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  1. True Blue, Like a Prayer and Ray of Light
  2. I listened to Shirley Basey's rendition today of "You'll see"... Madonna has to perform it again live in the Rebel Heart Tour! It's an amazing song!
  3. BIM is a perfect choice for a good performance on charts even though is a low quality song in comparison of LFL & GT. This is what general public wants and it's ok for these purposes. At least she did good performances and videos for LFL and GT. Fans can't complain.
  4. This is one of her best eras ever, except for lacking of a hit. But we will not have Madonna for ever and we have to enjoy her work nowadays which has been fabulous!!
  5. Absolutely agree. Into the Groove didn't fit with the shitty Billboard rules at that time
  6. I feel envy for you However, charts were a passionate world for me in the 80s. Now (not only for Madonna) is a real mess
  7. Those albums were really huge. Thanks to them she became in a megastar. But Rebel Heart is a great album. If it had been released in the 80s she'd have achieved a lot of hits with it. Charts are a mess nowadays. Maybe I say it for my disappointment but I still think that listen to a song on radio which played a lot of many and different songs every hour and made people go out of house to buy a single to a record store was worthy...Anyway, times have changed...perhaps for worst
  8. They still matter and not only for me...for media too even though they don't see times have changed and also rules. It's not the same what people did for Elvis, Madonna, The Beatles, Michael Jackson including radio. Nowadays is a different story but how can you explain that to this generation?
  9. Yes, I believe that too. It's a classic Madonna's ballad and video should fit with that.
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