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  1. Boo..boo! :blink:😜 LOL been soo long my good Aussie boo friend. To say sidetracked doesnt cut it. anymore. I know u FULLY get it. I can barely take it anymore :/ One thing to hear about it all 1000s miles away but not as toxic, vile and 24/7 grotesque as hearing and being around it right *here. Nothing worse than having to count down the days until the midterms as the only remote relief. But if there is NO check on him/it and all his zombie minion cult members I'm seriously I'm gonna look into 'power moves' outside the US. May not be overnight but def. w/in a certain time frame. So..HOW R U!?! Lucky man..to basically be ANYwhere but the US/USSR 3.0 xo

    1. Leebf


      Hey how's things. Yes been a while. All good though i understand. Life is busy and always things happening either with work or socially.

      Hopefully the vote thid year diminishes his power as he is clearly nuts. I love being in a country that makes fun of him amd calls him out. His attack on iran was reported in our media as another distraction attempt by trump. Its all fake woth him. He doesn't know what he is doing he just running a business but bad thing is its a country and he can affect it for generations to come plus affect other countries too. His dick must be so small thats why he is so power mad lol.

      I just saw his latest tweet saying they must stop russia meddling in the election as they hate him as he is hard on them lol. He is Putin's pawn and just doing everything Putin wants.

      His followers are dumb just racists who felt like they lost power as white people in Obama's years the gays the people of colour had equal rights and they hate that as did those * nuts who only support him to get their religious views as laws.

      Hopefully the rest of the coubtry wake up and boot his ass.

      Im well. Just working hard. Going back to states in October off to nyc and San Francisco again the a 11 day cruise to Caribbean so it should be fun. Just hope no hurricanes this year.

      Hope you are well and enjoy things despite that buffoon in power!

  2. I went to both Sydney shows. Live nation sent an email out stating the show would start at 10pm both nights. Night one she came on just a few minutes after 10pm. No one cared she was on at that time it was Saturday night and we were in a party mode. Crowd was awesome people were screaming so loud and the whole arena dancing on their feet the whole show. Night 2 yes she was late came on at around 11.30, they did make an announcement in the arena before 10pm to say she would be late and on stage at about 10.30 but i didn't hear one boo or anyone getting cranky. Show finished at about 2.20am lol. People still had a good time. However the trains were to stop at 1am so people started leaving early to make the trains but when i say leaving only it was only a few hundred and some of the sections were emptier than others but suprisingly the arena was still pretty full when she ended the show at 2.20am (i thought it would be half empty by then) and we were lucky and trains were extended to get us all home. She even thanked us for being a good crowd and seemed genuinely to have enjoyed performing and spoke to us a lot before la vie en rose and appeared to be in no hurry to rush off stage. I saw a guy at work the next day (we both had zero sleep) and he raved about the show his wife is a big fan so he went and said it was amazing and just laughed about lateness and said he hadnt had an all nighter for about 20 years but was worth it!
  3. Leebf

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    So we should expect tomorrow for the views to suddenly increase through all formats and become the most viewed State of the union address of all time ala GaGas super bowl half time show, which went from flop to all time most viewed over night lol. #fakenews
  4. Yes it is amazing everyone seems happy and relieved. I'm just glad the horrible ads have stopped and the daily arguments.
  5. @Jazzy Jan NSW numbers were low due to the inner west sydney suburbs that have a high population of immigrants with strong religious beliefs (muslim & catholic). People in this area are from Asia, the middle east & Europe, who don't believe in marriage equality or same sex relationships. Unfortunately as these areas voted no over 70% this brought down our average yes vote.
  6. Yay so happy yes won. A little disappointed that the yes vote was not higher and that NSW was one of the worst performers in the country with quite a few No results winning. I am pleased that my area Warringah (Tony Abbotts electorate) voted in favour of yes by 76%! Whilst we have won the survey vote we have not won the fight as yet and still need the laws changed, but i am so happy that Australia showed it was a progressive nation and not a backwards one. I have just got home from celebrating in oxford street Sydney, where we marched all the way down oxford street celebrating and the DJ played like a prayer as we marched past St Marys catholic church and the whole crowd sang along and really got into the song. It sounded amazing to hear everyone sing Madonna and celebrate love and praying for equality.
  7. I am so glad it is nearly over and am anticipating the results tomorrow. I am hoping the yes vote wins, not only for equality but to show i don't live in a backwards biggotted country! However Jan the amendment bills that have been suggested are shocking. Allowing discrimination due to religious belief is a joke and will set us back 50 years. Whilst i agree that a church could object to a same sex wedding taking place in their church a celebrant or a business should not refuse to marry a couple or provide services to the wedding based on their religious views. If this is allowed where is the line drawn? Could religions refuse service to other religions? Does that mean a business could refuse service to someone of faith because they don't believe in religion? It would open up a Pandora box. In any case even if yes wins i do not have faith in the bill being passed so easily. We may need to either reject a bill (if it is full of legal doscrimination) or if it is there is a big fight in parliment it may not be passed until libs are booted. This whole thing has been a nightmare and shown how backwards and biggoted we are as a country and how scared religions are of becoming non existant as people no longer have faithor belive in religion. They are trying to remain relevant (like gaga) but no one cares anymore
  8. Yes it is a horrible voting process and i am over hearing how people don'tget why voting no even for religious grounds is just wrong and hateful. Why should another group of people get to decide how another group of people get to live theor lives. People keep saying to just rely on defacto relationship for protection but we do not have the same rights and automatic protection should your partner die. Last year an newlywed English couple had a tragic death whilst on their honeymoon andthe husband had to get his deceased husband's parents to allow him to be next of kin as our law didn't recognise him as next of kin. This is why equality is needed. Then you have people who throw away voting forms to try and have thevote go the no way. Just makes me sick plus the straight rally i mentioned at a gay memorial site is just wrong. This is just giving the opportunity to people to be biggots and claim freedom of speech or religious freedom allows them to spew hate. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-19/ssm-surveys-dumped-in-brunswick-garden-raise-security-concerns/8961044?pfmredir=sm http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/gay-marriage/far-right-nationalist-party-for-freedom-to-hold-straight-lives-matter-antisamesex-marriage-rally/news-story/23808028e7150ce7d1bb2e8e1eb148d0
  9. Its disgusting. I am over the whole "campaign" its bullshit to have a campaing on whether or not we should give people the same rights as everyone else. The no campainers who are labled biggots claim they are being bullied because they don't believe in equal rights and people are claiming this bullying to vote yes is making them vote no. Now the PM has said a no vote would mean no equal marriage rights whilst they are in government. So there is no guarantee a yes vote will even mean equal marriage rights. Now there are reports of votes being thrown out instead of being posted and there is to be a straight lives matter rally nextto a gay holocaust memorial. This is just sick and i am over the whole "vote". This country really is a racist bigoted backwards redneck country and i am ashamed to be from here.
  10. Leebf

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Saw this cartoon today. Made me laugh at how accurately it us portraying this issue. Damn egomaniacs only caring about themselves and their "ego" and not the millions who will be adversely affected by a war.
  11. Leebf

    Vehicle hit pedestrians in London

    Every article i have seen here in Australia states apparant 'terrorist attack' in inverted commas...pretty obviously that the media does not see an attack on a group of people as a terrorist attack. Makes me sick.
  12. I rewatched tonight on channel 9 website and the show was much better with all the missing songs now back in the recording. I loved it and the way its been filmed and edited. Sure it is a little distracting in like a virgin and la isla bonita with the multiple hairstyles and costumes but after a while i got used to it and just concentrated on the show. I watched it with my partners mum and sister and they really loved the show and said she looked amazing couldnt believe how young she looked. They loved her dancing and singing and i noticed that by the end of rebel heart they were singing along. They noticed the cuts in the songs but played a game of counting all the different types of costumes and hairstyles so they didnt mind at all and liked the way the show was presented. Seems like the non fans quite like this show.
  13. Upset that channel 9 cut so many good songs. I expected it though due to the 2hr show time including ads. But still sad that some of the best bits were missing. But i was happy to see it again and relive the fabulous concert. Unfortunately only my back appeared in the footage during material girl lol typical.
  14. Leebf

    Chris Cornell Has Died

    Sad to see him die so young hope it wasn't an overdose or suicide. My ex was a big fan so i got to see him solo and with soundgarden and he had such an amazing voice that was equally as good live as in the studio. Incredible talent. I also loved his accoustic version of Billie Jean.
  15. Leebf

    Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey?

    Agreed. Kid probably snapped out of jeallousy as she was the "star" & mummys favourite. Patsy probably put him down a lot as well & he killed her in a rage. She found her & freaked out & didn't want to lose both her kids & staged the murder scene & wrote the fake note (multiple times). Pretty obvious she wrote it as she put her husbands exact bonus amount in as ransom & only her, her husband & his employer would know that figure.