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  1. Like every singer, she's got a monitor with lyrics going by right in front of her, and she can't even put in the effort...?
  2. Yep. Just wait for the big 'Religious Liberty' bills they're going to push through soon enough. A lot of people are in for a wake up call...
  3. Spoiled brats tend to have that privilege.
  4. I don't remember this...what did she say?
  5. That's an "achievement"...?????
  6. Popeyes >>>> KFC
  7. She looks like a very bad drag version of herself right now.
  8. I believe they make next to nothing from streaming. That's why a number of artists have been sort of protesting against the streaming setup. It "pays pennies" compared to what the real value of the music is worth (and what is needed to pay all those involved in the making of it), supposedly.
  9. Daddy's little organization...
  10. They're not anymore. The money is in "selling experiences" - which is mainly touring, if you're even lucky enough to establish yourself as a viable touring act (and even that market fluctuates every few years). Other than that, endorsements, products, personal "branding"... if you're lucky to even get that right. I don't think it's just the internet though. I think the industry sort of dug its own grave.
  11. We all know she drinks like a fish...but something tells me she mixes with pills. She just has that 'thing' about her.