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  1. Did you see this. The tacky self absorbed KFC munching queen is now selling LGBT themed rainbow merchandise with her mug plastered all over it. Obviously to make a quick buck during pride month to keep paying for those private jets. Marketing queen! Live off the pink dollars. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/06/19/mariah-carey-is-selling-her-own-pride-themed-merchandise/
  2. Yes! Thank you. Looks like Madonna is thr bigger draw card...especially as her crowd paid to be there.
  3. More than Trumps inauguration. The Queen of the world! Should do one of those me & you for Trumps crowd lol. He will really declare fake news then...
  4. Every article i have seen here in Australia states apparant 'terrorist attack' in inverted commas...pretty obviously that the media does not see an attack on a group of people as a terrorist attack. Makes me sick.
  5. I don't care if the media claim this album is a "flop", i love it. I have never been into Katy Perry, i liked all her singles but never liked her albums or cared much about her. However that all changed this year with the release of her 3 singles i was hooked. Love swish swish, maybe as its so 90s so brings me back to my teen years. Anyway i have been listening to the album non stop since it was realease. Its very cohesive. Love all the songs especially witness, roulette. Deja vu, miss you more and pendulum. it works well as an adult album. I think she is right she needed to shake her teeny bopper image and i think she has done it with this album. It wont sell like her previous ones (but was she ever an album seller) but its her strongest body of work and i think she should be proud of the result.
  6. Haha this blind is probably fake but it explains alot about her personality and fear of anyone being seen as better than her. Lola is far more talented than her and if she descides to pursue a career in music she will destroy gargoyle http://blindgossip.com/?p=84099
  7. Yes Jazzyjan is right we are sheep lead by the media who tell us who's popular and what artists to buy and see etc. It disgusts me. When gaga first came out they said her shows were better than madonna and we didnt need madonna to tour here again as gaga was better than her etc... But im not suprised we're the country that is obsessed with pink and she performs like 100 shows here...look i saw her in 2004 2 for 1 tickets as she couldnt sell out and venue was 3/4 full it was a good show and i liked her acrobatics spinning in air...but she has done the same shit for 15 years now same concert and same album. Im pretty sure the same show i saw in 04 is the same show she last did here she is the new Michael Jackson and janet recycling each tour for the next. Its like people forgot the hysteria when madonna first came here in 93 she was first woman to play stadiums and sold out multiple dates and performed for nearly 500,000 Australians it was nuts she was making $1m a show. I just read Adele who is doing a similar size tour as madonna did in 93 is only making $800k a show...madonnas income in 93 is higher than Adele 24 years later. That shows you how big she was here.
  8. A lady at my work is going to Coachella from Australia and was so excited Beyonce was headlining then when she got pregnant she knew she would pull out amd was devistated and was going to cancel her trip, i saw her in the photocopy room and she was beaming and said have you heard who the replacement is...i said no...she said even better than Bey...im thinking theres no one really better than her so i said um not sure...shes said Lady Gaga and i laughed and said what a downgrade cancel the trip and she said no its an upgrade shes amazing live and will rock Coachella...i walked out of the room.
  9. @jazzyjan it drives me mad they always say how crap madonna is bad mum...drunk..bad singer...bad performer based on what they read etc...its like dont listed to what people want you to hear and see actually look for yourself. I try to point out what a fake and fraud she is same with Beyonce (they also praise her superior talent and amazing performance and writing such an amazing concept album) but they dont buy it. At the end of the day she can say all she wants to pretend she is number 1 etc but the truth is whay were all her songs that were performed at the super bowl from her first 2 albums. If she was so great she would of done a song from every album. Her tour is just going to be the monster ball + born this way redux. As all her hits were 08-11. That would be like Madonna going on tour and just performing Madonna and Like a Virgin album songs....she cant sustain her career forever doing this. I hope that this is her last hurrah and then she fades away. I think she knows it is too and thats why she wants to make this movie thing a success so she can have another career as back up.
  10. If she feels that way about singing live all the time, why then is it ok to mime a music video as its the same thing as miming for a movie? If she really felt that way she should of sung her songs live in all her music videos right from the very start of her career. Why is she so determined to make it so she sings live all the time it seem like only in the last year or so she has been on this whole live thing . Shes lucky the sound system for the super bowl was able to work ok...she took a big risk but she didnt care at least if the sound was crap she could prove she didn't need to mime. She is like Trump constantly repeating things that she wants you to hear and believe about her and its working. Everyone i talk to at work says how amazing she is as a performer and she is best live singer they have ever seen...she is so talented and her super bowl performance was the best ever seen. She is smart by constanly saying she is the best and what an artist she is and how she always sings lives the masses will believe what she says especially when they only see the odd performance by her thats televised such as award shows super bowl etc. They dont see what we see the lazy, shallow, terrible performer and dancer psychotic theif.
  11. Her tour poster reminds me of this
  12. Agreed. Kid probably snapped out of jeallousy as she was the "star" & mummys favourite. Patsy probably put him down a lot as well & he killed her in a rage. She found her & freaked out & didn't want to lose both her kids & staged the murder scene & wrote the fake note (multiple times). Pretty obvious she wrote it as she put her husbands exact bonus amount in as ransom & only her, her husband & his employer would know that figure.
  13. It was the brother. Mum covered it up with the fake ransom note.
  14. This article appeared on an Australian news site. Very interesting and possibly a correct prediction of Trump. http://www.news.com.au/world/north-america/is-the-us-in-the-middle-of-a-coup/news-story/ab0ece5c5b27b004b0b203fcce435a92 Sorry can't paste the article. But its a good read so i recommend clicking on the link.
  15. He should be treading carefully with his relations with us as we are on good terms with both USA and China and if the tensions escalate with China forcefully taking over the south china sea we may be asked to pick sides which is going to be really tough on Turnbull as he won't want to step on any toes or be forced to choose sides....but Trump is making it easier for him. Pauline is an idiot she can go to the white house and suck Trumps dick. We have no time of day for the ignorant bigot....she would ruin our country if she gets any more power.she needs to go back to selling take away foods.