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  1. I like them all but if I have to pick 5, in alphabetical order: Addicted Best Night Borrowed Time Devil Pray Joan of Arc and 2 favorite demos Rebel Heart and Wash All Over Me...
  2. Joan of Arc now.... 3 awesome ballads in a row....
  3. Is the Taiwanese version the only version with lyrics sheet???
  4. LIVING FOR LOVE..... They need to hand out a special award, BEST UPCOMING ALBUM OF THE YEAR, to M.....
  5. Hope I didn't upset anyone talking about it... edit: OK, forget what I just said
  6. Madonna releases singles early due to Sony hackinghttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/music/11305756/Madonna-releases-singles-early-due-to-Sony-hacking.html WTF HAHAHAHAHA
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