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  1. Record Store Day 2018: THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

    I'm not Jesús but i'm from Venezuela and i own it.... ❤️
  2. Faked picture of Madonna circulating on the internet

    Thank you... I knew that you can clarify me and now i'm going to tell my friend that pic is fake...
  3. Faked picture of Madonna circulating on the internet

    If this is real, i think it's going to explote on the internet anytime.
  4. A friend just send me a picture of Madonna doing fellatio and i'm looking on all social media to know if this picture is real or not but i can't find anything... Someone knows about this? Looks like a recent photo.
  5. Madonna "Riding The Rails" from Dick Tracy??

    Maybe someone can ask to Patrick Leonard about the authenticity of this tape....
  6. Madonna themed birthday cakes

  7. This is Us (tv show) Vogue

    The kids were born in 1980... In the first episode they were celebrating their 36th Bday in 2016
  8. Am I crazy or?.....

  9. Tu piensas que yo no podré vivir, sin ti.
  10. Madonna in Cuba

    Steven Klein is flying to Cuba too. https://www.instagram.com/p/BJHjRqnADyQ/?taken-by=stevenkleinstudio&hl=en
  11. For the older fans - the Sire record label

    Immaculate Collection was Warner labeled too, i don't know why... Like A Prayer and Erotica was Sire labeled.
  12. Madonna in Cuba

    She will only stay from monday 15 to wednesday 17.