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  1. I have the same perception as you do... but I don't remember if she was just mentioning that her show was 02:15 but everyone has to make compromises and the broadcast had to be cut down to 02:00... and she wasn't saying or implying that the final edit would be longer.
  2. Me 2, It was a nice surprise for us fans, but as a business strategy or a leaks reaction, still baffles me...
  3. I'm just saying that you can't submit an artist's expression to proofreading or censorship of any kind, I understand the value difference between the two and their influence in the world, but they are both part of her creative mind, or anyone's and should be valued and treated with the same respect regarding their contribution to the worlds cultural and social consciousness.
  4. ⬆️ PERFECTIONS Tour
  5. This is like when your parents tell you that there's no Santa Claus, you already knew but wanted to keep on believing (and receiving) LOL 😂 🎵I light this candle and watch it throw Tears on my pillow And if there is a Christ, he'll come tonight To pray for a full length release And if I have nothing left to show Tears on my pillow What kind of life is this if God exists Then help me pray for a full length release🎵
  6. I'm absolutely not loosing hope and will faithfully wait with all the force of the law of attraction for a full RHT release. 🙏🏻 🙏🏻 🙏🏻
  7. I don't know what makes more sense, members telling members what to talk or not about, or the concept of music aging?!?! 🎶🎵Life is a paradox And it doesn't make much sense🎵🎶 I understood that @sul8323 intention in creating this post was to precisely discuss the demos he just listened for the first time...
  8. I'm an album version kind of guy, once a song has been finalized I consider the previous incarnations to only represent the road the song had to go trough before being what it is. But I do enjoy very much the songs that stayed on their demo stage and listen to them in my endless Rebel Heart Album playlist. I absolutely (as a fan) loved having all this insight into her work and experiencing the amount of love and hard work that went into every song, many demos could've be considered almost finished songs but they are not Madonna's final vision. I do too share the point of view that Avicii sound wasn't what she was looking for, but his writing skills, that in someway reflected Madonna's philosophy in his previous work. I don't want to start the WAOM demogate again, but I do really think that it was only a very early exercise to see how the lyrics worked, because no one in their right mind could have thought that that "done to death in every single remix from the previous 5 years sound" could have worked. That's why we got the Kanye version vs the terrible demo one.
  9. All that has been said above plus extremely great lyrics, don't understand why it wasn't on the album...
  10. I just noticed that your favorite song is Erotica. Is that your favorite Madonna album / era? Do you like the SEX book? 

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    2. Sanctuary


      Hmmmmmmmm. I've never really considered the nudity laws. Does Mexico have strict laws? I'm sure if it's from the US to Mexico you should be OK. Do you travel to the US often? 

    3. Pedro


      I do travel often to the US and though l don't consider laws to be that strict, when I sent video material to the US work related there were very specific of not sending nudity/porn so who knows 

    4. Sanctuary


      What do you do for work???? 

      Also, I wanted to ask you what you think of the song Best Night. It's one of my top songs off of RH and also very much reminds me of Erotica. Would love to hear your thoughts on this.