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  1. Her lack of integrity and self respect just for the money and power of having as a partner that pathetic excuse for a human being must be destroying her. No wonder she looks so miserable in every public appearance.
  2. Iconic at late august/ early september with a VMA performance to launch the tour and around december/ january, Devil Pray or Joan of Arc as the last single.
  3. I hope I'm wrong but I have also the feeling that the video won't be released today.
  4. A lesbian orgy between all the pop girls in the club pool and a gay trio between diplo, Jon Kortajarena and the other model on the bar are required scenes in the video!
  5. She already has chosen the first single according to Diplo so I think there is a strong possibilty that it won't contain any collaboration.
  6. Her face looks amazing and her arms are lately less veiny and more fit.
  7. The secretproject is about to finish, so, do you think she is going to announce the release date of the first single and album?
  8. Hope it's fake and the album will be released this year because i can't stand 6-7 more months of teasing.
  9. http://drownedmadonna.com/arianne-phillips-heard-madonna-new-album/20140808
  10. I wish she could include her version of Between the Bars in the new album.
  11. +1 it's been less than a month since she posted the last photo in the studio and we don't even know if she is still working on the album.
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