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  1. That's a real heard one. I like her covering songs I don't know like Between The Bars and I'm pretty sure I heard her version of American Pie first. I'm not keen on her covering well known songs like Imagine and La Vie En Rose I don't know really.
  2. It's not that far off an Aldo Diaz creation?!
  3. Yep me too. I actually like this better than that HC cover. Ok maybe the font is too much, but overall it's pretty cool. And agian.........who is this stuff made for?!?? I understand the pre-internet oldies - helll even I bought a few back in the day. But now they offer absolutely nothing.
  4. Such a dull release, why have they settle on that??? I won't bother!
  5. Nah you can keep 'em. His demo singing voice is truely terrible.
  6. Yeah that was HUGE idea what could've possessed her to think that was a good move.
  7. This just sounds like the same demo that leaked years ago?!
  8. Well I think it's gonna have to be Erotica strongest for strongest. ........but weakest is a little harder for me as some of her "weakest" lyrics make up my favourite M songs. Like COADF has some real rather a few but it all just sounds so good I don't care, whereas MDNA has weaker production values and some lames lyrics - even repeated lame lyrics, Turn Up The Radio takes the biscuit for me "buzzing around like moth to a flame", "I want to escape with a person just like you" - yuk
  9. Well I had no idea that she wrote all the lyrics for What It Feels Like For A Girl?! I can't understand why we're trying to dis-credit her?! I'd love them to get back in the studio together. His did such an amazing job on Alison Moyet's last album The Minutes. He was also musical director on her tour - his reinterpretations of her back catalogue were outstanding!
  10. Wow!!!!!! OMG I hope its still on the shelves when I go to Berlin in 2 weeks
  11. I hope one day her music videos get remastered. Cherish truly deserves that special treatment!!
  12. There has to be something extra with this release. There's no way they'd wait till August to just put what was shown on Showtime on a bloody DVD - it seems a bit old fashioned - I don't even own a DVD player!! So fingers cross
  13. .......okay well I can't imagine who in their right mind is gonna fund and distribute it!!!! The promo here in the UK (well London) was HUGE (Graham Norton, TV Ads, Promo posters EVERYWHERE........yet about 40 people went to and one of them was me. I sat in an empty theatre.
  14. Such a perfect version of Don't Tell Me - she sounds incredible in the opening.
  15. There are just too many peaks!