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  1. Of course this should have happened, but she seems to have the most out of touch, self sabotaging marketing team in the music industry. After The Beatles, The Stones she's one of the most collectable artists on EARTH, with a fanbase who actually still like buying physicals etc. Just look at The Weeknd's Heartless/Blinding Lights single, https://www.discogs.com/The-Weeknd-Heartless-Blinding-Lights/master/1700544 ....he released 30 separate editions!! M fans would've gone absolutely mental if she'd released alternative covered red 7" singles of Medellin. I know would!
  2. And got paid $20,000 (or was it’s 30?), his contribution was deemed too minimal for him to benefit from having a writing credit. He said his pay got taken away by the taxman so had a try at calling out M for not crediting songwriters. ....hmmmm well I guess he’s nothing to loose and worked out in his favour. But it was annoying to see all those other celebs and singers supporting his claims of not being credited as if it wasn’t his decision in the first place. I think it would be great to “credit” all the people involved in a songwriting process. But from what I understand, you either choose to get paid for your time or you take smaller payment and take publishing which gives you a writing credit, where you’re then able to gain royalties......I’m no expert, but think it work a little like that.
  3. Well good for him I suppose. Really don't agree with the way he went about doing that.
  4. I like the cover just not glitch impact font, just looks random, would rather something like these.
  5. Yep and Conchita Wurst, and everyone else who wasn’t in the competition. Nobody mentioned it and nobody cared.
  6. Since streaming I’ve got out of the habit of tracking down mp3s, plus nobody was raving about them.
  7. These are ridiculous. https://melovaz.net/?s=madonna Love how I Rise edits everything but her breast?
  8. What’s the point in not sticking these remixes on streaming platforms?? What good are they being commissioned, only to be played once.
  9. Yes!! Great name!! They should make compilation of the best remixes and the 3 bonus tracks, call it Madame RemiXed and stick it streaming ASAP!
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