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  1. Good for him. Professional sports, especially American football, has a LONG way to go...
  2. Of course. In fact, I say legalize it all. End the "Drug War". THIS.
  3. THIS. It's a 21st century American autocratic/fascist movement. Plain as day.
  4. He's a classic grifter, con-artist and sociopath, just like his other fascist right-wing cohorts and supreme leader Trump.
  5. This dude is nothing more than a sociopathic, grifting, lying, attention-whore...along with the rest of these right-wing assholes. This is all just another ploy for attention because he clearly can no longer get a real job, and even the batshit fringe he panders to have gotten hip to his antics.
  6. He's pure evil. The last few decades of right-wing politics in the US is ALL him. Nailed it.
  7. This criminal asshole needs to be tried for treason or sedition. Or something. Again.
  8. This is exactly why this thing is spreading like wildfire in this country, because ASSHOLES like Ghouliani keep perpetuating this idea that it's all a matter of "living in too much fear". Like it's some bad flu you just get over, and following the guidelines means you're just being too scared. UGH. And these dumb fucks get socialized healthcare and access to the best medicines and treatments all the while the rest of the country dies in mass. I swear to god if I have to hear one more person act like mask wearing and following basic rules is somehow "living in fear"... Fuck these assholes. Fuck 'em all.
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