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  1. MOTHER OF GOD I cannot get enough of this!!!!!!!!! I mean c'mon, that FACE. It's straight up 1987 again.
  2. I just can't with some of y'all.
  3. HOLY FUCK. She is giving me LIFE lately!!!!!! My god...the face on that last pic is straight up Nikki Finn. This IS and will ALWAYS BE Madonna...whether you like it or not. And thank god!!!!!
  4. She gets consistent play on 80/90s/classic hits stations, as well as the R&B & Old-School station around here. Various hits from Holiday up until Music, sometimes up to Hung Up... particularly Holiday, Borderline, Like a Virgin, La Isla Bonita, Where's The Party, Like a Prayer, Cherish, Vogue, Take a Bow, Ray of Light, and Music. From some reason, I hear those a lot. Noticed that she gets lots of play in stores especially.
  5. I never even knew about the song not being well liked. I always assumed it was well-regarded, as it was certainly a hit.
  6. Maybe she is attending her Oscar party this year...?
  7. Maybe a new Steven Klein short film is coming... Or maybe it's part of that "bigger project" they kept referring to when we ask about the RHT release... Or maybe it's nothing... hmmmmmmmmm......???
  8. Thing is, I even like her song. It's a fun, little bop that I've always remembered as a signature Bond song... and it too strayed away from the typical Bond ballad. She should give herself more credit.
  9. It was better.
  10. I think she and Guy have it every year regardless of whether she shows up or not. If she's not there, seems like Guy hosts it.
  11. Honestly, I adore both of these songs. Who gives a fuck if it 'charted' or not. And Die Another Day is fabulous. At least Madonna didn't follow the typical Bond sound/formula.
  12. I swear it's like an industry mandate...
  13. I love how stars always say how exclusive it is in interviews over the years. No cameras, strict list, you have to be somebody. Love it.