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  1. Happy Birthday!!!


    1. qaz


      Thank You!!!

  2. Heaven

    Omg! Fisrt time listening to this gem!! What is the history of this song?
  3. Any links or you tube clips?
  4. Madonna is the last man standing

    Truly, we are so fortunate to have lived between legends like Prince, Bowie and Madonna. I dont see any other artist getting that status
  5. Love this version! I Wonder what ABBA songs Madonna loves?
  6. That is true.coliseo Amauta doesnt held any concert since the 80s
  7. Angel

    I was and still am a great fan of the son. It brings me back great memories of my childhood
  8. My first Madonna concert was in Philly...back in 2001 july for the DWT. Great memories and great crowd
  9. Mexico Rebel Heart Tour

    The place looks huge!
  10. Mexico Rebel Heart Tour

    So glad she is going to México! Love the city