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  1. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    I may fucking LOATHE All I Want For Christmas Is You...but adore me some Santa Baby. Particularly the Eartha Kitt original. The Christmas songs from the 40s, 50s, and 60s are the classics actually worth listening to.
  2. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    A MUST READ thread for what may go down in the coming week. -
  3. The poster child for White Mediocrity. (And don't get me started on the black and latin fem queens backing her up). The fuck does any of this even mean anymore...??? That's what changing and manipulating the rules does. At least Katy actually put out a solid album that showed some actual effort and growth.
  4. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Well, his pastor is currently doing that, so...
  5. Katy Perry thread

    So unfortunate, as not only is Witness Katy's best work to date...but it's the best effort by any of the pop bitches this year.
  6. More

    THIS a million times. I was gonna say the same...besides the song being an absolute gem, Sondheim is not only revered by the hardcore musical theater community, but that his work is considered the most challenging to interpret and execute when it comes to singing. And yes, he is very critical himself...and he gave Madonna major props for pulling it off. And naturally, because @Showdown said it perfectly - nobody emotes and tells a story like M. And that's what Sondheim's music is all about. Oh good god...They would have murdered it.
  7. Madonna Beverly Hills House Tour

    I thought she sold that property a while ago? I believe it's on the market again - http://www.nourmand.com/real-estate/9425-sunset-beverly-hills-ca-90210/17254408/44275583
  8. Vogue from the tours ranked

    THIS. That performance alone is just a work of art. Dare I say, I put it ahead of all tour performances.
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I fucking HATE Bieber...but this shit ain't that serious. Probably just Guy and Scooter doing a little cross promotion on their client's instagram sort of thing. Celebs do it all the time. Plus, it was probably just a box of free (cheap) sweatshirts, and all they asked was would she do a quick insta photo. (At least she's not wearing one... ) THIS. Thank you!!! Rebel Heart is on the level just as much as any other 'critically acclaimed' contemporary pop album...if not more so.
  10. Is Madonna Trolling Us?

    She will do what she wants. She is not here to please you. She's not here to please the fans.
  11. Every so many years there's that fundamental shift in popular music...I feel like we're kind of on the cusp of that, as it really hasn't happened in a good while. Feels like we're due for one. And only a few artists from the previous era tend to survive that shift. Question is...which of these kids is going to survive it? I don't think Taylor has it...once that generation she panders to grows up, and the societal taste shifts to something completely new...I doubt the safe, bland, white bread acts ruling right now are going to survive it. The only thing I see stalling that shift for as long as possible is the current corporate grip on everything that continues to prop up these acts and shove them down everyone's throats. But manipulated numbers, paid for PR, and payola only last so long if the actual public clearly doesn't care anymore.
  12. I fucking HATE this kind of shit her little cult perpetuates - this idea that the whole theatrical pop thing is solely because of her in 08. Bull-fucking-shit. It's not because Gaga innovated anything. it's because that bitch STOLE it all, walmarted it, and sold it to a demo that sadly doesn't know any better.
  13. All that I have, all I that I ask....

    Not true at all. I actually slipped the song into one of my LAP album playlists on itunes, and put it towards the end of the album right before Act of Contrition. Musically, it actually fits just fine.
  14. Roy Moore LOSES Alabama Senator race!

    Wow, what a "God" these types worship......
  15. Roy Moore LOSES Alabama Senator race!

    THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This cannot be forgotten as we move into the 2018 congressional elections. This needs to be emphasized at every turn - what the GOP has become (and pretty much what they've always been). NEVER FORGET.
  16. Who the hell is Peter Shue?

    "major" press conference. Like anybody cares. 4 retweets and 1 favorite. That's it? I highly doubt anyone is going pay that much for them at auction anyway. What a fucking loser.
  17. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    Yeah, I've heard it played lately. It sucks. Luckily, the Christmas stations here play the Madonna version on constant rotation too.
  18. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    You've got be fucking kidding me!!!???
  19. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    I fucking HATE her Christmas song ... with a PASSION!!!!!!! Never was a fan of it, but it was, dare I say, tolerable for a short while. Then it became this thing played EVERYWHERE, constantly shoved down our throats to the point now one can't even escape it.
  20. THIS is what I was getting at before a couple of her defenders here made a stink about it. None of it really makes sense...for where she 'should' be considering the hype forced down everyone's throats, the singles pretty much tanked. No radio hit. Not even a slow and steady one. And none of the work has really become 'conservation' in the pop culture sphere...other than that first video for a short period of time. And nothing that seems to be permeating the cultural zeitgeist...other than that "Taylor can't come to the phone right now. I killed her." line. That's it - a video and a one liner meme. And yet, we're being told by the industry and the media (once again) that everyone loves her and she's this sales juggernaut.