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    You can either download directly from the web or install the Yandex software (something like Mega) and sync it with your local folder. 

    1. Pedro


      Thank you 😊:inlove: Gracias! 

  2. I think Kanye for overall work, but I love the work of Blood Diamonds on DP and Diplos work on VVV
  3. When I heard the demo I thought: what a amazing lyrics with such generic music... When I heard the album version it was magic
  4. Why would it be so strange if the song is talking about expressing the artist reality trough graffiti not trough another artistic expression??? Well Frida expressed her pain trough art. So who knows...
  5. Winter is coming could be a reference to game of thrones???
  6. Yes Yes Yes! Im just listening to his latest álbum and loving itWanted to include The two previous posts but couldnt do it :-(
  7. LOL I was so afraid they were going to pollute this forum as the do in the other one. Gracias! :-)
  8. Maybe she's more advanced in the process than we think....