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  1. The reductive Trump of Pop

    I am with you, i remember the numbers coming out and it was around 110m less than madonna and around Beyonce numbers and i think less than the game itself which was a first for a half time show as ever since Madonna out performed the game every half time show after out performed the game. Then suddenly by miracle her views were near katy's and a new rule was created for just her show where all different formats were used to "count" her views including youtube views etc to boost her to some fake ridiculous number where she brcame the most watch show ever. The original Trump and his most viewed inauguration of all time lol.
  2. Wow the ginger gremlin gnome is more successful in Australia than i imagined. He has sold over 1million tickets for his tour of Oz & NZ. This will be the biggest tour of all time here (possible $100m gross!). I am ashamed to live here in a country that fangirls for this overratted busker! I cant believe such a bland, rip off/song stealer is so famous. To think more people want to see him than u2, the stones, Dire Straits (950k sold) and Madonna (400k sold) who were touring giants in 80/90s when they toured here...he even has beaten Adele (600k) & Australia's queen of cirque de pop rock pink! We really need a shake up of the music scene. I am over vanilla pop! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155255648292409&id=266461742408
  3. @Jazzy Jan i have an idiot friend who walked down the aisle to someone like you thinking it was the perfect wedding anthem. I said well you obviously have never actually listened to the words properly! Everyone still makes fun of her about that shit choice of song...and yes she is still married to him so it wasn't a Freudian slip in picking that song!
  4. She (and Gags) really are the Trumps of music, i hate this fake bitch so much. Its all about the image amd not the actual music output....latest blind. If she wins album of the year grammy next year ill gag. 21. ENTERTAINMENT LAWYER 02/02 **#2** The whole concert sales strategy for this A+ list singer is to make you think she is the most popular singer on the planet when it is basically just a smoke and mirrors trick to have great sales numbers even if the concerts are half full. Taylor Swift I think she really wants Madonna's record. Not sure if she will do it. But if she does. As soon as Madonna announces a greatest hits or farewell tour she will have the biggest tour of all time.
  5. So we should expect tomorrow for the views to suddenly increase through all formats and become the most viewed State of the union address of all time ala GaGas super bowl half time show, which went from flop to all time most viewed over night lol. #fakenews
  6. Never forget #athens #artgrave #wheresthecrowd #vacant #cantfakethisone #wherestheparty #notathens #soldout #toomanytogiveaway #ghosttown
  7. @Mmmmm & @spotlight well the post above mine shows jancel arriving in NYC, so that could be a rehersal place. The other thing which makes me think it's her is this part: "the main party involved has lied before about their little surprises" This makes me think of nipplegate & both of them lying & saying it was a wardrobe malfunction instead of it being planned like we all know it was. However i would love it to be Madonna & i would die to see her perform again at the superbowl, plus great promo. Look at Beyonce, her guest appearance lead to a stadium tour, which she was never capable of doing before her two superbowl appearances.
  8. Unless im reading this wrong. The blinds are suggesting she will make a return to the super bowl stage and be a 'suprise' guest at JTs show (unless its n*sync)? http://blindgossip.com/?p=89557
  9. Ok so the Taylor nazi propaganda machine is in full defence mode after this gossip article appeared yesterday stating what we can all see that tickets are limping out the door in most markets. They can't let Trump & his redneck racist fans aryan queen fail! https://nypost.com/2018/01/01/taylor-swifts-reputation-tour-shaping-up-to-be-a-disaster/?utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=P6Twitter&utm_medium=SocialFlow I had looked at all seating maps and could see at least half of the venues had lots still to sell. Someone at atrl did this screen shot to show how bad she was doing. It's not just USA she is doing bad. Last time you could check out the interactive seating maps in the UK she had huge numbers still to sell, however after only a week they removed the interactive seat maps so you can't see how well the concerts are selling (hiding the huge amount of unsold seats still available). Here in Australia no dates have sold out and articles have also appeared online stating no one wants to see her due to her high ticket prices. http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/music/tours/why-taylor-swifts-fans-arent-buying-tickets-to-her-reputation-concerts/news-story/1ae94bbcdd724e31e4b70f1488cdbb40 And now suddenly there are Taylor paid for puff piece articles in billboard saying that her ticket sales are going amazing and she will outgross sticky and sweet tour! I hope not. i couldnt bear for her to beat Madonnas record as she is such a hideous live performer. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/8085856/taylor-swift-reputation-tour-sales-could-be-biggest-all-time Edit. Sorry didnt see someone already posted the article as i was typing!
  10. There is no way this 'plan' is real. They fucked up royally. Have a look at the second rosebowl show. That is a disaster. Only looks like only floor has sold well. Dont look at the stand. She must be havibg a hissy fit behind the stands. "But daddy i want a sold out stadium tour and i want it now". Thats what you get for trying to scalp your fans to get more money. She is a whore for money. What a greedy bitch. If she doesnt sue you she will scalp you tickets to see her show.
  11. Now shes invented the new way of selling tickets by trying to slowly sell them out and that concerts sales are no longer about instant sell outs. Lol. You can't make this stuff up. Another billboard paid for puff piece trying to deflect her slow ticket sales. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/8070644/taylor-swift-concert-industry-slow-ticketing-model-sales
  12. Im hearing that the greedy bitch increased the ticket prices after the presale. Looks like she is charging Madonna prices. She obviously wants to break Madonna's touring grosses/records. Also can see people complaining about the secrecy in Australia about her seating plan. Live nation have put up the layout plan but have not shown each price section. Everyone on facebook is hounding them to release the sections. I have a feeling that 80% of the seats will the top price tier. Hence the secrecy then if they dont sell out they can lower prices and no one can tell that they have. I hope it backfires and she can't sell out or has to reduce prices tomove tickets. Now that would be great to see that for trying to rip of her young fans. It took madonna over 20 years in business to charge high prices & she proved tour after tour that she was worth the prices. I am yet to see anything (music or performance) swift has done to show that she is worth these prices! I can't wait for her and Sheeran and all the other white bland vanilla "artists" that are currently popular peak and fade away. We need a new music revolution.
  13. Um her shows aren't doing that well by the look of the maps. Wembley first day is on way to selling out, i suggest you dont look at the second show map. I'dbe a bit nervous if i were her. Prices soon to be slashed for that show. Manchester first date is going ok but second was super bad. Couldn't tell about Croke Park as there was no map. Still dont get her fame i have never seen a good performance from her nor anything deemed stadium performer worthy.