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  1. Ciao Papi... Bye bye bye.... Ciao papi
  2. I think Future sounds more like reggae than dancehall...
  3. She sounds like a mix between Nicki Finn and I'm going bananas... I love it...
  4. Someone told me that she is going to be on the June cover of Vogue Italy... Photos by Steven Klein...
  5. The dress is black with sequins designed by Jeremy Scott... Right?
  6. I think that we need to remember there's a song tentative called MedellĂ­n and perhaps Maluma is singing in that song. We heard some vallenato accordion in one of hers stories, maybe she sings in spanish... Spanish and portuguese came from latin.
  7. And now i realize that she has a filter on Instagram stories....
  8. She's popular in Latin America, and now is a judge on the voice mexican edition.
  9. I don't think its sounds dated. I think is the same Mirwais sound... This song could be part of Production.
  10. Is not even die another day... Is this one
  11. This sounds like vengaboys or something eurodance from the 90s
  12. I know that this is probably fake but i want to share it with you guys.... https://www.instagram.com/albummagic/
  13. Someone said that Delia is in London... Apparently Madonna too...
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