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  1. How about this emojis for the ones that were missing @IsaacHarris 😂😂😂😂 😜😜😜😜 hope you like them
  2. 😂😂😂 Second half but from LDLHA till the end.
  3. I understand @PetrusPan and @IsaacHarris about Like a Prayer, its title song is a masterpiece and one of the most universally loved songs ever. But there's something in the album that doesn't connect with me very much even there are some beautiful songs in it. Obviously it's a wonderful album, but for me it to goes to the lower end of my list.
  4. This! Wow great find! I never knew it existed... I do too think that the orchestral version could have given an extra layer to the song even more if A Korzeniowski gave it his W.E similar treatment.
  5. I didn't remember the no clicks for Gaga So she was complaining on how terrible being super famous is and that fame is something she will never get used to. She cried and cried in the beginning of her carrier, TOTAL BS! Made me so mad to read her stupid comments
  6. Agreed 💯 % I do totally love his work on RH.
  7. Sometimes when I look back I feel like we (fans) felt under attack by the evil empire (you know who) and suddenly, the greatest Jedi Master William Orbit Kenobi was summoned to the rescue: "help us William Orbit Kenobi you are our only hope" and instead of blowing up the Death Star and wiping out the evil empire we got: I'm a sinner 😂😂😂
  8. 1 AMERICAN LIFE with capital letters 2 Rebel Heart 3 Bedtime Stories 4 COADF The rest are extremely close to choose one over the other, they change with my heart, mind and soul conditions. They could be simple or complex, deep or superficial, poetic or not, thought provoking or party inducers, they all are special in some way or another.
  9. Skin The way she sings: Do I know you from somewhere? Why do you leave me wanting more? Why do all the things I say Sound like the stupid things I've said before? Seals the deal for me.