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  1. I hope that people can now see how incompetent this man is after the handling of the Covid crisis and the deaths as a result and now his lack of leadership woth the protests. I hope people register to vote so this man can be voted out and all those people who are not happy with Biden as they wanted Bernie and don't want to vote again this election put their pride aside & just vote for the democrats as i dont see how the USA can survive another 4 years of this man.
  2. Omg that is shocking and horrific! Hope no one was hurt. But more instances like this will come about i am sure especially after Trump basically said to shoot at protesters. Disgusting.
  3. Ugh don't get me started on this mess of a government. Every day i get more upset with how hopeless they are. At least people are starting to wake up. We had a protest in Sydney on Wednesday about climate change and 30k people showed up which is great. Living in Sydney has been so bad the last month with all the smoke. I suffer from bad sinus problems so i have been really unwell the last few weeks. I could even smell smoke in my office building you cant escape it. You constantly feel it in your throat. Meanwhile our idiot leader is only focused on religious discrimination amd he is determined to pass laws basically allowing religious people to discriminate against minorities and other religious communities instead of trying to stop the distruction of nsw due to the fires. Not only has so much land been lost, homes and human lives as well we have lost whole communities of koalas and other native animals. It makes me so sad. Now he is busy having dinners with Murdoch and his cult religious leader from Hillsong and sticking up for 'quiet Australians' i.e. the bigots who want the minorities to stay silent so they can keep spewing their hate without repercussions. I really hope his 'religious freedom' bill doesn't get through if it does it will open up a whole Pandora box of problems. It will be a nightmare for HR at work, businesses could refuse to serve people, all the charities that are religiously run same as hospital's could exclude to help people in need or who are ill who are not recognosed by their religion like the LGBT community.
  4. Well i only listen if i like the album so there's your answer! I didn't mind it at all. In fact i went through a bad break up in 2013 so i played that and hard candy a lot during my healing process. Love spent and i don't give a, best friend and i fucked up were on repeat lol.
  5. I haven't stopped listening to it since it came out. I listen to it twice a day. Maybe its because im seeing her on 24 September but I'm not sick of it yet and never skip a song. But i do this to all her albums i play them non stop from moment they are released for years and years until i get over them. But i still revisit them agaian and again! #tragic #stan
  6. She's a racist biggot and i hate her. In the 90s she hated asians. Then it was Muslims, now its the left wing and loss of freedom of speech (i.e. not being allowed to say racist and bigotry things with out repercussion). Anyway her latest rant is about Uluru (Ayeres Rock) banning people climbing on it to respect the native owners of the land as it is a sacred site to them. She is claiming that Australians own Uluru and people should be allowed to continue walking on it. So in her latest political stunt she set out to climb it in protest, but her stunt backfired when she freaked out after only a bit of her climb and had to sit on her bum and wiggle her way back down. Another joke of a politician (ala trump). https://www.pedestrian.tv/news/pauline-hanson-stuck-uluru/
  7. Omg if i read another smart ass comment saying don't listen to celebrities or celebrities know nothing...yet they are pro trump ill scream! Do these idiots not remember that trump was a tv celebrity before he became president....they contradict themselves so much.
  8. @Jazzy Jan amazing article. It soeaks the truth. But im so worried our cause is lost...everyone is on the religious persecution train and lets get rid of the pc brigade that i fear pro religious freedom laws will get introduced to allow my community to be persecuted and hated but those that persecute us are protected by law. Where is the fairness & equality in that. I fear that since we won the marriage equality vote i fear the religious nuts are out for revenge
  9. Fuck off @Samo you twat. I am so glad i live in Australia where we took action and introduced tough gun laws after a massacre. Whilst certain people can legally own guns like security armour guards, police and farm people i feel totally safe that i can go about my life and not have to worry about gun violence. Yes it may occur due to illegal guns or people with legal guns going crazy but i am very happy to live in a country where buying fire arms is very restrictive. At least i know if some one is crazy or mad or angry they can't in the heat of the moment lose their shit grab a gun and shoot up a place out of anger.
  10. Holy shit. That video is amazing. Wow what a statement and it had an interesting story line, and that scene with all the coffins line up in a row has a real impact of the sad reality of a shooting spree.
  11. I wouldn't be shocked if the whole thing was planned and orchestrated by the 'Christian lobby' to be a legal test case so that they can argue religious discrimination. They knew he had already been warned about this before so i wouldnt be shocked if they told him to do it again and they will support him and ensure if he was fired they would help him take legal action against the firing. Its obvious that the motivation is so that the christian lobby can try and win the right to be allowed to legally descriminate against the LGBT community! What a farce..arguing that they are being descriminated against so they can then be allowed to in their eyes legally descriminate against a group of people you condemn! I am just worried that if they win this test case it may allow the extreme religious groups out there to be able to fire and exclude LGBT people from their schools etc and then it could become worse it may open up doors to allow religious fundamentalists to be able to refuse service to LGBT people as it is against their religion (whether it be in shops, or their hospitals etc it could open up a whole can of worms). This is why they want this case to go to court. I could be wrong and it may just be all about him getting his $5m back as this is the amount the new fund campaign is requesting and i thought that was the exact amount that he lost when his contract was terminated. If you read any news site or Facebook post there are so many comments supporting him and religious freedom plus claiming descrimination and how they are sick of the snowflakes and madness and lefties ruining the country and the minorities dictating how everyone else has to live...no we aren't trying to ruin the country we just want everyone to be treated equally like everybody else without being persecuted. They are just sad they cant be bigotts anymore. This world is going into such a bad place people are trying to take away euqal rights for minorities and it makes me sick that these people can't see that and that minorities are not trying to change the world for the worse we just want everyone to be respected and treated equally no matter who they are.
  12. Wow amazing speech. She was on point with the change in the air and that people were scared of change and people who were different and becoming intolerant again. This was 2012 and 4 years later she was right and it has snow balled. Look at all the right wing governments and anger and fear at people of different races, religions, colour and of course our LGBT community.
  13. Listening to it on the bus to work. Perfect soundtrack for Friday. Halfway through but so far i love it. God control lives up to the hype what a dance jam. Love it.
  14. 4 hours to go! Can't wait to listen on spotify as i get ready for work then in my headphones as i sit on the bus for 45min on the way to work!
  15. Yep im abstaining as well. Only have heard the officially released songs. Happy to wait for Friday & be suprised when hearing it in full. Im just pretending its pre internet days & i can only hear it when i play the cd lol.
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