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  1. These kids are too damn CUTE!!!
  2. Damn...if only there was some photo or video.
  3. Wait...weren't we just praising it here months ago?
  4. Perfection. And yes, more relevant than ever...and needs to be on the next tour.
  5. While I would make a few changes to the setlist...I really love this concept.
  6. With all honesty, I love ALL the versions of LIB. Truly. It's one of those songs that just lends itself well to re-invention...and I've enjoyed each one of them.
  7. I've noticed a trend online with some Madonna fans that if it isn't disco-y-dance stuff ala Confessions (the album they will always refer to), then they'll shit on it.
  8. YES. Perfectly stated. It was his work that stood out for me on first listen...and still does.
  9. THIS. The Dietrich LAV is something that only Madonna can truly pull off. It's what sets her apart from all the rest of the typical pop fluff...especially on stage. True performance ART.
  10. I think some fans would like to think the work was finished...but most likely it was all still in a state of 'work in progress'. So what you like may not have ever been her final vision anyway.
  11. I despise revisionist history. god bless JazzyJan, Acko, and Mattress.