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  1. Will she start shooting the film soon?
  2. So after seeing this meme I wonder why Madonna didn't include her on Vogue. Afterall she seems to admire Joan and paid homage on the TPOG video. Your thoughts?
  3. She looks so fresh and happy Love her eyebrows this way, not a fan of the overdone ones Aaron usually does.
  4. Sounds like Van Vogue by Azealia Banks.
  5. For Frozen they could have used this one instead which is a live performance. Anyways, great list
  6. Maybe she will be in Cannes?
  7. It will be interesting how far this will go on without any announcement or promo. But yeah her current team is the pits.
  8. Love it. Great visuals and she is so hot
  9. She and her team have no taste if that crap is real.
  10. I like it.
  11. She is so perfect
  12. She has gained a little of weight since a couple of years ago, after the MDNA Tour. Of course she is still fit but not any close to her late 00's body. Personally I like it because she looks more youthful and femenine.
  13. She is coming back!