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  1. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: he is a vile cunt. On top of that he is a fascist. Voting him out is the least Americans can do. Throwing him in jail would be even better.
  2. Disgusting. I'm surprised not to hear any "Heil Trump" chants in between.
  3. I guess the separation between church / religion and state is an alien concept to conservatives. On top of that they don't allow to have any abbortions because it is the state's job to protect life but hey once the baby is there, it's not the state's job to pay for education or healthcare. That is then suddenly personal responsibility. So fucking hypocritical.
  4. Keep on fighting the good fight. Resist. Him doing all this shit is to discourage people to actually vote. Be vigilant!!!
  5. Guys, you must read Bette Middler’s colorful commentary on the RNC on Twitter. While it’s frightening that Republicans are ready to drain democracy down the toilet, Bette is on fire and on point. She is giving me life.
  6. Her husband is a massive Trump hater and attacks him and the administration on a daily basis. At this point their relationship must be like the uncensored Erotica video, I’m guessing.
  7. Her tits look like Mariah’s. Maybe they went shopping together
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen, the leader of the free world ...
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