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  1. Happy Birthday!!!


    1. qaz


      Thank You!!!

  2. I looove Indochine. Great to see them perform in USA
  3. First time listening to both songs. TAD is really good but dont fit in RH. Nice listening thoug.
  4. It is a must album! It is a ace from beginning to end!
  5. How many demos are leaked online? We should recollect them all
  6. You got a bad attitude I like to grind it on you Love these vocals!
  7. I haven't listened to the demos yet. But sure I will soon. I have then downloaded to my laptop Thu.
  8. I listen to the album every single day. It is an incredible piece of art. I dont see myself tired of this cd anytime soon
  9. Omg.. at what time ir will be added to youtube?
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