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  1. I doubt anyone in the industry goes "Oh Brett Ratner...great cinema." Please, his name alone taints the project.
  2. Watch...she's gonna have pole dancing nuns coming up. Or something else from the RH Tour.
  3. That comment about biopics being all the same doesn't hold up to me. If the person in question has already passed on, it's a bit of a no-win situation in getting every single thing right. If the source isn't there, kind of impossible. It's another when the person is alive and well, and would probably prefer to be involved in that story if it were to happen, and is simply ignored. Not the same thing.
  4. I think I'm the only one that doesn't give a shit about her hairstyle (or the opening costume) on this tour.
  5. Really? How? ps. I've never heard them...
  6. Quality of the covers aside...I can't see the general buying public rushing out to buy a concert BluRay/DVD (especially in these times) unless it's from an artist they already steadily follow. Let alone the ability to rent or stream it (for a small cost) is where the focus is now anyway. Hard copy purchases, especially with a product like this, are probably geared to those who already like to collect hard copies, which in this case, is going to be the fanbase anyway. Even with the best graphic design package, I highly doubt the numbers are going to shoot up...
  7. I don't know how they could ever get this truly right without her involvement, for one...or her writing her autobiography first, secondly.
  8. Because most of it is written and produced by a small core group that is pretty much behind most of the top artists at the moment. Personally, I'm tired of this played out EDM, echo-ey, computerized baby voice sound that is literally on every song these days. I think one of the few reasons why I like Harry's song is because it's fairly well written, and actually sounds like music.
  9. I'll play with fire, and say I like the idea of special edition slip-covers, but with a different idea. Get a really talented PROFESSIONAL pop/street/graffiti artist to create individual art pieces that capture the look/feel/visual palette for each album era and use that as the special edition slip-cover art. Then you pull it off and there's the jewel case with the original artwork and remastered album (with a couple extra discs of 7/12" mixes, top remixes, demos, B-sides, unreleased songs, interviews, etc.)
  10. What the FUCK is he doing? Stop poking the bear before we all die.