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  1. Hi Pedro, 

    What is the track listing that you have for your bootleg of RH TOUR??? Mine is very good. It's the rip of the Showtime edited show, but who ever made it came back in and inlcueded the complete LDLHA & WTG, and some bonuses (Paris tribute of Like A Prayer, and David Bowie tribute of Rebel Rebel). 



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    2. Sanctuary


      Oh, also, are these digital or do you have physical CD's too? 

    3. Pedro


      No not really just Madonnas latest concert ones, they are just digital that were popping up as the tour went by. 

    4. Sanctuary


      I need to start learning how to find and download digital concerts. LOL. I used to do it in college but haven't done it in over 10 years. I recently got a BAT Dallas CD and GST Fukuoka CD. I need a good copy of TVT and WTGT. 

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