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  1. Her lack of integrity and self respect just for the money and power of having as a partner that pathetic excuse for a human being must be destroying her. No wonder she looks so miserable in every public appearance.
  2. Don't know why, but I also prefer the edited one
  3. They better make a radio edit of the Kue Remix
  4. Also I believe Crave is the only single in US from the album, since Medellín was never released as a single in the US as it wasn't sent to radios and the rest were promo singles.
  5. I think this time she and her team chose the correct singles and in the right order. Other thing would be the shitty planning regarding the release dates and promo, like debuting Medellín on a Wednesday instead of a Friday to take advantage of the whole tracking week, waiting another week to upload the video on YouTube, performing a random promo single in Eurovision instead etc etc
  6. Are they shooting something new? Maybe for the tour visuals or other project?
  7. So the VMA's nominations have been announced and she hasn't got any of them. I thought she at least would have had one on the minor categories, like for the Latin one with Medellín or Video with a message for God Control since she teamed with MTV for the release of the Medellín video.
  8. So will Brazil get a physical release of the album finally?
  9. On Jan 26 she has the first London show so she won't attend the ceremony
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