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  1. Im hearing that the greedy bitch increased the ticket prices after the presale. Looks like she is charging Madonna prices. She obviously wants to break Madonna's touring grosses/records. Also can see people complaining about the secrecy in Australia about her seating plan. Live nation have put up the layout plan but have not shown each price section. Everyone on facebook is hounding them to release the sections. I have a feeling that 80% of the seats will the top price tier. Hence the secrecy then if they dont sell out they can lower prices and no one can tell that they have. I hope it backfires and she can't sell out or has to reduce prices tomove tickets. Now that would be great to see that for trying to rip of her young fans. It took madonna over 20 years in business to charge high prices & she proved tour after tour that she was worth the prices. I am yet to see anything (music or performance) swift has done to show that she is worth these prices! I can't wait for her and Sheeran and all the other white bland vanilla "artists" that are currently popular peak and fade away. We need a new music revolution.
  2. Um her shows aren't doing that well by the look of the maps. Wembley first day is on way to selling out, i suggest you dont look at the second show map. I'dbe a bit nervous if i were her. Prices soon to be slashed for that show. Manchester first date is going ok but second was super bad. Couldn't tell about Croke Park as there was no map. Still dont get her fame i have never seen a good performance from her nor anything deemed stadium performer worthy.
  3. I cry

    Iconic. Love her. Best imagery of any pop star of all time
  4. All I Want For Christmas is KFC

    Just saw the news that she managed to reach a financial settlement with James Packer. He supposedly has paid her up to $10m USD. Can't believe he gave in and paid her. Now we know why she isn't too upset about cancelling her Christmas cash cow shows. Why go to work when you already have been paid probably more than you would of made on tour. http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/hook-ups-break-ups/james-packer-pays-mariah-carey-millions-after-messy-breakup/news-story/2e99bd6d9946d4833d62684e6e35fb92
  5. As its the 24 year anniversary since my Sydney Girlie Show concert was postponed i am listening to the girlie show live recordingand i am loving it. The blond ambition tour recording is great too. As i have seen both shows a million times i am picturing the entire concert choreography for each song so i am having a little concert special in my head while i listen!
  6. Yes it is amazing everyone seems happy and relieved. I'm just glad the horrible ads have stopped and the daily arguments.
  7. @Jazzy Jan NSW numbers were low due to the inner west sydney suburbs that have a high population of immigrants with strong religious beliefs (muslim & catholic). People in this area are from Asia, the middle east & Europe, who don't believe in marriage equality or same sex relationships. Unfortunately as these areas voted no over 70% this brought down our average yes vote.
  8. The latest news is she is opening rape & women trauma centres with Joe Biden. People really seem to not know the true about her or overlook her history of working with rapist/women abusers & known paedophiles. She really needs to be exposed for the filthy person that she is. http://www.noise11.com/news/lady-gaga-and-joe-biden-launch-womens-trauma-centres-20171115
  9. Yay so happy yes won. A little disappointed that the yes vote was not higher and that NSW was one of the worst performers in the country with quite a few No results winning. I am pleased that my area Warringah (Tony Abbotts electorate) voted in favour of yes by 76%! Whilst we have won the survey vote we have not won the fight as yet and still need the laws changed, but i am so happy that Australia showed it was a progressive nation and not a backwards one. I have just got home from celebrating in oxford street Sydney, where we marched all the way down oxford street celebrating and the DJ played like a prayer as we marched past St Marys catholic church and the whole crowd sang along and really got into the song. It sounded amazing to hear everyone sing Madonna and celebrate love and praying for equality.
  10. I am so glad it is nearly over and am anticipating the results tomorrow. I am hoping the yes vote wins, not only for equality but to show i don't live in a backwards biggotted country! However Jan the amendment bills that have been suggested are shocking. Allowing discrimination due to religious belief is a joke and will set us back 50 years. Whilst i agree that a church could object to a same sex wedding taking place in their church a celebrant or a business should not refuse to marry a couple or provide services to the wedding based on their religious views. If this is allowed where is the line drawn? Could religions refuse service to other religions? Does that mean a business could refuse service to someone of faith because they don't believe in religion? It would open up a Pandora box. In any case even if yes wins i do not have faith in the bill being passed so easily. We may need to either reject a bill (if it is full of legal doscrimination) or if it is there is a big fight in parliment it may not be passed until libs are booted. This whole thing has been a nightmare and shown how backwards and biggoted we are as a country and how scared religions are of becoming non existant as people no longer have faithor belive in religion. They are trying to remain relevant (like gaga) but no one cares anymore
  11. Yes it is a horrible voting process and i am over hearing how people don'tget why voting no even for religious grounds is just wrong and hateful. Why should another group of people get to decide how another group of people get to live theor lives. People keep saying to just rely on defacto relationship for protection but we do not have the same rights and automatic protection should your partner die. Last year an newlywed English couple had a tragic death whilst on their honeymoon andthe husband had to get his deceased husband's parents to allow him to be next of kin as our law didn't recognise him as next of kin. This is why equality is needed. Then you have people who throw away voting forms to try and have thevote go the no way. Just makes me sick plus the straight rally i mentioned at a gay memorial site is just wrong. This is just giving the opportunity to people to be biggots and claim freedom of speech or religious freedom allows them to spew hate. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-19/ssm-surveys-dumped-in-brunswick-garden-raise-security-concerns/8961044?pfmredir=sm http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/gay-marriage/far-right-nationalist-party-for-freedom-to-hold-straight-lives-matter-antisamesex-marriage-rally/news-story/23808028e7150ce7d1bb2e8e1eb148d0
  12. Its disgusting. I am over the whole "campaign" its bullshit to have a campaing on whether or not we should give people the same rights as everyone else. The no campainers who are labled biggots claim they are being bullied because they don't believe in equal rights and people are claiming this bullying to vote yes is making them vote no. Now the PM has said a no vote would mean no equal marriage rights whilst they are in government. So there is no guarantee a yes vote will even mean equal marriage rights. Now there are reports of votes being thrown out instead of being posted and there is to be a straight lives matter rally nextto a gay holocaust memorial. This is just sick and i am over the whole "vote". This country really is a racist bigoted backwards redneck country and i am ashamed to be from here.
  13. YouTube reaction videos

    If she wants to see Madonna push buttons and be sexually liberal "back in her time", maybe someone needs to get her to watch Deeper and Deeper from TGS!
  14. Saw this cartoon today. Made me laugh at how accurately it us portraying this issue. Damn egomaniacs only caring about themselves and their "ego" and not the millions who will be adversely affected by a war.
  15. This bowie song from extras could basically be about her these days. They lyrics are so relevant. If only we could super impose her face over Ricky Gervais....