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  1. “White straight married couples with children who go to church regularly are no longer the American mainstream. An entire way of life, one in which their values were dominant, could be headed for extinction. And Trump offered to restore them to power…”
  2. If Millennials and Gen Z on tiktok want to send Trump a message, there's one way to do it... VOTE.
  3. This is from a crazy, right-wing twitter account, but caught my eye in a tag - These folks on the right really think 'the left' is engaging in a power grab that turns everything on it's head and backwards...? The left? When it's actually THEM who are the ones doing this!!! It's THEM!!! That's how ass-backwards their view of the world is. oh good god.
  4. Bingo. They are already fortifying the White House with massive barricades and walls. Like it's really just for his "safety" from protester's...? Also, Dems in the House of Reps have already been informed by intelligence agencies that Trump and the GOP are working with foreign adversaries to steal the election. I don't think most Americans really understand what is about to go down in a few months...
  5. Damn...even the Reagan folks don't want to be associated with him.
  6. What do you know... ReTHUGlicans stealing elections...again -
  7. The timing of this all coming out now feels awfully...convenient.
  8. THIS thread - There is an urgent necessity for Congress and the media to investigate if there are ANY security contractors deployed alongside Federal “Agents” thugs in any American city. There should be no opaqueness around this operation. Who are these men armed with M-4’s equipped with Suppressors. This is not law enforcement. We are witnessing state ordered violence being loosed on the citizens of our Constitutional Republic. This is an outrage in a nation “ Of the People, By the People and For the People”. The mission of these men is not to secure the peace. Their objective is to spread chaos and incite fear. This is Trump’s rolling Reichstag fire. This is about one thing and one thing only. It is about his failing reelection campaign and his looming repudiation at the hands of the American people who have suffered terribly under His incompetence, malfeasance, ineptitude and stupidity. 142,000 Americans are dead and many more will soon join them. These are unnecessary deaths, our fellow Americans have perished from the Trump Virus that could have been controlled as it has been in every other advanced Country. The American economy is shattered and Trump is prepared to burn everything down. We have arrived at an hour of profound crisis in this country. Make no mistake about it, American liberty is under threat,siege and assault. Before the electoral repudiation of the Trump Regime and its cowardly Congressional enablers in 2018, Trump deployed the worlds most powerful military force to the Southern border to fight an imaginary “caravan” of desperate refugees and migrants. It was a type of performance porn for the right wing media that serves as His propagandists. There were too few voices raised in alarm at that unprecedented action and the bundle of White House lies that surrounded it . The migrants were turned into some type of invading Panzer division by right wing media that now tries to tell us that unarmed Mom’s Are a threat. The actions we are witnessing are an escalation from what has come before. The winking Attorney General of the United States has assumed the role of America’s first Interior Minister. I’m essence, he is America’s first thug now. Chad Wolf, the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security is a former hill staffer and lobbyist with no Law Enforcement background or training. He is as profoundly unqualified as Kushner and Ivanka for life and death responsibilities. He is utterly unconfirmable and has no business in his job. He is now functioning As the American equivalent of Ernst Rohm. He has taken command of an American Sturmabteilung. The men he commands are thuggish, violent and dangerous. They are an untrained illiberal and dangerous force. This must be stopped. This is what Trumpistan looks like. 100 days From now we must end it forever. If we don’t we lose America. @ProjectLincoln @TheRickWilson @reedgalen @jwgop https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1286286188597465093.html
  9. From Madonna's insta stories - Trump’s Occupation of American Cities Has Begun Protesters are being snatched from the streets without warrants. Can we call it fascism yet? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/20/opinion/portland-protests-trump.html
  10. god help us. People in this country need to wake the fuck up.
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