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  1. *shiver* her bulge in that picture with the lollipop... it's just so big...
  2. anyone have a version that removes the ILNY ending at the beginning? thought it'd go good on a CD but the opening is kinda jarring and not in the beatles "her majesty" kinda way
  3. wasn't "liquid love" in the same category of "better known unreleased tracks we should have" since she went so far as to have mentioned it in interview and why it gave her the wrong kind of chills? i swear that came out like 5 or 6 years later than the music album it was considered for... but yeah, die another day was not terribly long after the music album...
  4. personally, i rather like the esmee denter's "bigger than the world" and would love to see the madonna version, unless she uses the revolver-style crow voice. i'm also failing to see what the big deals are about demos of songs that are released in some form... especially devil. the only one i think was better in earlier cuts was history, and that was because the best part of the song got cut from the final version. is it just that people hate the production on devil and other songs that have "early" versions? i like the final demo for across the sky (except for that constant sound in the background) better than the more-unfinished demo, but i like give it to me MUCH more than infinity... though i'd love to know if flirtation dance was really different than the album cut "skin" on ROL.
  5. i'm not sure i understand where some of the info on wiki gets created from... "light up" and a 'final' version of superpop entitled "reach the top" made in 2009? are these based in reality? i totally thought superpop was a throwaway track and was given as a fan track for confessions because it served no other purpose and probably wasn't even "vault" good.
  6. so corazon is the real deal? like she sings the parts she didn't in the original ricky martin version? been so long i can't remember...
  7. still nothing? i keep hoping against hope for "bigger than the world" at least lol... i can't check multimedia section so i dunno if things just went hush hush or the faucet has been shut off...
  8. oh, and sorry to ask a stupid question... "alone again" ever show up on these lists of leaks / to be leaked?
  9. ok, just to ask... i'm hundreds of posts away from unlocking multimedia section... anything new? really, to me, i just want more HC stuff. ESPECIALLY bigger than the world...
  10. 1) i REALLY don't understand the hate for "push," it might be one of my faves... can someone explain their reasoning for why they hate it? just curious, really. 2) why "devil wouldn't recognize you" (album version) was there a demo? i didn't hear one... heard is this love? which "became" part of voices, was something similar for devil? 3) crystal coffin, who is that guy in the signature? you always have rather attractive ones there, but that one's pretty exceptionally so. i don't follow sports.
  11. i just made a CD with this in the tracklist after voices, which is funny since both get the "distortion" complaint... but i like that it seems as kind of a "happy" coda on top of the "divorce CD" as some people said it was (i don't see it beyond like three songs) because it leaves optimism after the sadness of devil and voices... might tack on revolver for fun lol
  12. does anyone have that revolver "fixed" one? i don't have access to the multimedia section yet
  13. agreed, i'm right there with you. as i noted... it's not even like she had a bunch of time to prepare like a tour or was going to be a ham like aguilera and use it for promo of a new song... it was a heartfelt attempt by her to do something for someone other than malawi...
  14. yeah, honestly, i felt the same way! some of these catty comments from gay males... as an aside, it makes me wonder if the USA will ever have a state where VOTERS, not courts, choose to allow gay marriage (off topic, but seems like after just the wrong or inappropriate things some people said it's like no wonder people don't like us...) and people complaining about little things about her face or slight voice issues, lord this wasn't like her tour where she had months of prep time and lots of time to fine tune stuff where vocal flaws are truly not what you pay for... sorry to rant, not like people generally comment on stuff like that anyhow but i was disheartened to see some of the jokes (celebration at this telethon, REALLY was that funny in your head or out loud?) and the nastiness.
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