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  1. Ridiculous. Feels like everything is getting more conservative and censored...
  2. Actually, as an atheist myself, I know plenty (on social media) that were devastated at the destruction of the cathedral. Regardless of what we feel about religion, most can recognize and respect the historical, architectural, artistic and overall cultural significance of Notre Dame (and such buildings and artifacts like it).
  3. Devastating. Anytime history/art/architecture are forever lost is such a blow to humanity. Always makes me depressed...and infuriated.
  4. 'Billiechella': Eilish stuns with career-making Coachella Saturday set Perhaps no Coachella performance will ever top Beyoncé’s from 2018. But the Saturday set by horror-pop wunderkind Billie Eilish came closer to feeling like a “Beychella”-level event — something culture-shifting, Zeitgeist-capturing, and just plain important — than anything else at the festival this weekend. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/billiechella-eilish-stuns-career-making-coachella-saturday-set-103946670.html Am I the only one tired of hearing buzzwords and headlines like this...? Like everything is the goddamn second coming. "culture-shifting, Zeitgeist-capturing, and just plain important" ... I'm sure it was cool, but why does it feel like everything is so overhyped....? Like the 20-something interns writing these articles have no sense of history or perspective anymore...
  5. Does she not realize this man's actions essentially helped Trump get elected...
  6. Slipping Through My Fingers
  7. I've been obsessed with this song lately. The arrangement, the harmonies, the lyrics...uhh, it's EVERYTHING -
  8. That looks like a 'no' for a lot of future potential honorees...
  9. "Influencers" are basically commercial models. That's it. Fairly attractive people, with enough popularity (aka 'followers'), to be able to sell products from corporate brands through social media/youtube/blog posts - all through selling a "lifestyle" image that their followers can live vicariously through. That's it. Basically the cheap knock-off version of an actor/model. (Not surprising that most of the big "influencers" are the girlfriends/wives/children of people already rich and famous...or the stay at home wives of men with high income jobs.)
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