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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    THIS. The holier-than-thou whining about her social media behavior is beyond tired.
  2. Madonna Instagram Thread

    WOAH!!! Who the hell said this???!!!
  3. So she cancelled the remainder of that pitiful excuse for a tour...and used "illness" and "pain" as a bullshit excuse...again???!!! Her music can't even chart barely a decade into a career. She can't even trend during a tv performance. And now her touring cred is completely SHOT (as if it wasn't before). The folks that signed her to that Vegas deal are either complete idiots, or they better be asking themselves some serious questions about that choice now. And this abomination of a movie is already DOA according to every industry insider. She's done. Lady Gaga. 2008-2018. "It couldn't have happened to a bigger c*nt."
  4. Well, she looks like a drag show on the regular now anyways.....
  5. I don't know if it's just the girls not delivering though. The men of popular music may be topping the charts right now...but the music isn't any better. In fact, much of it is worse. I think it's just the pop culture cycle at play. We had a good number of years with pop females all over the place. It's fizzled out, and the men are getting their turn. And then it will shift again...to who knows what. But musically, the whole of pop music needs an arm up the ass.
  6. According to the blinds - With the Harvey Weinstein and Hollywood sexual abuse stories coming to somewhat of an end recently, the Gossip Life expects stories of emotional abusive stars to take their place as the media’s latest fad. One key person who might find their career in tatters is this A list diva, who nearly everybody in Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas has a terrible experience with or a bad story on. Mariah Carey
  7. It is. (The solo version is even better).
  8. Justin Timberlake thread

    THIS a million times. The boy has never truly faced any proper criticism, nor a backlash (that most every other artist, esp. female, has had to face). If he's as great as some here want to say he is, then he should make it out just fine. I get that there is an tidal wave of negativity and mob mentality in our culture now... but not everything is some sort of blind hate campaign. Here's a thought...some people just might not like him. At all. And for maybe a good reason, or two. How about that?
  9. Thing is, the album did have some single worthy songs...but, of course, they didn't choose them. Which is a depressing trend among many artists, I've noticed. You hear an album, and then re-look at the single choices and go "really?"
  10. And we've seen that that doesn't turn out to be a good thing. And that's a good thing. That's why Katy has lasted longer and has a broader audience than Gaga.