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  1. Sounds like Britney's last album.
  2. Her body is shaped like a fridge, no wonder all her photos back in the day where profile ones.
  3. Sounds like Van Vogue by Azealia Banks.
  4. Love it. Great visuals and she is so hot
  5. I like it.
  6. She is coming back!
  7. I like it, it's very catchy.
  8. Ads in Coachella
  9. LaToya is the only sane person from that family
  11. This shoot is so amazing
  12. Like in many europeans dates, she has sold out the stadium tour in NY and added another one thanks to seatwave, creating the illusion of demand. Will be funny how they are gonna get rid of tons of unsold tickets as the date approaches.
  13. Stuck on my head since the first listen, it's so catchy. I think it will have a good chart performance
  14. Time to spread this too
  15. She is disgusting
  16. She shipped it, but it got shipped back.