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  1. Much ado about nothing. I see suits like that everywhere. Every.where. Even less on some men (and certainly women). Must be something else to the story...
  2. VogueMusic


    Best. Post. Ever.
  3. VogueMusic

    Troye Sivan

    So true.
  4. VogueMusic

    Troye Sivan

    I think it's end of this month.
  5. VogueMusic


    There's a new compilation that just came out too covering that 95-10 time frame.
  6. VogueMusic

    Justin Timberlake thread

    ???...I thought he already did his US leg?
  7. VogueMusic

    Justin Timberlake thread

    So it was just the US that wasn't interested?
  8. It's absolutely dangerous. And terrifying. We are seeing the very real consequences of lies and propaganda in a way I don't think many are/were prepared for. As soon as we started hearing the terms themselves - "fake news" and especially "alternative facts" - that was the beginning of the end. This sort of blatant normalization of what are just outright LIES as if they're "just another point of view". Dangerous road to go down...and when it's coming from the head of state and his minions, a outright cult rooted in blatant conspiracy theory meets wannabe fascist dictator, then you know you're in some real trouble. And sadly the actual news outlets are not really counteracting it as they should be...in fact, they take the bait far too much and just give it a bigger platform. (but that's also a side effect of the 24 hour news outlets period). We've already seen it with the Alex Jones shit. Some people actually end up dead. There are very real consequences to all this... The currency of fear, pandered directly to the willfully ignorant and proudly prejudiced, is some powerful shit...and certain powers-that-be know exactly what they're doing by deliberately stoking those flames through the strings of their puppets... If only enough people could wake up and realize it's a blatant tactic (and not even a new one) to get us all to turn against each other to slowly dismantle western democracy from the inside out...
  9. VogueMusic

    Justin Timberlake thread

    Actually, when it comes to M's band, individually they are accomplished musicians who have worked with some of the very best in the industry. Moore is one of the industry's top drummers. The issue is with the musical direction. You can have phenomenal musicians, but it's all only as good as the musical direction (as well as mixing for the house, etc. - equally as important, if not more so).
  10. VogueMusic

    2018 MTV VMAs

    This shitfest again...
  11. VogueMusic

    Sade working with longtime collaborator on new album

    She takes a long ass time...but it's always worth it. Always. And I hope another tour follows. That last tour was stunning.
  12. VogueMusic

    Christine & The Queens

    I LOVE this. Funky song. Actual choreography. And she can pull it all off. Love her.
  13. VogueMusic

    Justin Timberlake thread

    It couldn't have happened to a bigger....
  14. VogueMusic

    Troye Sivan

    They are taking forever with this album. Supposedly isn't out until end of next month? And we've already heard almost half of it. C'mon...