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  1. THIS!!!!! A perfectly done "re-invention" of a classic.
  2. Morrissey - early onset dementia?

    Oh. So he's one of those types...... why am I not surprised?
  3. I am SO goddamn SICK of these stupid fucking lists. Argue about investment in her legacy all you want, but when these outlets constantly put Beyonce, Taylor, etc. at the top of these lists...the bias/agenda of those putting these lists together, as well as the increasingly ignorant public, becomes all the more apparent. Fuck this shit. No, seriously. Fuck it all.
  4. Years and Years

    God damn. What a video.
  5. 4 Minutes b-roll

    .....@IsaacHarris, paging Mr. @IsaacHarris.....
  6. She really deserved Chicago. She could have pulled off Roxie Hart or Velma Kelly. Easily. Damn.
  7. Did Madonna Ever Indulge...

  8. You read my mind. I've always thought that if M were to return to acting, it should be in musical based projects. Always thought that's what she should have done post Swept Away.
  9. Just relax for once. Why worry so much about something you have no control over.
  10. OMG I just realized too......

    HELL YES. Those songs are GEMS baby.
  11. Eurovision thread

    .....the FUCK is this........????!!!!!!
  12. Well said. VERY well said. Other than the slightly softer approach in look and sound with the album, I don't find BS "safe" at all. Some of her most experimental work to date then...not to mention some of her most confessional and introspective work. Dare I say, I find it most introspective than ROL (personally).