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  1. i'm here for the album version. although I liked it, the demo sounded generic to me, and I was always looking past that to enjoy the song. the album version is expertly restrained and way more complex, emotional and interesting than the demo.
  2. And I just re-ranked them because it's so difficult! And I loooooove Hard Candy so much, and that ends up in the near bottom.
  3. This is so hard, as I've been a fan since the beginning, and each album has a very specific connection to my life. Like A Prayer Confessions on a Dance Floor You Can Dance Madonna Bedtime Stories Music Rebel Heart Erotica American Life Ray of Light Like a Virgin Hard Candy I'm Breathless MDNA True Blue None of them lack in brilliance. Just different flavors. And for the record, I love love love Rebel Heart, and still listen to all 29 tracks (almost) daily, with no intention to stop any time soon.
  4. in no particular order... Best Night, Hold Tight, Messiah, Beautiful Scars, Autotune Baby
  5. I wish someone would make a mix of both the demo version and the album version. Using the new vocals in the verses, but using the layered ones in the chorus. Has anyone done it yet and I simply missed it?
  6. the sales still get reported at the end of the week, I asked. nothing to worry about.
  7. Don't know how to upload photos, but the vinyl is beautiful! A record store near me sells new releases on the Sunday before. It opens to reveal the crucified hand on the left, and the mouth gear head shot on the right. Both records looks the same: Every side has a black label, with the red pain slash on it. There's some depth to the paint slash though, it doesn't look like flat vector art, more organic. One side says Rebel Heart, the other Madonna. For both. The back has the bleeding heart image with the red background.
  8. 1. Living For Love 2. Devil Pray 3. Ghosttown 4. Bitch, I'm Madonna 5. HeartbreakCity 6. Addicted (Demo) 7. Joan of Arc 8. Body Shop 9. Holy Water 10. Inside Out 11. Wash All Over Me I cheated. But I don't care. This is as bare as I can go. And I need to hear about her ***** juices. My version of the album swaps Addicted (Demo) for Hold Tight, rearranges a bit in the middle, and finishes it off at 60 mins with Rebel Heart 1. Living For Love 2. Devil Pray 3. Ghosttown 4. Unapologetic Bitch 5. Illuminati 6. Bitch, I'm Madonna 7. Iconic 8. HeartbreakCity 9. Addicted (Demo) 10. Joan of Arc 11. Body Shop 12. Holy Water 13. Inside Out 14. Wash All Over Me 15. Rebel Heart
  9. Is Messiah universally praised? It might be my least favorite track on the CD... that and Best Night.
  10. should've kept it at 14 (or even 13 if you ask me). and then kept us all worked up for months by releasing EP singles with 3-4 bonus tracks every couple of months. the whole campaign could've lasted a year at that rate. she could've even debuted some of them on tour.
  11. there's simply too much on Rebel Heart, and reviewers favor albums that are more coherent. as a fan, i love having every song she's ever recorded on one album, but let's be honest, the album is a commitment to go through. I felt the same about Ray of Light and MDNA too. Music, AL, Confessions, HC... all pretty punchy records that you could breeze through a couple of times in a day without thinking twice. she really should've edited it down, and saved the other tracks for bonus EPs to singles. that could've been a really interesting campaign and kept the album alive for the next year.
  12. relax, dramaz... it's meant to visualize the "love's gonna lift me up" message. not that she's dying or anything.
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