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  1. Florida as we know and love you. You never ceize to disappoint
  2. So is it true and the UK are crashing out of the EU without any deal or did I read that wrong today? Fake news?
  3. If he runs as an independent then we’ll have Trump 4 more years. If he chooses to run on a Democratic ticket and doesn’t get the nomination then the Bernie Bros will fuck up the chances of any Democratic candidate defeating Trump hence him winning 2020 again. I’m calling this more a loose than a win situation but I’d like to be wrong.
  4. I'm sure a lot of hardcore Brexiteers still believe that the EU will cave in two millimeters before the finish line. Because reasons.
  5. or those who still moan about the Ghostbusters reboot
  6. I love the Dallas allusion. On a more grim note: I read a tweet by JK Rowling saying that only greedy capitalists who seek to become even more filthy rich in the chaos thanks to a no-deal Brexit seems rather likely to be true considering what you have just outlined. Scary times.
  7. I have a serious question though. How likely will Brexit happen this March? I mean nothing has been greenlit in Westminster and if alterations need be done, the EU won't really give in back time because they can't risk loosing the next country to leave. And even if they did, it will never pass the EU Parliament before the end of March. From where I am seeing it, the UK will crash out of the EU in just under three months and this is even for hardcore Tories an insane thing to look forward to, isn't it?
  8. I know the ninth wave by heart and the remaster is tremendously well done. There are elements I’m still discovering because of the remaster The Red Shoes on vinyl sounds so much fuller and less sharp than the original CD version. I usually hate remasters because usually they are a very cheap cash cow and sound more or less the same. But these ones are really something else.
  9. Bruce est dans le brouillard is my absolutely favorite song from this new album. Hands down
  10. That feckless FLOTUS is wearing a symbol of imperialism in a country that was oppressed with an iron fist for centuries. How more tone-deaf can this person actually be?
  11. True Blue? Never known that. Thank you for the info. The album does sound superb on vinyl.
  12. On a side note: has M ever recorded an entire album on analog? I know LaV and everything onward was recorded digitally - dunno about the first album though.
  13. I wished she would release a new album instead of re-releasing old material. In 2011 she did both...let’s see if we’ll get a new album as well down the road.
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