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  1. Anne

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    The RHT version of LFL on her Spotify is so flawless
  2. Her best tour easily
  3. So far it has been aired in USA, Australia, Japan, Spain and now Italy?
  4. She and her team have no taste if that crap is real.
  5. Haha, love her. She reads for sure this forums.
  6. Anne

    George Michael thread

    Madonna's IG post about his death is one of the most quoted and commented on press, TV, social media. It has become viral.
  7. Anne

    George Michael thread

    So young! Awful year, RIP
  8. That was hilarious! And all the weight talk of the last months but you can see she has the same tiny body of a dancer in this video.
  9. Anne

    I want the MDNA tour so bad .....

    The audio is really awful. That's my only complain about it.
  10. Anne


    Any news about the MDNA Skin event?
  11. Anne

    Barcelona - November 24

    I think they will return for the spanish section.
  12. Anne

    Turin - November 19

    Has anybody noticed that her butt looks more perky and small than during the MDNA tour?