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  1. For me, in the light that the song is a single and it’s supposed to be a very festive feel good song, I found there’s no crescendo leading to a peak or a climax, it just lingers there not reaching it’s full potential. Just like having sex and not... (you get the picture 😉). Obviously there are many different song structures... For an album track it would have just been ok, “Not every song could be Vogue Shep”
  2. Debunked Stories

    😂😂😂 Including the hit single: Debunked Story (Madonna is a drunk Remix)
  3. 1 Beautiful Killer 2 I Fucked Up 3 I Don’t Give A 4 Tie between GMAYL & BDS I tried and I tried hard to get into TUTR but failed every time, I think it’s the most anticlimactic song Madonna has ever recorded.