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  1. Yep. These folks are paid to pose as anything to plant the seeds of chaos. It's literally their day job.
  2. Kids react to Madonna

    If I hear 'dated' one more time...
  3. Whether "erase" is the word to use, Gaga most definitely wanted M's career from the get-go. The opening press release from the record company announcing her and that first album to the world was literally setting her up as the next in-line to Madonna...along with literally every action she has taken since the start (let alone her early creative team admitting to that). Actions we have discussed ad nauseam here for years. I'd suggest doing your research before making any more assumptions.
  4. LIB in Britney's Love 2 Love U

    Nope. Not just you. Even when it comes to songs of hers I like, the vocals I could do without. That baby voice trying to be sexy thing...
  5. In which tours should M have sung Bad Girl?

    MDNA. Narrative-wise it's the most fitting, as that tour arc is about the bad girl/GGW. An interesting, new arrangement would have been cool.
  6. LIB in Britney's Love 2 Love U

    Talk about bastardizing a classic...
  7. MDNA Skin U.S. Launch (2nd thread)

    Mother. Of. God.
  8. Not a mystery at all - Question answered. And I'd add that she's established herself as a solid, formidable live performer and touring act that is consistent. That's what matters these days.
  9. Katy Perry thread

    I'm officially obsessed with the aesthetics of that eye shaped screen and the eyelash-line lighting design, along with the tear drop shaped stage. VERY clever production design.
  10. You kind of forgot the hardcore right-wing/neo-fascist/"alt-righters" and the like (who are far more dangerous.)
  11. P!nk: New album "Bland Trapeze"

    I think she tries to sing live as much as possible. Even when he's flying around. You can't fault her for establishing herself as a touring act with a winning shtick. Girl clearly knows how to put on a show people will still pay to see.
  12. Taylor Swift thread

    After the tiny peak moment of that recent song and video...I don't hear anything about her anymore, not even the music. Thank god.