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  1. I can't stop thinking it's time for a third documentary. So much have happened since 2004, she's in a completely different context in her life now. Break-up, adoption, Lola (and now Rocco) leaving home, aging and so on
  2. Why not SA and then they can claim RH has been the REAL WORLD TOUR? Ok, go to back to Europe, tickets will be expensive as fuck in Brazil anyway
  3. The Girlie Show's is the supreme live moment.
  4. News: the UB form Turin was in a brazilian morning show today lol (all in portuguese, nothing relevant, just FYI) https://www.facebook.com/MadonnaOnline/videos/1255031237856922/?theater
  5. Kinda off, but everytime I see an UB video I can only imagine how the japaneses will act. I'm setting my expectations very high for Asian leg
  7. I wonder if some people truly listen to Madonna and get at least 30% of her message. How can someone listen to all this woman have said and act this way?
  8. It's obviously being professionaly shot like LAP in Stockholm and soon will be available in her channel
  9. Loved it! It's not often we read interviews and articles made by people that knows so much about M
  10. I didn't see any post about it, sorry if it's duplicate https://www.facebook.com/MadonnaOnline/videos/vb.142098355816888/1251516751541704/?type=2&theater Waaay better than the official release imo, but still terrible
  11. I was re-watching IGTTYAS today and, girls, I wish we could see Tony more often, he's seems to be an amazing person. So, I found this interview from Confessions Tour period and, oh, the Hung Up part got even me nervous, i can picture the pressure, omg http://allaboutmadonna.com/2006/06/interview-with-tony-villanueva.php
  12. I can only think about this, 3 years ago. It's crazy how things turn up since then ):
  13. I'm pretty sure it's d. Now, my round: what does the "devil" says in Devil Pray chorus? Have we figured out already?
  14. Rebel Heart European leg: you better give us Hold Tight with drums and shit.
  15. So far my only wishful thinking towards RHT is: she will ressucitate Freedom(from Rebel) and put in the show after the speech, Masterpiece style. I can't get over this rejection, Freedom is a live perfomance-ready, perfect in every way for a concert. Since Cyberraga at MDNA I expect everything from her
  16. IDK if this was asked before in this thread, but what the heck does the "devil" says? Have we figured out it already? I'm kinda going crazy since the song came out, it's sounds EXACTLY like "I suck pussy" in portuguese, really, when DP is played in the clubs it's a joke
  17. Does anyone have pictures of the 'Broken' single that ICON members earned in 2011? Ive never seen that one.
  18. Nope, Mercy's gonna be the star of the family.
  19. First when the snippet came out i was very embarrased, specially for Lola. But now, ok, we gonna have the same -- or worse -- for mercy and david anyway, so it's better to get used And in time: Bang Bang grew on me through this time, i wish we get HQ version someday just to say that it sounds better than Gang Bang .
  20. http://madonnascanvas.tumblr.com/post/69312152464/love-love-love-madonna-showing-us-her-love Love.
  21. You gotta decide: stand in the back or be the star
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