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  1. Anne

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    The RHT version of LFL on her Spotify is so flawless
  2. Her best tour easily
  3. So far it has been aired in USA, Australia, Japan, Spain and now Italy?
  4. She and her team have no taste if that crap is real.
  5. Haha, love her. She reads for sure this forums.
  6. Anne

    George Michael thread

    Madonna's IG post about his death is one of the most quoted and commented on press, TV, social media. It has become viral.
  7. Anne

    George Michael thread

    So young! Awful year, RIP
  8. That was hilarious! And all the weight talk of the last months but you can see she has the same tiny body of a dancer in this video.
  9. Anne

    I want the MDNA tour so bad .....

    The audio is really awful. That's my only complain about it.
  10. Anne


    Any news about the MDNA Skin event?
  11. Anne

    Barcelona - November 24

    I think they will return for the spanish section.
  12. Anne

    Turin - November 19

    Has anybody noticed that her butt looks more perky and small than during the MDNA tour?
  13. How long before the concert begins?
  14. Anne

    ATLANTIC CITY 10/3/15

    Yeah, her moves are more energetic and fluid now.
  15. Anne

    24 more dates to Be announced

    Mexico and the Asian dates will be getting a second night for sure and even a third date if they sell well, and probably Sidney and Melbourne also will get another date.
  16. http://www.madonnalicious.com/images/extra/2008/montreal_221008_noendandnobeginning_setup1news.jpg
  17. Sorry, I will edit the original post although the last rumored setlist is pretty good too.
  18. Yeah it's a fan-made done from the last rumored setlist.
  19. This FAN-MADE setlist slays (now with descriptions): ACT I: Rebel (section 1: warrior, tank-girl, rockabilly inspired section) INTRO(Mike Tyson speech with parts of Secretproject video, Revolution of Love speech and Joan of Arc acustic version) 1.Iconic 2.Unapologetic Bitch 3.Die Another Day 4.Like a Prayer 5.Rebel Heart (section 2: sex, dominatrix, stripper, showgirl, catholic religion inspired section) S.E.X 6.Madonna Pole Medley (With Best Night, the Justify my Love/ Whole Lotta Love mashup, Girl Gone Wild and Rescue Me) 7.Holy Water/Vogue 8.Deeper and Deeper 9.Inside out/Like a Virgin 10.Devil Pray ACT II: Heart (section 3: swing, '30s, oriental inspired section) CANDY SHOP 11.Between the Bars/Ghosttown 12.Body Shop/La Vie En Rose 13.True Blue 14.Heartbreakcity/Love Don't Live Here Anymore 15.Music (section 4: latin culture inspired section) CHERISH (matador section) 16.Living For Love 17.Take a Bow (gypsy section) 18.Dress You Up 19.La Isla Bonita 20.Who´s That Girl ACT 3: Celebration (section 5: party, pop art culture, 80's night scene, graffiti culture inspired section) ILLUMINATI 21.Everybody 22. Hold Tight 23. Ray of Light 24.Holiday VENI VIDI VICI (video of a retrospective of her career with bits of Borderline, Lucky Star, Material Girl, Live to Tell, Open your Heart, Express Yourself, Erotica, Rain, Human Nature, Frozen, American Life, HungUp, 4 Minutes and Gimme all your Luvin) (rave, futuristic inspired performance) 25.Bitch I'm Madonna/ Into The Groove
  20. http://wwd.com/eye/people/madonna-rebel-heart-tour-costumes-gucci-moschino-10198953/