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  1. full release details rgarding video, Tidal exclusive on 6/15 on VEVO next day, plus tracklisting remix EP. Making of and remix video coming too http://madonnaunderground.com/exclusive-information-on-the-bitch-im-madonna-release-full-schedule-reg-release-dates/ Bitch I’m Madonna Remix EP to be released on June 16. 00602547440891 Final Remix EP Tracklist: 1. Fedde Le Grand Remix 3:56 2. Rosabel’s Bitch Move Mix 7:06 3. Sander Kleinenberg Remix 5:00 4. Junior Sanchez Remix 5:10 5. Oscar G 305 Dub 8:44 6. Sick Individuals Remix 5:08 7. Dirty Pop Remix 5:11 8. Flechette Remix 3:26 9. Oscar G Bitch Beats 8:44 10. Rosabel’s Bitch Move Dub 7:35 Expect the video to be released on VEVO around June 16, TIDAL will have the exlusive one day prior for 24 hours. The single will be officially released June 16. Expect some teasers coming up regarding the video as well as a possible making of and remix video.
  2. It's the same for the upcoming Dutch/Belgian shows http://madonnaunderground.com/order-your-dutch-tickets-for-upcoming-world-tour-for-rebel-heart-through-bol-com/
  3. anyone knows a free online stream for today's Grammy's? not including the CBS one
  4. More on the fnac edition and another special promo edition limited to 200 copies with leather binding: http://www.madonnaunderground.com
  5. M to be a surprise guest at Miley's unplugged MTV special? http://madonnaunderground.com/MUreloaded/miley-cyrus-madonna-performing-together/
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