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  1. I didn’t hear that
  2. I remember them playing the entire album on the radio before release and I only heard some of the songs bc my parents didn’t want me listening to it so I had to sneak it. I also ended up stealing the cd since my parents wouldn’t allow me to buy it.
  3. Favourite so called "filler" songs

    Love every one of these. I’ll add to that Thief of Hearts and Words.
  4. I'm pretty sure she's a lesbian in real life. Did she marry Fisher before this phase? And why are we talking about this old ass Andy Cohen clip?
  5. YouTube reaction videos

    tell me this isn’t better than the official
  6. YouTube reaction videos

    There’s a lot of MDNA fan videos I like better than the real tour. Some of the Montreal ones in particular.
  7. Give It 2 Me!

    Did you miss the sorry interlude on confessions?
  8. Madonna’s Instagram

    It's interesting - looks to be more intensive than most of the choreo we saw in the Rebel Heart era. I have a feeling she's going to show the world what it is to be 60 in her world!
  9. Madonna - pop music's greatest dancer

    I loved madonnas performance of living for love at le grand journal. Some of the moves were so surrealist and reminded me of Salvador Dali. She took out some of the best elements of that performance for the RH tour.
  10. Patrick Leonard thread

    True I can’t believe they slowed / lowered Her vocals digitally for that last line instead of having her re-record it.
  11. Patrick Leonard thread

    Falling free is one of my Madonna favs of all time!
  12. She has a 360 degree contract. Of course that’s why she’s promoting products.
  13. He'd be the right person. Talk about someone who hasn't aged since high school...
  14. Madonna’s Oscar Party

    Anyone who knows Madonna should know A. She probably doesn’t know whether they’re homophobic or not, and B. Even if she did, Madonna doesn’t cut people off her list over something messy they’ve said or done. She takes them at face value - if they said something in front of her she’d let her opinion be known.
  15. Madonna’s Oscar Party

    The people who matriculate in atrl are the reason no one likes pop music nowadays.