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  1. Obama nailed it tonight. Basically laid it out as Ava did above - we either come together to save what's left of American democracy...or it's over. That's what is at stake. Period.
  2. Yes! I think I posted a tweet to this episode somewhere here (at least I think I did), but yeah, saw it on twitter from Frontline/PBS (here in the states) where it airs. Still need to watch it. The mainstreaming of the conspiracy fringe is a major key to everything right now. Frightening times indeed.
  3. β€œWhite straight married couples with children who go to church regularly are no longer the American mainstream. An entire way of life, one in which their values were dominant, could be headed for extinction. And Trump offered to restore them to power…”
  4. If Millennials and Gen Z on tiktok want to send Trump a message, there's one way to do it... VOTE.
  5. This is from a crazy, right-wing twitter account, but caught my eye in a tag - These folks on the right really think 'the left' is engaging in a power grab that turns everything on it's head and backwards...? The left? When it's actually THEM who are the ones doing this!!! It's THEM!!! That's how ass-backwards their view of the world is. oh good god.
  6. Bingo. They are already fortifying the White House with massive barricades and walls. Like it's really just for his "safety" from protester's...? Also, Dems in the House of Reps have already been informed by intelligence agencies that Trump and the GOP are working with foreign adversaries to steal the election. I don't think most Americans really understand what is about to go down in a few months...
  7. Damn...even the Reagan folks don't want to be associated with him.
  8. What do you know... ReTHUGlicans stealing elections...again -
  9. The timing of this all coming out now feels awfully...convenient.
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