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  1. Cyber-Raga

    Let's rank all of Bjork's albums!

    Homogenic Vespertine Vulnicura Debut Volta Utopia Post Medulla (or Biophilia) Biophilia (or Medulla)
  2. Cyber-Raga

    Garbage thread

    The orange vinyl sounds so damn good. Such a great quality pressing.
  3. Cyber-Raga

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I consider him very much overrated and do not get the hype around him. I love it when Kathy Griffin makes fun him for being a white gangster. She is spot on.
  4. Cyber-Raga

    Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

    I wished I was a fan of hers in 2014. I have just discovered her last year or so. I would really like to have seen Before the Dawn...hell I can't even find a bootleg of this anywhere. Would really like to watch it.
  5. Cyber-Raga

    Bjork thread

    I personally consider Vulnicura to be in the same league as Homogenic and Vespertine. Debut, for a debut album, is also fantastic and Post has its moments. Volta is ok. Medulla and Biophilia are the only albums I cannot digest from start to finish. There are individual songs I dig but overall both albums are difficult, too experimental and not necessarily my cup of tea. I still need to spin Utopia a few more times but so far I like what I am hearing.
  6. Cyber-Raga

    Bjork thread

    YES and YES
  7. Cyber-Raga

    Bjork thread

    Loss is everything to me. The album is really well done. Must listen to it many more times before I can pass judgment, but let's just say that it is no Medulla or Biophilia.
  8. Cyber-Raga

    Bjork thread

    I will resist listening to the album until my vinyl arrives. But it is torture to wait...
  9. Cyber-Raga

    Bjork thread

    The song gives me "if Vespertine had been produced Debut-style" vibes. And I'm loving it
  10. Cyber-Raga


    never cared for her videos or images or whatever. Björk is an artist I purely enjoy for her music and I simply cannot wait for her new album come Nov 24th.
  11. One used to tour in support of an album because that is where the big money was made. Tickets for tours were not as high as they are nowadays. That all changed with file sharing and the internet in general. Once the album sales were plummeting the touring strategies and prices were adapted accordingly as a form of compensation. So it is no surprise to me that RIT marked the beginning for her new “appreciation” of world tours.
  12. Cyber-Raga


    and frankly, IMHO Vulnicura is in that same league.
  13. Before Sticky, M never toured more than 4 month at a time and I guess the reason being because she does not actually like the physical and time consuming aspect of a life on tour. Maybe that partly changed or she had to reconsider this after DWT because record sales were not what they used to be and thus she moved on to a new business model. But in the 80s and early 90s when you actually went on tour in support of an album, she clearly could not be bothered to do more. I am sure that her movie career (which she was still holding onto back then) must have also been a contributing factor.
  14. Vogue @ Wembley 1990 (the radio broadcast) comes to my mind as well. I prefer these imperfect vocals any time over polished phoniness.
  15. Cyber-Raga

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Would be nice but I would not hold my breath for it. That is why I have just bought myself a LaserDisc player to enjoy the glorious LDs which are BAT, WTG, and so on. I must say while the video is not necessarily in HD, the BAT LD does look much better than all of the so-called re-mastered versions which are out there on the internet. The sound is Dolby Surround (minus Yokohama) and that is much better than a crappy 5.1 upmix which just sucks balls (Yes Girlie DVD I am looking at you).