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  1. Cyber-Raga

    Christine & The Queens

    Bruce est dans le brouillard is my absolutely favorite song from this new album. Hands down
  2. That feckless FLOTUS is wearing a symbol of imperialism in a country that was oppressed with an iron fist for centuries. How more tone-deaf can this person actually be?
  3. True Blue? Never known that. Thank you for the info. The album does sound superb on vinyl.
  4. On a side note: has M ever recorded an entire album on analog? I know LaV and everything onward was recorded digitally - dunno about the first album though.
  5. I wished she would release a new album instead of re-releasing old material. In 2011 she did both...let’s see if we’ll get a new album as well down the road.
  6. Cyber-Raga

    Christine & The Queens

    My vinyl (en/fr combo) finally arrived today. Will give it a spin. Loved the album on Spotify. I’m curious to hear what the vinyl sounds like.
  7. Cyber-Raga

    Christine & The Queens

    Well what can i say? She flew right under my radar.
  8. Cyber-Raga

    Christine & The Queens

    And that’s how I discovered Robyn when she was the opening act in Frankfurt in 2008.
  9. Cyber-Raga

    Christine & The Queens

    And the vinyl has just been ordered. Thank you guys for the great suggestion. Still haven’t checked out her first album but I was on Amazon by the time I was listening to track two from the second album.
  10. Cyber-Raga

    Let's rank all of Bjork's albums!

    Homogenic Vespertine Vulnicura Debut Volta Utopia Post Medulla (or Biophilia) Biophilia (or Medulla)
  11. Cyber-Raga

    Garbage thread

    The orange vinyl sounds so damn good. Such a great quality pressing.
  12. Cyber-Raga

    Justin Timberlake thread

    I consider him very much overrated and do not get the hype around him. I love it when Kathy Griffin makes fun him for being a white gangster. She is spot on.
  13. Cyber-Raga

    Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

    I wished I was a fan of hers in 2014. I have just discovered her last year or so. I would really like to have seen Before the Dawn...hell I can't even find a bootleg of this anywhere. Would really like to watch it.
  14. Cyber-Raga

    Bjork thread

    I personally consider Vulnicura to be in the same league as Homogenic and Vespertine. Debut, for a debut album, is also fantastic and Post has its moments. Volta is ok. Medulla and Biophilia are the only albums I cannot digest from start to finish. There are individual songs I dig but overall both albums are difficult, too experimental and not necessarily my cup of tea. I still need to spin Utopia a few more times but so far I like what I am hearing.
  15. Cyber-Raga

    Bjork thread

    YES and YES