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  1. I thought it was live. Lol. I just watch the end of it.
  2. After several listenings I have a thing about Crazy. That is my favorite song. It has something that appeals me. It gives me mixed feelings. The acordeon and her vocals is a match! Faz gostozo is my most stream song so far. Evrey song is a stand out. Still liking forward to listen the 3 extra songs. My deluxe edition arrives on Monday!!!
  3. Was there a rumor about Madonna and Anitta filming a video?
  4. On my 4th repeat!!! Hope they make a video
  5. Killers Who Are Partying This is my song.... Wow
  6. Batuka is not what I was expecting... Very impressive
  7. I still have one more hour to go.. Hope I don't fall asleep
  8. If I download from Peru. Will it count as a redeem album?
  9. I am. However, every minute is harder to hold.
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