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  1. Why have I not seen this quote before? Says a hell of a lot. "Italian-American organization"... hmmmm, wonder what that could be...
  2. One of the things that I truly HATE about her. This white-washing of her incredible privilege growing up. And then appropriating other artists' life stories, like M's, to make her own...to give her 'struggle'...to maker her legit. Fuck. It's sick shit.
  3. I thought Lionel sold fairly well when he toured on his own? You'd think his team would know Mariah is not, and has NEVER been, a touring act.
  4. Ok. But that doesn't really answer anything specifically though. "Larger project" is pretty vague. They could have just meant a standard physical release (in the vein of all her others). Again, she just mentions 'extras'. That could just mean a featurette on "whatever"... Also, whether it's there or not, there's always the "fine print" clause with anything in entertainment. "All matters discussed subject to change at any moment". Unless specifically stated in official document, basically nothing is promised and can change at any moment (without explanation).
  5. Um, were we ever guaranteed, in writing, by official document, any of these things y'all were expecting...? When were we ever officially promised a longer edit? She mentioned they had to bring down the running time to 2 hours. I never remember her, or any official release, promising a longer edit to be officially released? When were we ever officially promised all these "extras"? Yes, there was some allusion to the possibility, and a poorly worded press release that mentions songs (that were never part of the original show concept anyway)... but I don't ever remember them being definitively promised to us. When did concert film Blu-Ray/DVDs ever sell an entirely different show than what is usually broadcast beforehand? Other than some slight editing changes or sound mixing...concert film hard copies rarely deviate, if at all, from their broadcast versions. I'd love to get a big release full of extra goodies, and it is certainly a missed opportunity, no doubt. But let's stop fooling ourselves...
  6. The next era can't come soon enough...
  7. I can't wait either!!! Her best tour films since Confessions.
  8. I think it's a combination of things... and still think it's more so Taylor. In that, Taylor has a lot of connections throughout media and the industry itself, and her team has them deliberately targeting Katy. At least that's what the rumor mill is saying. Taylor has it in for her. I'm sure her more liberal politics are getting her a bit of flack, but I doubt the hardcore Trump base was all that into her anyway. I do think that being one of the very few young pop stars right now willing to be more political made her an easy target for the right-wing media machine itself. They needed somebody to target on that front, and there she is. And then combine that with someone like Taylor being their poster child (and something tells me Taylor has good contacts in the right-wing media machine). And then there's the liberal side, that has always had it in for her. I remember the SJW going after her years ago with how "problematic" she is. That's nothing new. I think it feels louder right now because of everything else mentioned above.
  9. I think it has far more to do with her being anti-Swift, than anti-Trump.
  10. Oakley is the absolute WORST. Poor ass excuse for an "internet gay" if there ever was one. It pains me to think that he's so popular with this internet generation, and is used by the media as some sort of representative for gay youth. FUCK. I hate it. Luckily, seems like the focus on him is waning now. Part of a small group of these modern media personalities I cannot wait to see come crumbling down...and it WILL happen. Only a matter of time. Yep. Boy is IGNORANT. The example of the type that acts like he knows everything but knows jack shit.
  11. I'm as liberal as they come, and even I cannot stand Huff Post anymore.
  12. I absolutely LOATHE the way these "Christians" try to soften their bigotry with "love the sinner, hate the sin" or "but I love all people". No bitch, you don't. As disgusting as it is, own your bigotry. Stop white-washing it in flowery platitudes and soft words. We can see right through that self-righteous bullshit. Always have.
  13. Of course he loved Madonna.......