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  1. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    I'll pass. They just use the 2012 masters and those are inferior in terms of sound quality compared to their 80s (and 90s) counterparts.
  2. GOODBYE TO INNOCENCE appreciation thread

    Yeah that would seem to be the most logical explanation. And since only Niki appears on GTI and the Fever remixes it is more likely that this was done after the fact...which is why Donna was not invited to join the party (and she clearly was back in 1992).
  3. GOODBYE TO INNOCENCE appreciation thread

    I am still asking myself when Niki recorded her vocals for GTI. I have not heard the final demo but the album Erotica only included limited tracks with Niki's and Donna's back up vocals to beginn with. Plus Niki once said that in the 90s she and Donna were mostly asked to contribute to remixes. So did M retool the song in 1992 during the regular recording sessions of Erotica and had Niki record her vocals or was there a moment in 1993 when M re-recorded some stuff (e.g. Waiting vocals) and they then completed both GTI and the Fever remixes?
  4. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Would be nice but I would not hold my breath for it. That is why I have just bought myself a LaserDisc player to enjoy the glorious LDs which are BAT, WTG, and so on. I must say while the video is not necessarily in HD, the BAT LD does look much better than all of the so-called re-mastered versions which are out there on the internet. The sound is Dolby Surround (minus Yokohama) and that is much better than a crappy 5.1 upmix which just sucks balls (Yes Girlie DVD I am looking at you).
  5. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    amen to that
  6. Erotica is one of my favorite songs and albums. Can't believe it has been 25 years.
  7. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Interscope/Universal do not care for M and I wonder why they even signed her in the first place. Live Nation could not care any less about her music as long as her name is still a brand to sell perfumes and what have you. And Team M is sadly oblivious to all of this or they simply don't care at all and accept it.
  8. unfortunately. I do not easily hate and granted there are only a few M songs I really really dislike. But GMAYL is the worst, the bottom of the barrel, the Tonya Harding of M songs.
  9. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Yep, but I am sure that selling CDs is just not a priority for her these days. Licensing her name to skin cremes and perfumes, and touring of course ... now that is a different ball park
  10. Burning UP - RIT vs. RHT poll (VT EXCLUDED)

    this isn't even a fair fight
  11. M14 producers wishlist

    it does not matter who her next producer will be (if there even will be a new studio album in the near future). All I hope is that it will only be one or two co-producers with whom she co-writes and co-produces her songs. Enough with the 10000 songwriters and producers for one song. That would be my wish.
  12. MY FAV. I would die if she ever performed it live again.
  13. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    I have always thought that the MDNAT and RHT albums count towards her Interscope deal, thus fulfilling it with this release...I guess come Sep we will know for sure if Interscope is credited or not.