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  1. There has to be a support group for problems like these
  2. Nicola may seem cold as ice but she gets the job done and IMHO she does it rather well. I am traveling to London this February to see M at the Palladium. I highly doubt I will go the UK anytime soon after that. As Donny Trump has put it: #sad.
  3. Lolz. Way to go UK. It’s been nice knowing you.
  4. and yet he will walk scot-free because of the Senate which is the worst part.
  5. Because he will give them the abortion ban and tax cuts. Oh and Muslim ban seems to also favor these religious fanatics. It is all so transparent and yet nothing can or will be done about it.
  6. The EU will suffer either way and so will the UK, by the way. Especially all the farmers and fishermen will miss the subsidies. That’s why I still consider this move insane. However, I would not give in to this narcissistic bully. Just my two cents.
  7. John Oliver said it all. Personally my take on the current situation is: let the Brits crash out of the EU if that’s what they want and will make them happy. It’s insane but you can’t stop people from doing foolish things when they feel they have the upper hand. The top 1% will benefit from the following chaos because they can finally do whatever they want without any deals limiting them. The rest will suffer and of course the responsible ones won’t be blamed. Life sucks sometimes. I have tickets for February’s London show and if necessary will apply for a visa. There are far worse things.
  8. John Oliver did a very illuminating piece on Boris Johnson on his show last week. Can’t recommend it enough. Btw, Backdoor Boris ... I seriously lolz-ed
  9. So is it true and the UK are crashing out of the EU without any deal or did I read that wrong today? Fake news?
  10. If he runs as an independent then we’ll have Trump 4 more years. If he chooses to run on a Democratic ticket and doesn’t get the nomination then the Bernie Bros will fuck up the chances of any Democratic candidate defeating Trump hence him winning 2020 again. I’m calling this more a loose than a win situation but I’d like to be wrong.
  11. I'm sure a lot of hardcore Brexiteers still believe that the EU will cave in two millimeters before the finish line. Because reasons.
  12. or those who still moan about the Ghostbusters reboot
  13. I love the Dallas allusion. On a more grim note: I read a tweet by JK Rowling saying that only greedy capitalists who seek to become even more filthy rich in the chaos thanks to a no-deal Brexit seems rather likely to be true considering what you have just outlined. Scary times.
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