followed by Guy Oseary and Steven Klein. It's so strange - the guy just completely edits her face away, I'm shocked they follow him.
  10. Tragic Madonna Wax Figures

    Strange how not one of them have her likeness. I wonder why she's so hard to create. Other wax works (while dreadful) do genuinely look like the celebrities they're supposed to.
  11. Should have been bigger: Living For Love

    I still love this song!! But I prefer the Brits/Grammy Studio version - more impact! My only issue is her delivery....she sounds kinda gravely and nasally. ...I thought the production sounds amazing fresh. I'd never have guessed it was Diplo, doesn't any of his go to beats on it. Listen to the instrumental it's wonderful.
  12. I love "Never Let You Go" so much !

    This songs got so much potential!! But yeah it's not album ready, it's pretty static production wise.
  13. For me it's - Push American Life Runaway Lover American Pie Love Song ....can't think of anymore hated songs that don't deserve to be hated.