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  1. no comparison at all. Every song on MX is better than RH. How anyone can choose Bodyshop over Faz Gostoso is beyond me!
  2. no no no it is NOT her worst album that is just your opinion, there's a difference!
  3. it's weird it still hasn't been uploaded to her YouTube channel
  4. I thought she was only doing two songs? That's what I have been reading everywhere all along. An article recently (don't remember which one) said M wanted to perform either Future or Dark Ballet.
  5. Absolutely one of my all time favourite magazine covers, just stunning
  6. Honestly I am with you. Have said from the start she would be doing Eurovision, but people are getting on my nerves and I hate repeating myself
  7. I know, but I am getting tired of saying this to everyone who only believes it when M will confirm it through her Instagram (since that is the main source these days)
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