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  1. I get that Madonna is not interested in melodies (or songs per se) anymore, but the video is great!
  2. So, so far this album is shaping up to be the not-totally-bland American Life. Almost, but not totally.
  3. I still think she has YET to introduce Rebel Heart to the world. It's such a waste that no one has heard it. seriously.
  4. I think there's something there (to re-introduce to the world). I don't know what, but i feel something should be done in this direction.
  5. Ellen seems so dismissive of all her celebrity guests. (There's some passive-aggressive rage going on) It's as if she talks down to them. I can't believe she gets away with it.
  6. oh, god. please don't do Ellen Degenerate again.
  7. No. Don't forget Joan Rivers vs. Costco. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FgGQNJBjDs
  8. Soccer hooligans during matches in Europe, for example. Maybe I should call your protester friends freedom fighters. Their freedom to have their opinions heard at someone else's private event. But, thanks for insinuating that I'm a racist and thus undeserving to speak in your presence.
  9. Last time I checked it was hooligans invading Trump's private events. Your "heroes for the day" are fascist brownshirts. That Madonna short video you posted is actually in support of Trump people - not the other way around.
  10. It's all that water he guzzles. Water is very good for your skin.
  11. Politically incorrect answer: They don't suffer from white middle-class guilt.
  12. Specifically, to your question: I doubt people like having their countries overrun by refugees/economic migrants regardless of the circumstances at hand. I can see a possibility of a weakening of the Union to an extent - border-wise in the future. But, I, personally, never really liked the idea of a union, anyway - why bother? Countries could just as easily have preferential trade deals, free movement, etc. without resorting to some continent-wide quasi-federal uber state.
  13. Oh, Skin, you know I love you. But, I'm falling asleep just looking at this .
  14. Ugh. Quick, put a gun to my head. I alternate: Devil, LFL, WAOM. Right, now it's LFL, But, I suspect that 10 years from now Devil will stand "the test of time."
  15. Is this the same poll that said Trump supporters are 11X more likely to expect sex on the first date versus others? Who's doing these polls?
  16. I still do the choreo when I'm alone flying my freak flag. This is my favorite move: And, this is sometimes fun, too (like off a coffee table, for instance):
  17. Jeb! : "My mom is the strongest woman I know." Trump : "She should be running."
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