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  1. luluthecat

    Rebel Heart backdrops are leaking!

    Extras that fans might actually enjoy on a Madonna DVD??!! Don’t talk crazy now!! Come off it 🤪
  2. Oh god I hadn’t thought about that. I really hope this isn’t all she’s been up to over the past few years. She spend forever putting her live together only to never release the visuals.
  3. I was ignoring surgery. 2008 is where it all started going off the scale. Those cheeks are celebrating 10 years!!
  4. Yes, if she does an Album Version, it should sound like it’s being played with instruments a lot of RH just sounded like she was singing over the top of the album. She just needs to drop Kevin Antunes ass. She needs someone like Stuart Price, his updated versions on DWT, Reinvention and Confessions were a great balance.
  5. .....that was just the horrendous pale make-up and bleached eyebrows - awful awful look. Doesn’t suit her at all.
  6. luluthecat


    But nobody buys music.....I think the charts would be even stranger if they just counted sales. Does iTunes even exist anymore? They should start over again and have a post-stream chart. Also they could just count songs which have been submitted as singles rather than including whole albums. Or just quit! Its so annoying as I used to love having a look every week at the charts but now it just seems so meaningless.
  7. So exited for this. I hope it delivers.
  8. luluthecat

    Grace Jones thread

    Soon it’s going to be 10 years since Hurricane was released, it’s still one of my all time favourite albums. I hope this next one will be worth the wait. I can’t say I’ve been too keen on any little scraps she’s worked on since.
  9. luluthecat

    Let's rank all of Bjork's albums!

    I’ve never got the hate for it. I guess people aren’t keen on human voice production. Because it’s got serious “bops” and melodies. Who Is It and Desired Constellation are my favourites.
  10. luluthecat

    Let's rank all of Bjork's albums!

    Really had to rank for me, the first 3 are like 3 of the greatest albums every made!! In recent years my hardcore fandom has died a little as she’s pushed the abstract and conceptual stuff a far for me. 1. Homogenic 2. Vespertine 3. Post 4. Debut 5. Medulla 6. Selmasongs 7. Vulnicura ————— I don’t really listen to these 8. Utopia (I like a few like Losss and Saint) 9. Volta 10. Biophilia 11. Drawing Restraint 9 (absolutely love Storm though!!!)
  11. I’d love her to include more ROL/Music/AL/COAD tracks, since the DWT she’s given her older material (apart from Candy) a lot of priority. It’s defiantly time to focus on her more “recent” hits.
  12. I feel like I'm discovering more new music than ever! Also discovering loads of old music too. I think the days of just sticking to what you know are over. It's all too easy no. Before you had to rely on the radio, which doesn't always cater for your demographic..........saying that I always discover most new music through radio.
  13. luluthecat

    Michael Jackson

    ....I felt the same at the time. Everything was such a mess. I remember the announcement for the London resistancey and thinking that’ll never happen, he was still aimlessly wondering around LA dressed as woman in a big hat. He must’ve had so many abusive people surrounding him, it was just all so grim.......I think people now, tend to look back through rose tinted glasses.
  14. luluthecat


    It’s just not fair to compare. Billboard need to start over and do post streaming chart figures.
  15. luluthecat

    Loca Please World Tour 2019 discussion

    That’s always the case with these fansites. Predicting highly likely events.