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  1. I'm reposting my preferred tracklist: 1. Come Alive 2. Crave 3. Future 4. Batuka 5. Killers Who Are Partying 6. Crazy 7. Medellín 8. Extreme Occident 9. Faz Gostoso 10. Bitch, I'm Loca 11. I Don't Search I Find 12. God Control Bonus Track: 13. Ciao Bella You should check it out... i think it's pretty dope. In this alternate reality, I think I Rise could've been a Pride50 exclusive digital/vinyl release, and Dark Ballet a post-album/tour single and video. Looking for Mercy is filler imo, so that can just be gone.
  2. thx! and i totally agree with @I Don’t Search I Find that Faz Gostoso slaps!
  3. to each their own, i guess. the chorus for LFM is tuneless and unimaginative at best.
  4. Let me first start off by saying that I love Madame X as is, and as much as I am thankful for volume of quality songs, I enjoy making my own edits of her recent albums to re-examine their focus. Sometimes I remove songs, sometimes I add bonus tracks into the proper sequence, etc., and with Madame X, I messed around with the sequence a little and I was surprised how much I prefer it to the original.... I did omit some biggies tho, so don't shoot me, but i think it's tighter and packs more of a punch.... 1. Come Alive (would've loved a slightly extended intro for the first song, but th
  5. Does anyone still have that pic from the Madame X listening session, with the whiteboard of the tracklisting? Curious to know if that was an early sequence of the tracklist.
  6. ugh, that's a bummer, i'm sorry... mine came in perfect condition, even the packaging was super sturdy. i wonder if diff distributors are shipping now to keep up with the demand?
  7. to buy a cd before release date is not illegal for the buyer.
  8. why should he go to jail??? he bought a cd from a retailer. i swear, people here be crazy.
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