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  1. @Orion I get what you're saying about how some media have portrayed her and how many people might have a totally distorted image of her. but don't loose faith on how the general population thinks about Madonna. I think there is a profound respect, admiration of her artistic output and the outstanding quality and quantity of her unstoppable work ethic, besides the hypnotic quality of her personality that keeps people wanting more. I totally agree there's a lot of misinformation and bad press as there are many haters whose voice might seem to sound louder and stronger, but she's the third or the fourth most successful musical act ever because people adore her, people are not fools, they have lived side by side the Madonna history, they have seen her social and cultural influences during the last decades and they know, even if they remember it or not, they know. It's always easier and more fun to make fun of someone, because it makes people feel important for a second, but there are many more voices who support and love our Madonna. I don't agree with the movie as it is a complete misinterpretation of an exemplary life, that has an incredible story tell, not because I fear it will change people minds. I know Madonna's legacy is stronger than that, even if sometimes battles seems to be lost, she will prevail and win in the grand scheme of things.
  2. Madonna's instagram about the movie just made National news here, they agreed with her...
  3. +100 I was thinking how fabulous and how it would be the only way of portraying the incredible body of work that Madonna is.
  4. @Candy Shop Im so glad you brought this subject up as me like you have wondered a lot about the meaning of this song. This type of song is more open to interpretation and can have multiple meanings to multiple people, but as in other kind of artistic expressions there are some pointers as to where the artist intention or state of mind was when they were creating the piece, Obviously this is only my personal interpretation and it might extremely off to what it is about. When I move a certain way I feel an ache I’d kept at bay A hairline break that’s taking hold A metal that I thought was gold There is a certain discomfort from an injury caused by the repetitive stress in some part of the body, the hairline break is something athletes or dancers are used to, and the remedy is rest or distance from what is causing the problem. I think this is a metaphor or an analogy to a sentimental situation. And see our hearts are intertwined And then I’m free, I’m free of mine Deep and pure our hearts align And then I’m free, I’m free of mine The moment when the cause of this pain or discomfort aligns with her or her feelings, then she`s free of her own heart, she is getting into this feeling in a very care free and under a lot of speed, she´s falling free. she´s feeling free. Deep and pure our hearts align And then I’m free, I’m free of mine When I let loose the need to know Then we’re both free, we’re free to go Then comes two or three verses about how the relation between herself an the subject of her appreciation interact, but finally when she´s not in control of everything they feel freedom in their relationship and or from their relationship. When I lose a certain claim That tries to know and needs to blame Whatever river runs aground It turns my head and washes down Even though she has a "concern, pain, regret" the healing of the river water cleanses her up and makes her think clear again. The face of God that stands above Pouring over Hope and Love That all of might, and life, and limb Could turn around and love again MY Personal Favorite: There`s alway a fresh chance, there´s love for everything and from everything, theres always a new opportunity, for everybody to turn thing around and start over. And the Falling Free line i think it is a reference to an ideal, fast, free movement form the body, only subject to the force of gravity. Well this are my two cents
  5. Pet Shop Boys!!! Their clever lyrics and insightful songs would be a match made in heaven with Madonna's talents, I only see good things from this wishful thinking.
  6. 💯 % and that's how I totally describe my "hate" for Gaga every time people asks why? When I show them the Whitney thanks video they go:
  7. The queen has spoken and she's 100% right!!!
  8. I also have mixed feelings about this as no screenplay will make justice to the story as it happened. I wouldn't want people to be exposed to a less that 100% proof story, but that will never happen. I would love instead her autobiography!!!