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  1. BIM is a perfect choice for a good performance on charts even though is a low quality song in comparison of LFL & GT. This is what general public wants and it's ok for these purposes. At least she did good performances and videos for LFL and GT. Fans can't complain.
  2. This is one of her best eras ever, except for lacking of a hit. But we will not have Madonna for ever and we have to enjoy her work nowadays which has been fabulous!!
  3. Yes, I believe that too. It's a classic Madonna's ballad and video should fit with that.
  4. I love it to: great album, great performances; great promotion; good shape. I only miss one hit! Hopefully Ghosttown
  5. Me! I will wait for the final album. Actually I was do disappointed with Hard Candy & MDNA so I have no so many expectations.
  6. I can't believe she was so naive to think it's all about fans' fault. I truly believe all of this has been comes from her team to create hype
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