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  1. adirondak

    rate the tours

    I'll bite: Drowned World Tour MDNA Tour Reinvention Tour Rebel Heart Tour Blonde Ambition Tour Confessions Tour Sticky and Sweet Tour Girlie Show Virgin Tour Who's That Girl
  2. adirondak

    M's live vocals.

    Sometimes her voice sounds great and sometimes terrible. Lately, it seems she hasn't had much vocal confidence (post Rebel Heart tour). You could barely hear her on carpool karaoke, Borderline on Jimmy Fallon sounded pretty nasal and thin, and Tears of a Clown Miami was wretched. I thought she sounded good on Rebel Heart tour, but I suspect she had a lot of help in terms of backing vocals and voice modulation. She does not have the type of vocal power she had during blonde ambition so if you're expecting her to belt it out prepare to be disappointed unless she takes some serious vocal lessons, which even then may not help since it's likely due to her aging.
  3. adirondak

    Corey Feldman (who?)

    I feel bad for him. He was set up for embarrassment from the Today show. This is a guy who endured childhood sexual abuse from a young age from people so powerful that he cannot name his perpetrators for fear of being sued. His best friend was also abused and went into deep depression, becoming a user and ultimately dying. Corey Feldman has been through a lot, and if he's not mentally on point I don't totally blame him. I don't think public ridicule of him is the answer when he was obviously just doing something he loves with the intent to make people happy.
  4. adirondak

    Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    you mean it's not being a vapid Cunt wearing a wrap with the Mona Lisa on it?
  5. adirondak

    Tokyo - February 13

    Can someone post a new link? It's down! Please and thank you!
  6. Eh, I could have done without it. It was nice, but it was almost like she was doing karaoke (and not so great karaoke) to the bedtime stories cd. It would have been nice to have a real live rendition.
  7. adirondak

    Celebrities at The Rebel Heart Tour

    Perez Hilton didn't go this time? He goes to all her tours usually.
  8. adirondak

    The BOXSCORE thread [part 1]

    Im not often a grammar nazi, but please learn the difference between the words "have" and "of".
  9. She should have gone forward as originally planned with Unapologetic Bitch as first single.
  10. adirondak

    The BOXSCORE thread [part 1]

    It's also due to different foreign currency exchange rates from the last time she toured.
  11. adirondak

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD

    They were not all top notch. There were so many instances of slow mo for no good reason. She's doing a little leg movment - let's put it in slow mo! I cringe at the beginning of Get Together where they merge her face with the background. It looks so cheesy. And they ruined Hung Up, especially the climax breakdown in the middle with the constant fades. Hung Up looked a million times better as filmed at the EMAs and Live Earth.
  12. adirondak


    It's also clear of her being a "witch" to the dancers as has been reported several times, is totally untrue.
  13. adirondak

    Best Rebel Heart Video Recordings

    There are several from st. paul, mn thats all closeups in HD at 60 fps with great sound
  14. How many copies has Rebel Heart sold to date?
  15. adirondak

    Rebel Heart album discussion

    I say this as a Madonna loon, but I think Rebel Heart is missing something. I don't think it's one of her best albums. It's like all the songs are kind of 7/10 of the way towards being great, but never bridge the gap. I'm glad others are enjoying it so much, and I do have some songs I love from the album, like Unapologetic Bitch, Inside Out, Iconic, Ghosttown and Living for Love, but I think the leaks and Avicii's rehab stint messed up the album's direction a bit.
  16. adirondak

    Ticketswap -Thread

    Trying to sell two floor tix in Los Angeles for tomorrow night - contact me if interested. Section G - $383.
  17. MDNA probably had the most flexibility of any Madonna tour yet. From adding the snippet of Give it 2 Me in Celebration, to adding full songs like Holiday, Everybody, and Music on select stops, to even adding a show stopping performance like Love Spent. Do you think Madonna will tinker with this tour as she becomes more comfortable with performing it?
  18. Do you think Madonna will have another go on the road where she goes all out w choreography and physicality a la MDNA and sticky, or did she reach the pinnacle and is now going to have more tempered choreographies going forward? Let me just say I haven't even seen or watch Rebel Heart aside from the Who's that Girl performance, so this is in no way a criticism of her current tour - just a general question.
  19. My ranking changes a lot but: 1. Erotica 2. Confessions 3. Ray of Light 4. Music 5. Bedtime Stories 6. Like a Prayer 7. Madonna 8. True Blue 9. American Life 10. MDNA 11. Rebel Heart 12. Hard Candy 13. Like a Virgin Even my least favorite M album is better than most others best efforts.
  20. adirondak

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD

    And North America and Europe and Australia - so I guess Africa or Antarctica will have to be it then
  21. adirondak

    Ticketswap -Thread

    I have floor tix on Los Angeles I want to trade for San Diego or Vegas. Anyone down?
  22. adirondak

    $$$ How much will Rebel Heart Tour make? $$$

    Does merchandise get added into tour gross reports?
  23. adirondak

    Exclusive Competition: "Bitch I Want Front Row!"

    How long does it take to become legacy?
  24. I don't blame her. When a good portion of your time is on the road think about how many public toilet seats you'd sit on.