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  1. Wash All Over Me. (Heart) Holy Water. (Rebel) Honorable Mentions - the rest of the whole damn album.
  2. And this is probably why she didn't want folks listening to demos before the final work is properly released.....
  3. And you know that how? And if she was "desperate for hits", why wasn't the album version released as a single? Oh wait...it never was (and was probably never planned to be). And the "original version" of the song - the first piano demo - is basically the closest thing to what the final album version is based on. It was originally conceived as a ballad.
  4. :clap: :clap: THIS. THIS. THIS. The first piano-only demo really kind of shows how much it was probably always meant to be a proper ballad. It was so hauntingly beautiful from the get-go. The final album version is one of the best songs on the album...and one of her most beautiful ballads ever. Hands down. I think if they had kept the Taiko drums on the tour, it would have made an incredible live version with a new feel. As fun and exciting as the first leaked demo was (I think demo 2), I'm so glad she didn't go that route. Now, if the song had been a single, the Avicii mixes mixed properly with more development would have made fine remixes.
  5. Bless him. Bless his soul.
  6. YES!!! Everything about it is Madonna at her best - including the video, the performances, the concept/visuals...
  7. I really don't hear any of these problems, and I'm using pretty pro level headphones that a lot of pro mixers/engineers use. Maybe there's a slight decrease in volume level with a few songs compared to a few others that seem louder, but it's pretty slight.
  8. Had to bump this thread. I am obsessed with this song. Very quickly became one of my absolute favs from the album. And I never would have thought that early on. Like a provocative lullaby. And dreamy. I love the way the music builds, esp. the bridge and final chorus. LOVE it.
  9. The acoustic version is perfect. Such a beautiful song.
  10. I've already heard it boo. Other than a few possible production similarities... they're two different songs.
  11. ...Gwen Stefani...? She wishes she could have a single as lush as Hold Tight. Please.