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  1. +1 Strange times we live in. Where this girl has become a some public hate figure, and people vote for complete arseholes like Trump and Johnson. I don't understand how this is happening
  2. Me too. A lot of pop music from the early 00's now sounds super corny, but Music sounds like nothing else so it can't age.
  3. I think a STR vol.2 would be perfect! 10 or 11 old songs and 4 new ones. Also a few of the old ones could be slightly remixed or live versions. Also love the the idea of mini Tears of a Clown tour to accompany it!
  4. It's funny how I'm now totally back into this album, mostly because I've now made my perfect 15 track version. There are so many good songs on here I'm hugely disappointed we couldn't have a few more singles. But it looks like that's well and truly over. Though I would love her to start on a new album straightaway and not get sidetracked by any other projects, other than a musical one. She could at least for 2016 put a new track on a soundtrack or charity album. But most of all I'd like her to work with a producer who's got the time that needs, and for her not to put any time constraints on getting an album finished. She should take all the time she needs. And most of all stop the leaking!! Does any other artist have such an issue???
  5. Maybe it's got some potential somewhere. But it way to underdeveloped to happy sit through and enjoy it as it is. I feel pretty much the same for most of the Unused Rebel Heart songs. They all sound like the they've been rejected early on.
  6. Everyone will be paying for streaming eventually. It just takes time. I've just made the jump recently and haven't looked back, I can't imagine my life without it now.
  7. I was lead to believe at the time that this isn't a demo. It leaked along the 25 track edition. Iconic (Part II) or (Micheal Diamonds Mix) was meant to be an exclusive along with Joan of Arc (Acoustic) for iTunes or Target.
  8. When did this leak?? Can't find anything about it?? I'm surprised Madonna worked with her again. I love me some MIA. https://soundcloud.com/madonna-project-remix/autotune-baby-rock-me-v3-mia-c2 Would love to hear version with her verse included in the final mix. I'm not keen on the demo version.
  9. Oh right. I never download torrents so I don't really know.
  10. How is it possible to tell how many people have downloaded something illegally??
  11. Agreed!! I'm head over heals in love with this song. Totally wasted opportunity at being her latest hit single. It was handled so badly here in the UK. The song itself does have issues. Her vocals are missing some purity, parts sound oddly edited and mumbly - to me anyway. I love the final mix version, just wish it was a minute longer and included the hand clap in the video version. Still really sad that she sings that awful remix version, I was so excited to finally hear it live :-(
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