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  1. Yes, I like to see my queen being successful.
  2. Madonna RARE

    Love her 1994-1995 fashion style
  3. You can see here all the empty space at the back.
  4. This cunt wishes being a natural beauty as Joan
  5. Her face didn't like her outfit at Woman of the year event so this one isn't for my taste either.
  6. Would be lovely an album full of that sounds
  7. Admirable woman she looks so gorgeous by the way, must be all the happiness she is enjoying lately.
  8. So far it has been aired in USA, Australia, Japan, Spain and now Italy?
  9. She looks so gorgeous in that last pic. Can't wait for new pictures at the opening.
  10. They all are lovely. She must feel so proud.
  11. Kylie Minogue thread

    Sounds like Britney's last album.
  12. Madonna NEW out and about pics

    Love the outfit. Also, her ass keeps getting bigger and bigger lol
  13. Madonna NEW out and about pics

    She looks great and we will get new pics of her everyday. She must be in LA for the film.
  14. Samantha Fox...

    Her body is shaped like a fridge, no wonder all her photos back in the day where profile ones.
  15. Giving a BeyoncΓ© tea with all those distorted background lines.
  16. Unlike with the wait between HC and MDNA, that I think damaged her popularity and commercial performance, now I feel that a long break before releasing a new album is a great idea, plus the book from which the movie will be based is an amazing read, so I'm looking forward to it.
  17. Will they cover her childhood too?