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  1. Imagine somewhat million(s) dollar engine damaged by about 1.7 yuan (£0.20 / $0.25)...
  2. @Sanctuary 🔥‼️ 😂 @alquemist Congratulations, (muchas felicidades!) so happy for you ❤️❤️❤️
  3. Congratulations Germany 🇩🇪 🏳️‍🌈 I remember a very interesting night at the KitKat Club in Berlin sometime ago 😈
  4. A supposed snippet of a new song
  5. She was just mentioned in the national news broadcast as a main supporter of the Gay Community during this weekend, as Madonna and Cher, but she was the main focus of the mention. Totally made up as she hasn't said anything, but she got main news exposure.
  6. The US ambassador in Mexico's Gay Pride
  7. Are u STILL here?
  8. Absolutely! they totally abused the consumer for the longest time and in the worst way, and it all turned over Karma!
  9. I like the disco vibe of pendulum, nothing innovative but nice to listen to.
  10. I love that you chose the pic that I thought was the worst ever of all the ones posted here Great idea I think the poster will increase the chances of selling by .0001%.
  11. LOL and a "sold out tour" concert ticket!
  12. The hairline from the wig Do you honestly think this looks good? It looks careless and cheap to me.