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  1. I hope that people can now see how incompetent this man is after the handling of the Covid crisis and the deaths as a result and now his lack of leadership woth the protests. I hope people register to vote so this man can be voted out and all those people who are not happy with Biden as they wanted Bernie and don't want to vote again this election put their pride aside & just vote for the democrats as i dont see how the USA can survive another 4 years of this man.
  2. Omg that is shocking and horrific! Hope no one was hurt. But more instances like this will come about i am sure especially after Trump basically said to shoot at protesters. Disgusting.
  3. Ugh don't get me started on this mess of a government. Every day i get more upset with how hopeless they are. At least people are starting to wake up. We had a protest in Sydney on Wednesday about climate change and 30k people showed up which is great. Living in Sydney has been so bad the last month with all the smoke. I suffer from bad sinus problems so i have been really unwell the last few weeks. I could even smell smoke in my office building you cant escape it. You constantly feel it in your throat. Meanwhile our idiot leader is only focused on religious discrimination amd he is determined to pass laws basically allowing religious people to discriminate against minorities and other religious communities instead of trying to stop the distruction of nsw due to the fires. Not only has so much land been lost, homes and human lives as well we have lost whole communities of koalas and other native animals. It makes me so sad. Now he is busy having dinners with Murdoch and his cult religious leader from Hillsong and sticking up for 'quiet Australians' i.e. the bigots who want the minorities to stay silent so they can keep spewing their hate without repercussions. I really hope his 'religious freedom' bill doesn't get through if it does it will open up a whole Pandora box of problems. It will be a nightmare for HR at work, businesses could refuse to serve people, all the charities that are religiously run same as hospital's could exclude to help people in need or who are ill who are not recognosed by their religion like the LGBT community.
  4. She's a racist biggot and i hate her. In the 90s she hated asians. Then it was Muslims, now its the left wing and loss of freedom of speech (i.e. not being allowed to say racist and bigotry things with out repercussion). Anyway her latest rant is about Uluru (Ayeres Rock) banning people climbing on it to respect the native owners of the land as it is a sacred site to them. She is claiming that Australians own Uluru and people should be allowed to continue walking on it. So in her latest political stunt she set out to climb it in protest, but her stunt backfired when she freaked out after only a bit of her climb and had to sit on her bum and wiggle her way back down. Another joke of a politician (ala trump). https://www.pedestrian.tv/news/pauline-hanson-stuck-uluru/
  5. Omg if i read another smart ass comment saying don't listen to celebrities or celebrities know nothing...yet they are pro trump ill scream! Do these idiots not remember that trump was a tv celebrity before he became president....they contradict themselves so much.
  6. @Jazzy Jan amazing article. It soeaks the truth. But im so worried our cause is lost...everyone is on the religious persecution train and lets get rid of the pc brigade that i fear pro religious freedom laws will get introduced to allow my community to be persecuted and hated but those that persecute us are protected by law. Where is the fairness & equality in that. I fear that since we won the marriage equality vote i fear the religious nuts are out for revenge
  7. I wouldn't be shocked if the whole thing was planned and orchestrated by the 'Christian lobby' to be a legal test case so that they can argue religious discrimination. They knew he had already been warned about this before so i wouldnt be shocked if they told him to do it again and they will support him and ensure if he was fired they would help him take legal action against the firing. Its obvious that the motivation is so that the christian lobby can try and win the right to be allowed to legally descriminate against the LGBT community! What a farce..arguing that they are being descriminated against so they can then be allowed to in their eyes legally descriminate against a group of people you condemn! I am just worried that if they win this test case it may allow the extreme religious groups out there to be able to fire and exclude LGBT people from their schools etc and then it could become worse it may open up doors to allow religious fundamentalists to be able to refuse service to LGBT people as it is against their religion (whether it be in shops, or their hospitals etc it could open up a whole can of worms). This is why they want this case to go to court. I could be wrong and it may just be all about him getting his $5m back as this is the amount the new fund campaign is requesting and i thought that was the exact amount that he lost when his contract was terminated. If you read any news site or Facebook post there are so many comments supporting him and religious freedom plus claiming descrimination and how they are sick of the snowflakes and madness and lefties ruining the country and the minorities dictating how everyone else has to live...no we aren't trying to ruin the country we just want everyone to be treated equally like everybody else without being persecuted. They are just sad they cant be bigotts anymore. This world is going into such a bad place people are trying to take away euqal rights for minorities and it makes me sick that these people can't see that and that minorities are not trying to change the world for the worse we just want everyone to be respected and treated equally no matter who they are.
  8. @swimtoshore no i don't trust him at all. I wanted him out. The religious right put him in as they knew Dutton wouldn't get the publics vote and this was with Scott they could get what they want in. I fear a terrible mistake has been made and religious freedom act will get in. Which will make me sick. On a positive note my electorate booted Abbott!
  9. I am very sad with the result. Once again people are picking money over the environment. Whats the point of having money if you fuck up the world andits destroyed and our lives are over? I had a funny feeling we would follow the rest of the worls. Everyone say one thing in polls but vote another way. Murdoch's news Corp scare tactics and constant pro liberal party stories really helped win and stupid Clive Palmer helping libs win. I just feel like there is a movement out there that hates the fact that people are getting equal rights and they feel that the tables have turned and the religious right and white man are now a minority and they want the old way of life back and this is why so many extreme right wing governments are being elected. So sad. I just hope the new PM doesnt try and make us like the states and get too many pro religious freedom rules in.
  10. This makes me so sad. I am a big animal lover amd a lover of the world in general and it makes me mad that people are too concerned about money and their greed to worry about destroying the world. In Australia we are about to have our election and everytime there id discussion about saving the planet people say what about my job, what about the economy etc. At the end of the day if the world becomes extinct your money won't do shit for you. Im just sad that after 30 odd years of global warming discussions the world hasn't really done anything to try and stop the distruction of the animals and the world we live in.
  11. So we should expect tomorrow for the views to suddenly increase through all formats and become the most viewed State of the union address of all time ala GaGas super bowl half time show, which went from flop to all time most viewed over night lol. #fakenews
  12. Yes it is amazing everyone seems happy and relieved. I'm just glad the horrible ads have stopped and the daily arguments.
  13. @Jazzy Jan NSW numbers were low due to the inner west sydney suburbs that have a high population of immigrants with strong religious beliefs (muslim & catholic). People in this area are from Asia, the middle east & Europe, who don't believe in marriage equality or same sex relationships. Unfortunately as these areas voted no over 70% this brought down our average yes vote.
  14. Yay so happy yes won. A little disappointed that the yes vote was not higher and that NSW was one of the worst performers in the country with quite a few No results winning. I am pleased that my area Warringah (Tony Abbotts electorate) voted in favour of yes by 76%! Whilst we have won the survey vote we have not won the fight as yet and still need the laws changed, but i am so happy that Australia showed it was a progressive nation and not a backwards one. I have just got home from celebrating in oxford street Sydney, where we marched all the way down oxford street celebrating and the DJ played like a prayer as we marched past St Marys catholic church and the whole crowd sang along and really got into the song. It sounded amazing to hear everyone sing Madonna and celebrate love and praying for equality.
  15. I am so glad it is nearly over and am anticipating the results tomorrow. I am hoping the yes vote wins, not only for equality but to show i don't live in a backwards biggotted country! However Jan the amendment bills that have been suggested are shocking. Allowing discrimination due to religious belief is a joke and will set us back 50 years. Whilst i agree that a church could object to a same sex wedding taking place in their church a celebrant or a business should not refuse to marry a couple or provide services to the wedding based on their religious views. If this is allowed where is the line drawn? Could religions refuse service to other religions? Does that mean a business could refuse service to someone of faith because they don't believe in religion? It would open up a Pandora box. In any case even if yes wins i do not have faith in the bill being passed so easily. We may need to either reject a bill (if it is full of legal doscrimination) or if it is there is a big fight in parliment it may not be passed until libs are booted. This whole thing has been a nightmare and shown how backwards and biggoted we are as a country and how scared religions are of becoming non existant as people no longer have faithor belive in religion. They are trying to remain relevant (like gaga) but no one cares anymore
  16. Yes it is a horrible voting process and i am over hearing how people don'tget why voting no even for religious grounds is just wrong and hateful. Why should another group of people get to decide how another group of people get to live theor lives. People keep saying to just rely on defacto relationship for protection but we do not have the same rights and automatic protection should your partner die. Last year an newlywed English couple had a tragic death whilst on their honeymoon andthe husband had to get his deceased husband's parents to allow him to be next of kin as our law didn't recognise him as next of kin. This is why equality is needed. Then you have people who throw away voting forms to try and have thevote go the no way. Just makes me sick plus the straight rally i mentioned at a gay memorial site is just wrong. This is just giving the opportunity to people to be biggots and claim freedom of speech or religious freedom allows them to spew hate. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-19/ssm-surveys-dumped-in-brunswick-garden-raise-security-concerns/8961044?pfmredir=sm http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/gay-marriage/far-right-nationalist-party-for-freedom-to-hold-straight-lives-matter-antisamesex-marriage-rally/news-story/23808028e7150ce7d1bb2e8e1eb148d0
  17. Its disgusting. I am over the whole "campaign" its bullshit to have a campaing on whether or not we should give people the same rights as everyone else. The no campainers who are labled biggots claim they are being bullied because they don't believe in equal rights and people are claiming this bullying to vote yes is making them vote no. Now the PM has said a no vote would mean no equal marriage rights whilst they are in government. So there is no guarantee a yes vote will even mean equal marriage rights. Now there are reports of votes being thrown out instead of being posted and there is to be a straight lives matter rally nextto a gay holocaust memorial. This is just sick and i am over the whole "vote". This country really is a racist bigoted backwards redneck country and i am ashamed to be from here.
  18. Saw this cartoon today. Made me laugh at how accurately it us portraying this issue. Damn egomaniacs only caring about themselves and their "ego" and not the millions who will be adversely affected by a war.
  19. Every article i have seen here in Australia states apparant 'terrorist attack' in inverted commas...pretty obviously that the media does not see an attack on a group of people as a terrorist attack. Makes me sick.
  20. Agreed. Kid probably snapped out of jeallousy as she was the "star" & mummys favourite. Patsy probably put him down a lot as well & he killed her in a rage. She found her & freaked out & didn't want to lose both her kids & staged the murder scene & wrote the fake note (multiple times). Pretty obvious she wrote it as she put her husbands exact bonus amount in as ransom & only her, her husband & his employer would know that figure.
  21. It was the brother. Mum covered it up with the fake ransom note.
  22. This article appeared on an Australian news site. Very interesting and possibly a correct prediction of Trump. http://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/is-the-us-in-the-middle-of-a-coup/news-story/ab0ece5c5b27b004b0b203fcce435a92 Sorry can't paste the article. But its a good read so i recommend clicking on the link.
  23. He should be treading carefully with his relations with us as we are on good terms with both USA and China and if the tensions escalate with China forcefully taking over the south china sea we may be asked to pick sides which is going to be really tough on Turnbull as he won't want to step on any toes or be forced to choose sides....but Trump is making it easier for him. Pauline is an idiot she can go to the white house and suck Trumps dick. We have no time of day for the ignorant bigot....she would ruin our country if she gets any more power.she needs to go back to selling take away foods.
  24. https://mobile.twitter.com/FillWerrell/status/822226661642891264?ref_src=twsrc^tfw Were they trolling him? Love watching him sing along..this is what the rest of the world is thinking...
  25. I've been reading this topic for the last few months with great interest especially over the last few days to see what everyones take on the result was. Obviously i don't live in the usa so these thoughts are from a foreigner prospective. When the election result showed that Trump would win everyone in my office stopped working and was obsessed with the result amd were gluded to our computers or tv watching cnn..shocked by the results..staring in disbelief that a man with no political experience (only being a business man and reality tv star wtf!) would be the president. Everyone was worried about the economy and another financial crisis. People were also shocked by the fact that a country would elect such a horrible man whos treatment of women (abuse and sexual harassment) is deplorable and whos stance on minorities and immigrants is disgusting. I am more shocked that people from a minority group ( i am jewish and gay so i know what its like to be hated) who has faced horrible discrimination and violence would vote for a party that is obviously against your way of life and want to remove all the equal rights you have worked so long and hard for. Especially as the vice president is so against gay marriage and believes that it is a choice to be gay. This could really affect your life and if you dont think you will be affected you sould of at least cared about others whos lives which could be adversely affected by any reduction of gay rights. I was in hawaii in September and was at a gay bar and casually asked who everyone would vote for and was shocked with the reply that it was Trump. When i mentioned gay rights and that the Republican party may take these away especially as the vice president seems so against them and their rights to marry etc they said they wouldnt be affected and that he would make america great again. I gave up trying to reason with them...later on i spoke to a couple who were not white and they werw horrified that Trump may get in and prayed that he wouldnt. I know not all trump supporters and voters are racists, misogynists or bigots however the great majority seem to be you only need to see their attacks on people voicing their concerns on social media or the few who are showing their hate to minorities to see that this could start a great divde in the USA. I am worried that now that they have power in both houses and soon supreme court judge the radical policies that they speak about may get through notably any religious ones aimed against abortion and gay rights. Religion and politics do not mix and this will send the usa backwards not forwards. We do not want to see a 1950s style way of life again where racism is rampant and people feel frightened to live and be in their own country. We are all equal amd have the right to be treated as every other person on this planet. Not one group or people or race or religion is better than the other. I hope that none of these things happen and its all what ifs...we wont know until they are in power and i hope that its not all doom and gloom as we fear. Sorry if i have offended by letting you know an outsiders perspective.
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