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  1. In which DWT shows did M perform You'll See?

    wasn't trying to rewrite history.... just said i had heard that at the time, didn't want to waste my time doing the research on it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. In which DWT shows did M perform You'll See?

    i was there opening night in Philly in the 2nd row, the first time she performed it, everyone was expecting Gone and people went nuts once they realized it was You'll See. One of the best live concert moments of my life.
  3. In which DWT shows did M perform You'll See?

    i remember at the time, someone noted that it was all the shows that Guy Ritchie wasn't present for.
  4. Madonna at Women's March

    p.s. for a good read at just how astute Trump supporters are... http://www.areyousorryyet.com/ real tweets from trump voters, who within the first days of his presidency are having second thoughts.
  5. Madonna at Women's March

    who cares. no matter what, she's on the right side of history. smh @ all these idiots who think this president represents them in any way. i hope the ones who voted for him take up the majority of the 20 million people who will lose their health insurance because of him. assholes.
  6. just went to my neighborhood record store to ask about this release, and while they didn't have a specific date for it, they did mention that Confessions is getting a rerelease on Jan 31.
  7. Bedtime Stories vinyl re-issue

    awesome news! thx!
  8. Bedtime Stories vinyl re-issue

    the link is dead... hopefully we'll get this rerelease (and You Can Dance + I'm Breathless, too!)
  9. Which tours have you seen live?

    The Girlie Show Toronto DWT Philadelpia Re-Invention Toronto x 2 Confessions Boston MDNA Toronto x 2 Rebel Toronto x 2
  10. loved it from the second i heard it. honestly. blown away by each song, and the evolution she was making as an artist.
  11. Bedtime Stories vinyl re-issue

    actually the older version looks just as bad. it looks like they even cleaned up the artwork a little bit.
  12. Bedtime Stories vinyl re-issue

    i'll compare it to my original BS vinyl when it arrives tomorrow. i have the south american one that was officially released at the time.
  13. Thanks! I'll try to get a Glasgow cover done soon and PM it to you.
  14. here are some from a series i made for my itunes library...