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  1. And you are off, again... Homophobia has so many more layers, elements, and levels of meaning than just the dictionary definition. If you learned a little more about our history and how it plays out from more than just your own perspective, you might come to actually understand that.
  2. In this context, what you are describing literally IS a form of homophobia. jesus fucking christ.
  3. Sounds like exactly what happened to America. I'm the farthest thing from a conspiracy theorist, but something is going down in this world...a fundamental shift...and it seems to be another turn to darkness before we see the dawn again. Something is off-balance in the way of the world. Stay strong @Jazzy Jan and any other Australians here. We Americans know how you feel...it takes time to center yourself again. But you'll get there to fight another day.
  4. There definitely is. Plenty of porn blogs and posts still up/being uploaded. Somewhat censored though. That's exactly what most people were asking for - create a system or dept. that can get rid of the porn bots who upload this horrific garbage, while leaving the rest alone. I believe other sites have done such (or so I've heard), but Tumblr just took the lazy approach and banned it all to get back on the Apple app store.
  5. Ridiculous. Feels like everything is getting more conservative and censored...
  6. Actually, as an atheist myself, I know plenty (on social media) that were devastated at the destruction of the cathedral. Regardless of what we feel about religion, most can recognize and respect the historical, architectural, artistic and overall cultural significance of Notre Dame (and such buildings and artifacts like it).
  7. Devastating. Anytime history/art/architecture are forever lost is such a blow to humanity. Always makes me depressed...and infuriated.
  8. Does she not realize this man's actions essentially helped Trump get elected...
  9. That looks like a 'no' for a lot of future potential honorees...
  10. "Influencers" are basically commercial models. That's it. Fairly attractive people, with enough popularity (aka 'followers'), to be able to sell products from corporate brands through social media/youtube/blog posts - all through selling a "lifestyle" image that their followers can live vicariously through. That's it. Basically the cheap knock-off version of an actor/model. (Not surprising that most of the big "influencers" are the girlfriends/wives/children of people already rich and famous...or the stay at home wives of men with high income jobs.)
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