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  1. I love it & hope she finished it & it makes it out one day
  2. Let's hope we get at least some official remixes for this single...i don't care about a Hold Tight video....DEVIL PRAY NEEDS A VIDEO MORE
  3. I hope to god that this is a single & doesn't go the way of beautiful killer & beat goes on
  4. Devil Pray & Iconic should be singles. Hold Tight is up there as well....thats prob the most radio friendly. I NEED a video to Devil Pray though. I don't care if the single flops on bullshit radio. Radio is over.
  5. have there even been any reports of her doing any roseland-style promo shows or is this just fan conjecture?
  6. I was thinking it'd be a great shoe opener myself. I'm kind of thinking its not going to be the Rebel Heart Tour but the Iconic World Tour....and Iconic would be a great opening number! It's one of the album's strongest uptempo tracks and its about empowerment...perfectly in line with the era's overall message.
  7. its up to 142,808 views. I watched it 5 times in a row then i refreshed from 92,000 when i started. excuse me while i go watch it 5 more times.
  8. the video is fantastic I fucking love it!
  9. I had that with Body Shop after hating it at first and now it MAY be growing on me a bit.
  10. Apparently when they release digital only before physical retail Target & the other retail outlets get pissy. Not that its gonna stop Madonna necesarily, but Beyonce got a lot of flack for it.
  11. wouldn't be the first time, she recorded a lot with Shep Pettibone before hooking up with Babyface & Dallas Austin. But I agree, seems like even though those tracks were fantastic (some more than the finished product), she wanted to wipe that avicii sound off of them as much as possible. I wonder how his illness played into the production process of the album too.
  12. seriously are you guys trolling the rest with all of these descriptions of demos that've supposedly leaked...cuz I've looked everywhere & can't find anything on them other than SEX & AB & snippets of Hold Tight & JoA
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