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  1. Yes it is a horrible voting process and i am over hearing how people don'tget why voting no even for religious grounds is just wrong and hateful. Why should another group of people get to decide how another group of people get to live theor lives. People keep saying to just rely on defacto relationship for protection but we do not have the same rights and automatic protection should your partner die. Last year an newlywed English couple had a tragic death whilst on their honeymoon andthe husband had to get his deceased husband's parents to allow him to be next of kin as our law didn't recognise him as next of kin. This is why equality is needed. Then you have people who throw away voting forms to try and have thevote go the no way. Just makes me sick plus the straight rally i mentioned at a gay memorial site is just wrong. This is just giving the opportunity to people to be biggots and claim freedom of speech or religious freedom allows them to spew hate. http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-19/ssm-surveys-dumped-in-brunswick-garden-raise-security-concerns/8961044?pfmredir=sm http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/gay-marriage/far-right-nationalist-party-for-freedom-to-hold-straight-lives-matter-antisamesex-marriage-rally/news-story/23808028e7150ce7d1bb2e8e1eb148d0
  2. Its disgusting. I am over the whole "campaign" its bullshit to have a campaing on whether or not we should give people the same rights as everyone else. The no campainers who are labled biggots claim they are being bullied because they don't believe in equal rights and people are claiming this bullying to vote yes is making them vote no. Now the PM has said a no vote would mean no equal marriage rights whilst they are in government. So there is no guarantee a yes vote will even mean equal marriage rights. Now there are reports of votes being thrown out instead of being posted and there is to be a straight lives matter rally nextto a gay holocaust memorial. This is just sick and i am over the whole "vote". This country really is a racist bigoted backwards redneck country and i am ashamed to be from here.
  3. YouTube reaction videos

    If she wants to see Madonna push buttons and be sexually liberal "back in her time", maybe someone needs to get her to watch Deeper and Deeper from TGS!
  4. Saw this cartoon today. Made me laugh at how accurately it us portraying this issue. Damn egomaniacs only caring about themselves and their "ego" and not the millions who will be adversely affected by a war.
  5. This bowie song from extras could basically be about her these days. They lyrics are so relevant. If only we could super impose her face over Ricky Gervais....
  6. Beyoncé Thread

    Maybe she is leaving a subtle clue by posing like the virigin Mary with child. Lets read between the lines...i think she is saying yes she is a virgin and the children did not come for her womb lol and she did use a surrogate!
  7. "Rescue Me" appreciation thread

    One of my favourite tracks. I played this song to death when i first heard it on the IC. unfortunately i only had it on tape so used to rewind my walkmam constantly to rehear it. I love her soulful singing, the music, nikki amd donna in the background and especially the spoken word parts. Rescue me, justify my love and erotica go hand in hand. I'm a massive fan of her spoken songs. Her speaking voice is amazing. I was thrilled in rebel heart when she brought back the spoken songs!
  8. Mercy James Center Opening

    So proud of her. What an amazing achievement. She looks so happy and i don't blame her. What a kind and generous thing to do. So many people will benefit from this charitable act. Where are the people now that slammed her adoption and said she would never care about her adoptive childrens home land. She has proven that 10 years ago when she committed to adopting her children she also committed herself to help their homeland. She is an amazing woman and im so happy to be her fan. Stuff the music record and achievements, this is by far her greatest accomplishment.
  9. Holy crap. Not being mean but there is no way she can move that many tickets before show date. Only the front few rows have sold. She needs to downsize to a theatre asap. I doubt anymore than 1500 seats have been sold so far.
  10. I thought multi hyphanate meant that they had multi professions. Like Madonna i.e. dancer, singer, actress etc. So if that's correct then GaGa fits the bill as she is a singer/actress. Also the blind said on a recent production, which is past tense which could mean that filming had finished.
  11. Or it could be BS spread by her trying to get sympathy to show how tough it was for her to make the film as she was bullied by the crew who were Madonna fans....this is probably the start of her oscar campaign. Reward me for being a survivor of on set bullying. Ignore my bad acting i was too stressed out to be able to act properly. 🤔
  12. Ok so this may be totally fake. But my god so ingenious by the film crew to do this to piss her off....do any madonnanation members work on her film set? Hats off to you. Unless the crew just love Madonna and know this nutbag is a fraud. http://blindgossip.com/?p=86014
  13. Did you see this. The tacky self absorbed KFC munching queen is now selling LGBT themed rainbow merchandise with her mug plastered all over it. Obviously to make a quick buck during pride month to keep paying for those private jets. Marketing queen! Live off the pink dollars. http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/06/19/mariah-carey-is-selling-her-own-pride-themed-merchandise/
  14. Lady Gaga thread

    Yes! Thank you. Looks like Madonna is thr bigger draw card...especially as her crowd paid to be there.
  15. Lady Gaga thread

    More than Trumps inauguration. The Queen of the world! Should do one of those me & you for Trumps crowd lol. He will really declare fake news then...