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  1. I thought it was live. Lol. I just watch the end of it.
  2. After several listenings I have a thing about Crazy. That is my favorite song. It has something that appeals me. It gives me mixed feelings. The acordeon and her vocals is a match! Faz gostozo is my most stream song so far. Evrey song is a stand out. Still liking forward to listen the 3 extra songs. My deluxe edition arrives on Monday!!!
  3. Was there a rumor about Madonna and Anitta filming a video?
  4. On my 4th repeat!!! Hope they make a video
  5. Killers Who Are Partying This is my song.... Wow
  6. Batuka is not what I was expecting... Very impressive
  7. I still have one more hour to go.. Hope I don't fall asleep
  8. If I download from Peru. Will it count as a redeem album?
  9. I am. However, every minute is harder to hold.
  10. Thanks.. He is so handsome
  11. That guy Man's.. Where is he from?
  12. Why still not Madonna....
  13. How more songs? Please make it fast
  14. How can it be leaked by the director of the video himself?
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